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too many people on benefits this is a reality of life a blank screen with no hope no future total despair and a feeling like you've forgotten about the tabloids however benefits are a brilliant way to sell stories stories about immigration crime despair and how the country's falling apart every night we can tune into programs such as Jeremy Kyle and benefit Street seeing how people supposedly live on benefits seeing how our money is being spent but its life on benefits really like this do people even need to work are we paying too much welfare it's a state falling apart it's a country going to part let's find out a hundred years ago this was the benefit Street of the day those unable to support themselves were sent to work houses in 1948 however the government introduced a public assistance act which closed down the last of the work houses and introduced a modern-day welfare state to help those who are unable to support themselves in order to ensure that help only goes to those in need conditions are put in place and claimants can be penalized for not meeting these conditions who decides these conditions and are they fair I want to find out well I have an assessment today see look Jobcentre I myself I'm disabled with Asperger's syndrome and ADHD so I actually have to go to an assessment I genuinely have no idea what's going to happen so let's go and find out to see what happens at my assessment so I am on the way to my assessment my friends have said it depends on which job said you go to for a work capability assessment I am going to the water in at the first look on Trent which is in Staffordshire and all I know is if said come to the assessment and we will see now I have been claiming disability allowance since I was 12 so hoping you'll change with this this is for Employment Support Allowance and they have said that because I'm a student at the University of Salford that they they might learn such as training but they're not sure I'm told as well it depends on which advisor you see and what mood their ISM pinger Burton people a nice yes anyway we're just entering the town of burton-upon-trent now and my right is the Englander training ground it's in George's Clarke so I don't they ever have to go down assessments I'm quite nervous we are here now in Burton now obviously I can't show you the assessment itself but bit nervous so I'm gonna go to this estimate home what's wrong apart so I will see you so have the assessment good news is I am still allowed to claim Employment Support Allowance or ESEA and I've had conditions put in place conditions are that I have to come here to burst upon Trent every month to check that I'm still doing what I'm doing they said that because I'm at the University of Salford they're more than happy to class at this training because I didn't want me doing nothing so yes I still have my ESA so I'm not I'm not going to be poor and yeah they're happy with me learning so we're thumbs up thank you betting job Center I know I was lucky but many people aren't I've come to Salford in Greater Manchester to the unemployment Resource Centre here they advise people who have been sanctioned I met somebody called Angela who has been sanctioned and this is what she had to say it's really our because she's struggling because they did some Shuford not stupid things and with me being a pensioner I'm 63 now and basically this sanction things are very hard I had to have a food parcel I had to have help towards me gas and electric anybody what I'd know nobody to turn to and get the sanction just taught myself because that's what the government wants to do some people did works our lives now for some reasons we've got took off work to get the a school to the Job Center to go the job centre where the job said a lot cause a lot not only salted people apples all over Matt when a number or look on the shoe they're not interested and when I got sanctioned I felt as always that small and I collapsed I collapse from the doctors and stress of all this what's come up the assumption and everything because I didn't know where me next penny was coming from because the government that they don't get through monkeys what what a lot think are as ways to them is a number and if we talk stick up for our rights at work all over I've met somebody and Oh a friend what has gone through the same thing goes what I went through and they advised him not to be frightened to going through this appeal course because he appeal courts they're not as frightening you're not frightening the riddle of the people and they will help you they will decide but I ask you genuine I want to appeals within one week consumption and taking me off me JSA people like Angela are not unique last year there are over two hundred and seventy-five thousand sanctions for people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance and the year before though over five hundred ninety five thousand sanctions handed out to people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance so why is all this happening now well conditions on welfare have been around since the beginning of the welfare state although to many claimants the restrictions have got stricter in recent years this is partly down to the 2015 Conservative Party manifesto which on page twenty six discusses welfare we will cap overall welfare spending lower the amount of benefits that any household can receive to twenty three thousand pound and continue to roll out universal credit to make work pay under labor those who worked hard found more and more of their earnings taken away in tax to support a welfare system that's allowed and even encouraged people to choose benefits when they could be earning a living now the government has refused all our requests for an interview although they have given me a statement here are some key points from it or welfare reforms they're giving everyone the opportunity to get it on in every stage in their lives since 2010 we have seen unemployment fall our employment rate has soared to record level Davidge wages are rising our welfare reforms are transforming the lives of some of the poorest families in society giving people the skills and opportunities to move into work and enjoy the security that earning a regular wage can bring sanctions are an important part of our benefits system and it is right that there is a system in place protecting those of you who do not fulfill their commitment to find work well how much of the national budget is spent on welfare if you're a taxpayer you may have seen this pie chart in recent years this shows what the government spends its money on as you can see welfare is by far the largest expenditure this pie chart however is often criticized for being misleading as it includes public sector pensions with welfare shown below as to break down on the welfare budget according to the Office for National Statistics now the government will say this is a more important pie chart this shows where each year the money for the treasury comes from as you can see in 2010 a large amount was borrowed now this has decreased dramatically since then although a large amount is still borrowed but the big question is once the deficit has been paid off in their country's making a surplus again will benefits go back to where they were before austerity kicked in well the answer to that is no one knows you

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