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  1. We thought we were doing the right thing by notifying CPS and local police. But boy were we ever wrong. CPS after only two days(if that) ended the investigation. The relatives who tried to help these children are already recieving threats from the parents, and their relatives. We will never go through this ever again. In fact, i will never get involved again. CPS allowed the abusive parent to re-unite with them.
    Our lives are destoyed because CPS failed to do their job.

  2. I'm actually trying to learn what is considered child abuse, but that deffinition is so broad that it would literally include all children in ANY home.
    And your solution is bigger government?
    I actually want to improve society and not turn my country into a totalitarian state.

  3. Too many times what they consider abuse is parents teaching thier child to the lessons in life. When the state takes over they undo the natural lessons learned to respect. School shootings, bigger drug problems didn't happen like now until the state took over. It was a parent's job to teach their child how to be a respectable adult… now their only job is to be serrogate for the state.

  4. My friend says she’s being verbally abused by her dad and I want to help her but I don’t know what to do. Can somebody help me

  5. I've been punched in the head, hit with shovels, an unbelievable amount of mental abuse, deep cut by glass and didn't get brought to a hospital, I could go on for hours telling stories on how my parents neglected, and abused me.

  6. my grandparents and my uncle and my dad are starting to smack me and scream at me a punch me for small things i do and it hurts physically and mentally

  7. yea, right…tried to address child abused by my mother. she said I deserved it and to get a life…I hope she rots in hell.

  8. a few years ago my stepdad hit me all the time if i did something wrong, but then my mom was sticking up for me, but then he was beating her up instead so i called the police, now social workers are involved he dosen't hit me anymore, or even acknowledge me, but my mom always says stuff to me like she wants me to die, or she says i was a mistake, and she is going to kill me in me sleep, and she even hits me. but im used to it, so i dont think its as bad if your used to it..

  9. I don’t know if this is abuse, because t this is my childhood. My parents got a divorce shortly after I was born. I never remembered them being together, and always went to Virginia to spend the summer with my dad and stepmom. I would spend the rest of the year with my dad and stepmom. One day when I was in second grade, I came home to find the CPS was in our house saying I couldn’t be with my mother because she was using drugs. My sister and I went to a foster home for a while until my dad and stepmom came to get us. And for a while, things were good. However, I started having trouble. I was disruptive in class, and couldn’t focus. I was later diagnosed with ADHD. My parents still seemed to be upset with me, though. My dad would hit me and my mom would yell at me. I remember some time in elementary school when I forgot to give them my report card. My dad started to hit me until my stepmom had to force him to stop. Things like this went on until sixth grade, when my brother was born. My dad didn’t hit me anymore because it would upset my brother. However, my parents went from that to discussing how I couldn’t do anything right and said I wouldn’t be able to function on my own. I was afraid around them, and didn’t want to talk to them. A few years later I was diagnosed with Asperger’s. I had trouble communicating, and talking to them made me feel anxious most of the time. Sometimes I would try to help them with stuff, but they got upset that I wasn’t doing it “their” way. So I would get anxious and mess up more, giving myself more anxiety. They made me feel like an Idiot who couldn’t do anything right. I’m now 20 and with my grandparents, making plans to stay with them.

  10. my mom not so much my dad hurts me punches me throws me around pushes me hits me in the head rn my head hurts and i just want to escape it all but i cant

  11. if it doesn't happen everyday maybe about every few weeks or so and your parent is pulling your hair and throwing or head at walls or choking you is that considered abuse? and is it enough for cps to take the child away? also what is emotional neglect

  12. I am the eldest of 6 I am now a Grandmother. However when we grew up our parents were served and you were not was to true. I baby sat for 3 of us at 8 years old at night. When my parents would return my Father became very angry that I hadn't gone to sleep . This was what I'd noticed babysitters did they stayed up . At 3 1/2 Yrs. old my young sister 15 Mos kept falling down davenport stairs that only an adult should have gone down. I remembered at first being very very troubled . Eventually I did recall my sister had fallen down them about 3 times and once I'd seen her that took a very long time to remember. When this same sister was about 6 years old she got bronchitus and was ignored by both parents. When many of us became ill often we were totally ignored. Sometimes and you never knew when they would pay attention and help you. Once I almost died from allergy to smoking 4 cigarettes . My Mother knew I'd turned blue / purple hit me on the back making the ocean in my skull so loud and breathing almost stopped by internal drowing. Luckily I became very still and I still have problems remembering exactly what I did to keep alive except no movement. I was there from 9AM to 2:30 PM and finally knew I would be ok. My son was in an accident and only one sister came to see him and it could have meant his death. Two of my Sisters were kicked out of the house because my Father was not happy with them One became pregnant however was going to college the other had had a small party while my parents were gone . They are both very lucky to be alive today I am soooo sorry for this however what is said on this vlog happens to people like me and my family . I hope you understand . Because it has taken me very many years to remember what happened to us almost an entire life time.

  13. When I was 15, my father forced me to do tennis for one hour on Thursdays. I had to wake up at 6am. I should've been sleeping at that age. I should have been learning algebra and reading Hamlet, not wasting time on something that has no value in the modern world.

  14. Im pretty sure my sister got ptsd from my mom having her deal with the dying chicken in my backyard.

    Mom knows she loves chickens.
    Sister came in the house crying because there was maggots on the chickens butt (chicken was still alive)

    Guess what

    Mom made her go back outside abd clean it

    She was like 10

    Sometimes i see her crying because of it and she tells me about it.

    Its 4 or 5 years later and she's still crying sometimes

    What adds on is that my kitten got worms and it was sleeping on my sister's bed and it either threw up or went to the bathroom on her bed

    It sucks

    My mom doesnt respond to our emotional needs and i haven't cried infront of her for about a year because when i do she laughs because i look ugly and i choke on my breath

  15. I am a 11 year old girl and today my dad got mad at me so he tried to hit me in the head with a chip dip bottle. And I also got my hair dyed today and I told her it was burning my head and she didn't care and she got it all over me. Is that bad I'm kinda used to it my household is kinda violent

  16. Your organization insisting on routine prepucectomy has the LORD investigating whom specifically is the key coercive element for Heaven to design VENGEANCE against for instituting child abuse in law!!!

  17. I shall interpret the Book of Galatians for you: the LORD's ex-wife stole the celestial spaceship to do evil to children. He marched across the entire Universe in a kingly walk for the VENGEANCE against impenitent child abusers.

  18. My mom said that if I ever be rude again, she would kill me, but I know that she can't really murder her own child like that, can she? I Really need some support please. plus I'm struggling with depression 😩

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