Welcome to EC Sydney | Sally Kuhne, Director of Studies

Hello and welcome to EC Sydney. I’m Sally, the Director of Studies. I, and all of us, here on the Sydney campus would like you to have the best possible experience in learning English in this beautiful city of Sydney. You are here of course, to learn English and what you do in the classroom is really important, but you also need to get out and about and enjoy the city, practicing your English. I can suggest three things off the top of my head. First, very important, make friends with other students here, so you know somebody that you can meet up with outside of school. Go on the excursions that we organise every week, to places like Coogee, Taronga Zoo and other fabulous places. Also, check out meetup.com Sydney where you can join other groups of Australians and other nationalities, either to just practise English in an English-speaking group, or go bush-walking; go on a group that checks out the sites of interest in Sydney, goes to live music, whatever your interest is. So, what are you waiting for? Come on over to Sydney and start your learning experience.

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