Welcome to Student Orientation at the College of Education & Human Development

We’re at the 2019 Fall new student orientation at the College of Education & Human Development. Welcome. Good afternoon. Are you here for orientation? I’m entering a Ph.D. For educational psychology. I chose Georgia State because of its focus on diversity. I’m in the Masters of Teaching program for Health and PE. And the reason I chose Georgia State is because I came here for my undergrad and Georgia State has such a great reputation and treated me well. I chose Georgia State when I was helping my youngest daughter find a college and researched colleges that had good psychology programs. And I said, wow, Georgia State. I’m part of the clinical rehabilitation counseling program. What brought me to State is the fact that it gets to work with so many communities around the area. I am going back to school for my masters in leadership and fellow co-workers are GSU students, so that’s what brought me to GSU. I’ll be here for my doctorate in Ed Policy and I came to Georgia State because it gives me the great balance of doing qualitative and quantitative research in educational issues. I’m Sports and Administration Masters and I chose Georgia State because of all the opportunities that working in Atlanta has.

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