Welcome to the School of Education, University of Bristol

I’m Professor Keri Facer, Acting Head of School Welcome to the School of Education We are based at the heart of the university
and also in the heart of Berkeley Square which you can see is looking beautiful
and sunny outside the window. I’m just going to give you a brief outline of the school and what we do here. In terms of research we are a very
diverse research community we’ve got people working
across all areas of education, from understanding classrooms in schools to thinking about learning
later in life in care homes. We’ve got people doing big studies
of data sets in education as well as doing intimate studies
of what goes on in the interactions between people in the learning process. And we’ve got massive
international evaluations going on in a whole range
of different countries. We are also a school that is
committed to engaged research to collaboration with partners;
we work with schools and communities and government,
local government here in Bristol. We also partner with charities
and international organisations and governments all around the world. We are also finally a school that is
committed to trying to make a difference from our research we really want
to address the big issues and big questions of the day from
social justice to environmental change. And this research is recognised
as world leading we are top 5 school in the UK
we are top 50 internationally so it’s a really exciting place where
there is some great work being done. It’s also an exciting place because
of our wonderful student cohort we’ve got over 400 masters students from 70 different countries
studying here with us. We have PhD students and doctoral students over 150 of them here in Bristol,
we also have a campus in Hong Kong which gives us that very special extra
international set of partnerships. We have 200 trainee teachers who
we care for and want to work with and who will develop the most
amazing careers as teachers with us they work with us for a year and we stay
in contact with them a long after that. From Autumn 2017 we’ll also have a new
cohort of undergraduate students who will be studying Education Studies
and Psychology in Education and they’ll be able to connect up with
and benefit from and contribute to this thriving dynamic community
that we have here at the school. We hope that you will be visiting us here soon.

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