9 thoughts on “Wendy Kopp Explains Teach For America”

  1. Desbloquea y libera la fuerza, el poder disponible y la energía almacenada
    en el cuerpo de la niñez y de las y los adolescentes y cambiaran y harán 
    cambiar de forma al mundo

  2. So her inexperience made her a good teacher? or rather a good leader of teachers with no experience in teaching? What it, actually, made her is a what she was trying not to be 'part of the me generation'. She thought HER idea was good for everyone else so why not…because this has become a nightmare for the entire nation. Under education teachers for undervalued children. Children of poverty should have the most highly qualified teacher to help them overcome inadequacies/disparaging differences in educational opportunities…not college grads who can't figure out what to do with their lives and need a job to coast for a while.

  3. Idealists started the Communist Revolution in Russia, China and other countries. How are these so-called idealists different?

  4. Why weren't you being recruited? Because teaching, as a career, is a complete commitment from an individual. If you wanted to make a difference you would advocate for teachers and work with inner-city schools to recruit (and support) teachers who will stay for a lifetime. Your teachers stay for a few years on average. Sorry, Wendy, you're all talk.

  5. I'm sure I could do good in the world before pursuing my real career if I was given the chance. Plus, being a doctor for poor people would provide me with valuable Real World experience that would make my grad school application more competitive.

  6. Where can I join "Doctor for America?" There are so many equity issues with medical care in our country, and that where we're born affects what kind of medical care people get. I would like to help rectify this situation by volunteering to provide medical care to lower-income people for two years before I go back to graduate school to get my MBA. There is a significant shortage of qualified medical providers in lower-income rural and urban areas, and people like me could help fill this gap.

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