Wendel Williams – WINNER – 2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education

You know I’ve been in a lot of schools
with a lot of Safe School specialists and no one connects the way that Wendel does I think Wendel makes just great effort to get to know each student. There was a few times where I’d have problems at school and you know
he was kind of like my go-to person being able to see him in the hallway
kind just like it’s like a homie you know so that’s pretty cool Their safety is paramount, right?
If you feel safe you’re relaxed and if you’re relaxed you’re
able to learn and I find it very important to to have kids feel that way.
The main thing is instilling in the kids that their confidence, right?
That they can work through very difficult things and just remember, you
know, what it feels like to be kind to be respectful, to reach out and to help people. When you work with somebody like that and all of their energy is devoted
to others you can’t help but be inspired

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