Hi! Welcome to the Revival Animal Health YouTube
Channel. At Revival, it’s our goal to provide the
pet care knowledge you need, the shipping you rely on and the customer care you deserve. We call it Pet Care from the Heart. When you subscribe to the Revival YouTube
channel, you will get to see what it’s like behind the scenes at Revival. You’ll also get to meet our on-staff vet
and our Pet Care Pros! The Revival YouTube channel is where you’ll
find the answers to the most common pet health questions we get from our customers. Did you know, calcium can help a whelping
or queening mom deliver her babies more quickly? What IS the difference between a killed and
a modified live vaccine? Fleas, worms and poo? Yeah, we talk about that too. So be sure to click subscribe! And remember sharing is caring! If you find a video helpful, chances are your
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Pet Care from the Heart?.

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