Welcome to the Class of 2019 | Bridgewater State University

You’ve guided us and supported us through so many important milestones. We are here to help them navigate through their first year of college. And get them connected to our awesome BSU community! You’ll probably about me as I go off to college. We’ll provide you with the network to
keep you connected to the BSU community. For those of you who will be living on
campus… We’ll provide you with residents halls that are safe, clean comfortable and conducive to learning! Our residence hall community is a great place to live and learn. You helped me stay on task and perservere. We will support them in creating a blueprint for academic success! You taught me to dream big and shoot for the stars. We’ll encourage them to seek experiences both in… and outside the classroom. Like discovering where the classroom meets the working world. You taught me that respect is the route of all good things. We embrace diversity and equality all
across campus. You took care of us when we were sick. Rest assured, we care about your student’s health as much as you do. You cooked us our favorite meals. Who knows! Maybe they’ll come home with a new favorite meal. You pushed me to explore my interests and learn new things. We are ready to serve as guardians of your aspirations. You checked for monsters under my bed. And just like your hometown police department… We are here to keep your students safe! From auditioning for the school play… Or running for SGA… We will help your student discover their potential for leadership, and connect them with other students who share their interests. With all the games we play, with all the programs we plan each year, we’ll get them excited about being a BSU bear! Thank you for trusting Bridgewater
State University to help your son or daughter achieve their academic dreams and career goals. From here, they will be able to go anywhere!

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