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welcome to learning to teach online my name is simon mcintyre and i'm the project leader for this a LTC funded initiative this is a free online professional development resource for teachers who want to develop a better understanding of online pedagogy and practice I'm Karin Watson and I'm the co project manager this project is aimed at all teachers it can be for the novice who has no online teaching experience and wants to get started all for teachers that do have online experience and are looking for new ways of doing things a lot of teachers often feel that teaching online can be quite isolating or they want to do something and they don't quite know how to get started on it and one of the benefits of this project is it gives you the first step to get to to start with your online teaching the rapid development of Internet technologies has changed the way we as a society interact communicate work and learn more and more students are demanding flexible learning options that use the Internet as a delivery medium COFA online is an academic at the College of Fine Arts the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia we've been working for many years with different academics helping them understand how to plan teach and evaluate online courses the aim of the learning to teach online project is really to extend this past our own faculty past our own University and involve teachers all around the world the learning to teach online project is really about drawing wisdom from many different voices from a variety of different institutions and disciplines what are the common problems and how did they overcome these problems this project works through a series of what we call episodes each episode contains a video component and a PDF which explain one pedagogical issue we have contextualizing episodes which are about looking at different pedagogical issues in detail we also have case studies which are about finding examples of best practice from different teachers and explaining how those were planned taught and what the successes and failures were we also have a number of technical support episodes where we show you how to get started in many different online technologies related to the case studies or other episodes that you may watch the benefit of this project is that it's free it's easily accessible online so if a teacher wants to find out more about a particular subject or but a particular type of teaching they can access it through YouTube's through iTunes or through the learning to teach online Co for online website if there's something you want to know more about one of the episodes or something you saw you can go as a teacher you can go into the learning to teach online forum online and there'll be several threads there that where you can you can discuss those particular issues with other teachers we really hope that you find these episodes useful and that your contribute by giving us feedback and joining our online discussions you

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