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Is this the new iPhone? Yea. Verizon’s got the new iPhone. It has three cameras! And when you get it on the best network you get so much more. Can I keep this? Like up to $700 off iPhone 11 Pro when you switch. With Apple Music included. How could you get the new iPhone and not put it on Verizon? No, like seriously, I need to upgrade my iPhone. Jess, we’re rolling. Oh. Roll the graphic! Hey V Team, welcome to your week in review. We have a lot to cover so let’s get started. Hope you enjoyed that commercial starring some of our Apple-loving customers. Don’t forget you can buy phones online and in stores now. And did you hear, 5G Ultra Wideband will go live throughout parts of New York City next Thursday! We’ll have some of the most iconic places covered. Stay tuned for more info. And speaking of 5G, Verizon and the NFL have announced the winners of the NFL Mobile Gaming Challenge, and they are… drumroll please… Colorfiction and Juncture Media. The two game developers will each receive $400,000, access to Verizon 5G Labs and 5G technology. Their games will debut at Super Bowl 54. Earlier this week we highlighted Angel MedFlight, a business customer who relies on our network, because every moment counts when transporting patients. Every quarter Hans is taking his staff meetings on the road. This past week, Hans and the team were in Cary NC where they hosted an employee town hall, roundtable discussions, met up with customers and made some store visits. Would you like to host Hans and his team at the next quarterly meeting? Just let us know why your location is the best match and he just might come a-knockin’. We also hosted our Hispanic Heritage Month webcast highlighting a panel discussion with Ivan Berg and Claudia Romo Edelman, founder of the We Are All Human Foundation who spoke about the importance of diversity & inclusion in the workplace. Check out the replay on the web. Plus, we opened our doors to show how Verizon is using its tech and people for good. Screenagers, sustainability, social responsibility, and MAKERS, were just a few of the topics we covered. The event was live from our BUILD studios in New York City. During the Open our Doors event we played the Verizon Innovative Learning spot which airs at the Emmys on Sunday. But you don’t have to wait long to see it, because we have it. So, until next time, you’re up to speed. Roll the clip! I’ll leave you with this, do your best because your best is needed. And your best is needed every single day. Students that come from underserved backgrounds, they don’t think there is any other way of life. They think that’s it for them. If we don’t give them the tools that they need, they’re not going to be competitive in the workforce that’s waiting for them. In the past, Shawnee had no technology. With Verizon Innovative Learning it’s like someone had been listening to my thoughts on what education should be. It gives students hardware and connectivity and provides a curriculum to train teachers. Now we are a school that has high growth and high achievement. I see new opportunities for our students and I see them truly hopeful for what they may achieve.

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