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welcome to the first episode of the next level thinking podcast here's the beginning of a new journey for us I want to start with an opening quote from Charles Bukowski if you're going to try go all the way otherwise don't even start this might mean losing girlfriends wise relatives even your mind I mean I'm it could also mean eating for three or four days it cost me freezing on the park bench it could mean jail it could mean division it could mean mockery isolation isolation all the others are tested the endurance of how you really want to do it and if you'll do it despite rejection and the worst odds it will be better than anything else you can imagine if you're going to try to go all the way there is no other feeling that you would be alone with the gods and the night will flame with fire you'll write straight perfect laughter it's only good fight there is I chose this quote to start with because well this is the start of something big though I decided to start with that quote so next-level thinking is something I've been working on for about a year but I think you've become much more serious about it recently it's a website you can visit it at next level thinking net right now it's what's called an aggregator website which is a website that you can find a ton of information and you can find like say PDFs of certain books or just a bunch of articles to read and it's about almost any topic you can imagine and what my intentions are is it's an educational website but I guess more specifically educational aggregator website I have also social media cinimon include Facebook mine's YouTube and I'm also on patreon if you consider that over social media my plans for the future one of the few things that I plan on doing is making more of these I'm going to start with three so this will be the first of three and I also plan on making videos later on I'm not sure how I'm gonna do that I'm not a video editing maybe I'll help something get some help from other people but I do know some video editing but if you've seen my youtube channel you know that it's not super advanced video editing some of my influences for this people who influenced me to even begin doing this the whole NLT thing but also the podcast I'd say my greatest influence first starting this and also NLT is mark pastel you might have heard of him you might not have but I think he is the best information he has the best information on his website what on earth is happening calm others included max akin or he is known also as the crow house also David Icke but I got the idea to start this podcast from Pat Flynn I'm using his guide for creating the first podcast episode and the purpose the podcast is a way of presenting this information to others that may not get it from say the website on my youtube channel and the podcast market I've heard is one of the better ways to get information out because there's it's a more of a niche market versus YouTube where YouTube is many more channels than on podcast the knowledge that we will have on here will be trying to be it's practical as possible it won't be one of those very very very niche podcast it might be occasionally niche like I might talk about certain niches on episodes or specific topics but besides that ours will be very like general practical knowledge that you could definitely use in your own life that I've actually used in my own life it's not just theory or extremely theoretical knowledge that you can never really apply in your life and it's just more more rabbit holes and more learning about things that you just can't really apply in your life like one of the things recently that I've been trying to do is fastening which is specifically I'm doing intermittent fasting which is where you fast for a certain amount of time and then you eat everyday but what what I'm doing with mine is I'm not someone who weighs a lot so I'm doing intermittent fasting and then I'll eat for a three-hour of window every day or I'll eat two meals a day and an eight-hour window some days and the thing about fasting is is that there's a lot of recent evidence to suggest that it is beneficial for just everyone not just for weight loss that's one of the comments exceptions and actually I've even heard that you can gain weight if I'm fasting if you do it incorrectly I think about fasting is it's not some fad diet I mean some people who fast might do it because it's popular or become more popular but it's been around for about 4,000 at least 4000 years possibly even before them because even tribal peoples and say even the beginning of civilizations such as like with Egyptians and the Sumerians and Indus Valley civilizations before even then people would fast because well you didn't really have much of an option because could only find food during certain times or you just couldn't find food enough there wasn't grocery stores you couldn't drive to places there wasn't even a Greek ultra so you always had to be on the move for food or otherwise it would mean death so you couldn't just refrigerate your food go to the grocery store or anything like that you really had to go out and get your food which means it was difficult sometimes to find food for even many days but when agriculture came along people with such an abundance of food generally anyways there was a huge abundance of food compared to hunter and gatherers so that means that people decided themselves to start fasting instead of just doing it by basically starving so almost every religion has fasting as part of their belief system or at least certain parts of the religion some religions are more serious about fasting or require fasting and one of the number one religions that is very important fast is Islam and in Islam you have to fast for a full month and there are exceptions during Ramadan such as if you're a child or if you're an elderly person or if you're traveling but if you are traveling then you have to fast for the duration that you are going out for during traveling so in certain situations you don't want to fast like say if you were going out and say if you were exercising outside or working outside for long hours you would make sure that you you don't want to do a dry fast during that I don't know if DRI fasting is a thing that's I think some religions do it and some people some cultures do it but I haven't seen much information that suggests that that would be beneficial so I wouldn't recommend dry fasting when I mean fasting I mean going without any food and it could include coffee and tea since it does have calories your body would start to digest it but a lot of times when people drink coffee they'll add like sugar milk and creamers those would break your fast when I practice fasting I don't eat anything until the time is to break the fast which is why when you break your fast it's called breakfast because that's when you break your fast the first meal of the day is called breakfast because you were fasting when you're asleep since you can't eat and sleep at the same time everyone fast every day even if you're someone who eats literally 24 well not 24/7 but even if you eat every single moment when you're awake you have to sleep so when you're sleeping you are fasting it's not that difficult to fast you do it every day you gotta think about it that way for me fasting has not been that difficult fasting is not always easy for everyone though and it's not recommended for everyone you have to do your own research on that and not have information on my website that could help you you want to make sure that when you are fasting too that you eat healthy foods instead of say maybe fast food or anything that everyone knows to be unhealthy like you know anything that's super processed what I'll eat during my fastest I eat a wide variety foods and I also eat the same amount of foods when I'm fasting as when I'm not fasting I do eat at a vegan diet I know some people will say that might be bad but I just look at it from the more perspective and to me that's just good enough on its own it's the moral perspective because I know that and I know for sure I don't see how anyone can justify this just being honest here how you can justify either killing it on your own if you were say a hunter or funding the support of animal slaughter because it's been proven by many scientific information that animals have feelings they feel pain so if you don't want it done to animals don't do it to you and animals also feel and there's even evidence to suggest that eating meat it's not very good for you in a matter of fact and that depending on also how you raise the meat also because as evidence to suggest that if the meat was made by putting an animal in a small cage like it normally is for most meat in factory farms put them in a small cage with food that is such as corn which is not natural for salient cows are really most animals they're just fed corn and that's not their natural diet so it's completely unnatural for them and then they suffer for their entire lives which causes a ton of stress and they suffer and then guess what they're killed and that also causes more suffering because a lot of times it's not even like a quick death it's a slow and painful death you can watch on videos or documentaries such as earthlings they will not always kill them just immediately a lot of times and they know animals you can see this on videos animals know where they're going when they're in the cages to be brought to the farms they know that they can see themselves where they're about to go they can smell it they can hear it they know it intuitively that they're about to be put somewhere where they're gonna be killed enslaved that is why I would personally not eat meat and it's also true for dairy as well there's a lot of torturing that goes on even if they aren't killed but they're always eventually killed because there's money to be made and meat and not just dairy to so their ultimate always killed because there's money to be made in that so I would highly recommend everyone who's listening to this to go and read a book by Charles Leadbeater called I think it's veganism and the occult I'll have a link to it in the podcast and is probably the best read that you ever read about veganism it completely was the like final straw that may become a vegan and also the document Earthlings that is a documentary that it's a little it's a little some would say grotesque but it is very truthful and if you think about it if you can't watch the documentary and that's because you probably feel sorry and you don't want to see animals hurt which means you probably shouldn't fund it and you probably shouldn't go out hunt if that's your thing if you can't handle that thing so those that I recommend Earthlings and Charles Leadbeater the cult and vegetarianism solicitude would recommend for that so that is for fasting and veganism those are two things that would recommend I know it's not the most scientific thing in the whole world to be a vegan there is evidence for it though recently it's a growing movement so it's not like I'm the only person the world is doing it and I felt like it has really helped me actually as well with my health and it is true that most vegans are more aware of their health than others but there are some vegans who are not healthy because you can just eat say bacon cookies crackers all day long what you're not gonna be healthy from that and I wouldn't recommend just going vegan and then start eating junk food that's vegan because then you're gonna probably go back to eating meat because you're gonna be feeling unhealthy and gonna feel like well I felt better when I meet me that's because you ate junk food what I did was I basically did some fasting because one thing that fasting does or I fasted before I became vegan because I didn't like fruits and vegetables at all really which is funny now saying that because it's almost all only thing I eat but so I fasted and when you fast for a long duration you crave food naturally and you'll crave food and food tastes better after you fast so foods that you might not have liked originally you'll start to eat so I will go on a long fast and then I would eat something and I'll be like wow I really like this that's because your appetite increases after the fast so after fasting for a long time I would eat fruits and vegetables that I didn't like at all but I was like I'm so hungry right now so I have to eat and I'm gonna eat this I'm gonna make myself I'm gonna use some discipline and I'm gonna force myself to eat this that I don't want to eat I did that for about two months and then I eventually was able to do some researching that's another thing you have to do is research or you know what foods and things such as that to eat to transition but I did just quit one day I did cold turkey eating me one day and I don't regret it since I actually like a lot of the foods I eat now more than foods that ate before so yeah that's about fasting and veganism that was a little taste of maybe what my episodes would sound like I don't know if I want to do like certain topics on certain episodes but that's what I'll probably do but I needed to kind of get some say a just for what it would sound like to do episodes and and so if you go on my website you might hear some clicking noises so just bear with me for a moment if you go on my website next little thingy net and you might hear some typing too you'll see it says next-level thinking and this is also mobile compatible I tried to make it look as presentable as possible for all devices you'll see this is homepage I made a video about this if you want to see it only get in the description so you'll see the website preview it's also on the home page you'll see it the first link on there is the website preview video and then there's about us which is just me for now and then you click on my articles you see my articles I might do something with this more but this is just some like random thought and then you'll see if the podcast is where I'll have these episodes that I'll have it on my buzzsprout and also on my website you'll see a test podcast there and you'll see this podcast there for sure and some other feature one my videos is where I plan on putting videos I was trying to do book reviews but I didn't really like that but I put them in there anyways for they can grow rich and some long success then have quotes I like to collect quotes it's kind of a hobby thing some really good quotes in here I'll read a couple for you let's go for the shorter ones there's some really long ones here here's one hurt me with the truth but never come for me with the lie anonymous no man is free who is not master of himself by epic Cantus if you learn music you'll learn all there is to know Pythagoras don't wait the time will never just be right Napoleon Hill there is no path to peace peace is the past there is nothing to fear about the EMA collapse of the global financial prison David Icke there's nothing more frightful than ignorance inaction by Johan Vaughn could go either Wars obsolete or men are about our buckminster fuller so those are some of the quotes that you might hear on the recommended media page you will see some this is also some more of my influences you will see a little disclaimer that says I do not agree with her thing said by the content amigo but it may expand your understanding and it's updated monthly so on the first column you'll see websites and Facebook pages start with what on earth and happening and it goes all the way down to piercing the veil channels you'll see in 1719 L and goes to Aaron July musical artists you'll see beasts 1333 goes down to firecracker and then videos you will see the disclaimer again and you'll see videos YouTube playlists you can click on that link or you can watch it on a video player that I've embedded to the website and then you'll see some movies I can't upload movies for free obviously that would cause some problems with copyrights and then articles you can click on the articles archive and it goes to website called eco and it's basically a website that I post my bookmarks it's not just articles but it's mostly articles and then you'll see if you click on the first one you'll see the archives which are also the new ones as well and then if you click on the second link you'll see articles that I read and it shows you when I read them and stuff and you can comment like and do things such as that if you have an account for eco and music you'll see disclaimer and you will see that I have a playlist for music that I guess you could say conscious music and I have a Deezer playlist and a Spotify playlist I recommend Deezer over the Spotify playlist because it doesn't always get all the songs on Spotify but the decently lifts has all the songs and you can get a count for free on both of them so you got to pay for any of this and I'm not sponsored by the me there I'm just saying that this is what's on the website and then on the book section you'll see books and some of them you can download I try to find PDF so I don't want to get into copyright issues though so I mostly get a firm website such as archive or from edu website because I don't want to come into copyright issues and on the contact donate mail list you'll see the PayPal donate button you click on that it will allow you to donate to PayPal and I'll see you in my next one while thinking YouTube channel and you can subscribe you just click on the button or you can click on the neck simple thinking and it takes you to the channel and then you'll see the Facebook you can like it send a message or click on the next level thinking to then go to the Facebook page and then there's a mines and then the patreon and then you can also contact me through the email list here subscribe for updates and if you enter your email address here you'll get

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