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Welcome to Professor Dave Explains. I’m Dave, and this channel is for learning. There are a lot of YouTube channels for learning,
but this one is different. I’m not going to dazzle you with science-flavored
edutainment that’s fun to watch but falls short at delivering real knowledge. I’m also not going to just stand here and
lecture at a blackboard for two hours at a time. I want to give you something in between. The shortest, easiest route there has ever
been to a working understanding of everything around you, from the infinitesimally small
to the incomprehensibly large. I want to teach you chemistry, so you can
understand atoms and molecules. I want to teach you biochemistry, so you can
understand big molecules, like proteins and DNA. I want to teach you biology, so you can understand
the components that make up living organisms. I want to teach you physics, so you can understand the way the universe works on the most fundamental level. I want to teach you astronomy, so you can
understand all the fascinating objects we can see in this great big universe. I want to teach you mathematics, so you can
understand the important calculations that scientists have to perform, and reproduce them yourself. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But why bother learning all this stuff? Well for one thing, when you read about science-related
news, regarding nutrition, or medicine, or technology, wouldn’t you like to know what’s
going on? To make informed decisions for yourself, rather
than just repeating what others are saying? The only way to get there is to learn the
fundamentals, and this channel is the fastest way to do it. I cover typical high school and undergraduate
curricula, so if you’re a student, stick around. I will explain exactly what you are learning
in class in ways that will finally make sense. My tutorials are succinct, with animations
geared towards maximizing comprehension rather than amusement, and they stress the most important
details, while skipping all the fluff. It’s like I took your textbook and I’m
giving you the cliffs notes version, in easy-to-watch segments. And the best news is that because I focus
on the main concepts, my content is also great for anyone who just wants to learn science
without having to go to school or read a lot of books, and no prior knowledge is assumed. I’ll start you at the very beginning with
general chemistry, and you can climb the ladder from there. You may not find any explosions or songs or
flashy gimmicks along the way, but we don’t have time for that, we are here to understand
the universe, which is pretty fun in its own right. And it doesn’t matter who you are, either. Education is for everyone, and you should
want it, because knowledge is cool. With knowledge comes wisdom, and if everyone
can get wise enough, we can mold the world as we see fit. So subscribe to my channel for updates about
new content, support me on Patreon so I can make lots of it as fast as possible, and let’s
learn some science.

75 thoughts on “Welcome to Professor Dave Explains!”

  1. Ty professor…your lectures are just making me to fall much into science..the fun of science..
    My basics were weak but now i have professor like you..tysm prof.

  2. I'm surprised that you're uploading such a video at 200 k subs. But still, beautiful video. Thank you Professor Dave, for enlightening me.

  3. I subscribe your videos from Egypt, your videos are ver simple and beautiful.
    Please would you prepare a video explaining the sound waves and its laws?

  4. Your videos have helped me a lot professor Dave. Thanks a lot and continue with the great work you are doing.God bless you

  5. I have a degree in kinesiology, and got hired as an analytical chemist. A lot of the chemistry I learned through your channel starting with the ft-ir video. I owe you thanks

  6. How I wish I could donate to you… You're saving a lot of asses out here in India, good sir. Thank you

  7. i honestly just found this channel cause i still didnt got some things in organic chemistry right (secons semester biology at Karlsruher Institute of Technology) and these were the best videos i found on the specific problems
    Nice work Dave^^

  8. One day, I think you will become a poster channel for students across the world to refer to. I'm glad someone is finally doing it. Thank you Professor Dave.

  9. Thanks Professof Dave, you saved my ass in Chemistry and I'll be sure to use you as a resource when I need it in the future!

  10. Love your channel – been subscribed for a while! Could you please make a video on sound waves? I have a maths assignment due in a week where I'm exploring what makes a sound flat and sharp. Thank you for everything! 🙂

  11. I first came across this channel in my +2 year while learning organic chemistry and i even got immediate response for my doubt. I am still here for the content 😍

  12. I have given 25 subscribes to you from my side . 5 by my youtube ids and 20 by my friends whom i told about you!!

  13. Professor Dave, you're THE most legit educator on YouTube I've watched thus far. Can't explain enough how much I appreciate your channel. I'm in the process of going back to school and your library of videos are detailed, well-done, concise, etc. I've been a particular fan of your math series; your mathematics lectures are fantastic. All your stuff is great!! Long live Professor Dave!

  14. Hi Dave, do you have a lecture video for Beer's law? I am just curious. Also, I appreciate of all your lectures on youtube.

  15. I think that you are very ambitious, but that's good when we are talking about science and learning. I ended up in this channel because I was looking for the Italian verbs conjugation.

  16. I'm just fascinated with the content here. Life would be a lot easier for the 315 million students in India if they know your channel. They will make you a god and preach you, sir.

  17. 53 years old, always looking for the next thing well I found one………i was looking for …a long time.
    Your flat-talk was hilarious and it gave me a taste of truth from your inner-self, if you don't mind i stay a while and look around on your channel and hope to learn a thing or two…three .
    Have a nice day ,..and enjoy those little things around you/ us.
    Greetzz from Holland [sorry for the bad grammar]

  18. Thank you so much for it. When I studied chemistry I gave up at organic chemistry. Hope I finally understand it here haha

  19. 0:30 Chem. Bio Chem. Biology. Physics. Astronomy. Mathematics. More.
    1:37 Succinct
    2:18 Education For All

  20. This hippie is a professor? You are an establishment shill sir. I cant see this clown teaching anything., i can picture him smoking marijuana and getting cheetos stuck in his raggedy unkept beard and mullet. Sorry but i couldnt help it, this guy is hilarious

  21. This is a massively underrated channel. I'm glad I stumbled upon that globebuster's response video because I've found yet another excellent science channel to go onto my list of educational channels that I can't wait until my nieces and nephews are old enough to understand. I hope this kickstarts the same love of science that I have. Thank you for making this content for the betterment of the general population, at least those of us with a brain. I can't speak for those flat earthers you demolished.

  22. Your debunking flat earth is good.
    Can you do a video on vaccine dangers, truth, conspiracy.
    Can you do a video on going to the moon , vanallen belt, broadcasting from the moon

  23. Only one thing comes to my mind, that is,
    "Sir, you're awesome."
    I too enjoy a lot your Intro song.
    "He does a lot about Science stuff, Professor Dave Explains"
    Lots of love from India.

  24. Professor Dave!!!!! You are really a genius! I've seen many YouTube chanells which are really useless.. But you are the only person who gives the best lecture 👍👌..I love your accent, teaching method and your knowledge!! Thank you very much Sir!!!!👍😊..May your channel get more and more fame and highest views!! ALL THE BEST! Keep rocking 👍

  25. Very Good lectures in just a few minutes. I think can be complemented with any of a the available textbook, albeit.

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