Welcome to UCL Qatar

>>[Shaima Sherif] Travelling a lot in the
Arab region, there are so many Islamic artefacts, buildings, ruins that the world doesn’t know
about, and I thought what better way to learn about archaeology but in the Middle East.
>>[Thilo Rehren] Historically, archaeologically, the gulf, the Middle East has been the centre
of human development for many millennia, even now it’s the centre of the world in terms
of museum development, in terms of conservation studies, there are a lot of challenges here,
so it’s interesting from an academic point of view but also politically, philosophically,
it is a really interesting region for us and we are very proud and keen to be here.
>>[Shaima Sherif] I’ve always loved archaeology, so this was the perfect opportunity. This
is something I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve had the background in it and I was absolutely
surprised and astonished that UCL is actually here in Qatar.
>>[Ileana Olmos] UCL Qatar is still UCL, so it’s very challenging in academics, but it
also makes it beautiful.>>[Salman Al-Amri] The good thing about studying
at UCL Qatar is the teaching, which takes place in small seminar groups, which allows
us to gain the help of professors, to work closely with them.
>>[Shaima Sherif] One of the most amazing opportunities I’m getting here at UCL Qatar
is not just studying alongside some of the most amazing professors, but also the students
from such diverse countries.>>[Alaa Laabar] So it’s the world in one place,
it makes your university experience very rich. One year here is worth four years somewhere
else in the world.>>[Elizabeth Roberts] The student facilities
are second to none. I went to a UK university and we did not have the kind of facilities
that exist here at UCL Qatar. Everything is brand new, everything is purpose built, the
facilities on Education City are world class.>>[Ghaida Al-Sawalha] We have a student centre,
a recreation centre, it’s for when you want to relax and have a good time, state of the
art equipment everywhere. The classrooms are absolutely beautiful.
>>[Salman Al-Amri] I had the chance to be involved in land surveying in Qatar. Studying
at UCL gave us the opportunity to work very closely on these sites.
>>[Voiceover] In other courses, we had a more practical approach to things, like the exhibiting
heritage course, where we curated our own exhibitions, which opened in the museum. That
was a great experience. It was a group effort from all the students of the Museum Studies
course. I think it turned out really great, and it was good to see that, students doing
the exhibition. Of course, with the support of the staff at UCL Qatar and from the museum.
>>[Shaima Sherif] Qatar is such a blooming country, in terms of finance and also heritage,
and this is a great opportunity as a first year student to have first hand basis learning
from experience within Qatar and the museums themselves.

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