WHALES – learning video for Kids – educational video for children

Whales Whales are the biggest animals on the planet,
even bigger than elephants! The blue whale is the largest animal in the
world. It’s about 94 feet long. That’s as long as a basketball court! Whales live in all the oceans on the planet. They can live in both warm and cold water. Whales are mammals just like cows or tigers
or people. Whales give birth to live babies and feed
their babies milk. Different whales eat different things. Sperm whales eat giant squid and fish. Blue whales eat little shrimplike things called
krill. Whales can swim underwater for a long time
but they must come up to the top to breathe air. They have blowholes on the top of their heads
to help them breathe. Whales sing songs to talk to one another,
but they don’t use their mouths. They only make sounds with their blowholes. Whales often jump out of the water. No one knows why they do this, but some people
think it is a way of talking to each other. Whales don’t have fins like fish do. They have flippers and a strong tail that
help them swim long distances. When winter comes, whales travel to where
the water is warmer. They swim in big groups and can travel up
to 3,000 miles. Don’t be fooled by the killer whale! The name might trick you to think it’s a
whale, but killer whales are a kind of dolphin. It’s an amazing thing to see a whale. But I don’t think I’d want to get this
close! So What’s your favorite whale? Have you ever seen one? Leave a comment below! Thanks for watching! 🙂

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