Welcome to EC Cape Town | Craig Leith, Centre Director

Hello and welcome to EC Cape Town. My name is Craig Leith and I’m the Centre Director for the school at the southern tip of Africa. When you come to Cape Town, in order to maximise your experience there, there are three things that you absolutely have to do while you are staying with us. The first one is to visit any one of our ten blue flag beaches around the coast of our city. In fact, you could visit all ten of them. They are really incredible blue beaches, with fine white sand that you’ll fall in love with. Take the time to sunbathe, at any time of the year, even in winter sometimes. The water might be a bit cold for some of you, but you have the opportunity to be in the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean for that. The second thing to do is to climb or take the cable car route up to the top of Table Mountain, which is an iconic symbol of Cape Town, and also one of the seven natural wonders of the world. From the summit you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the city from the northern mountains, right to the southern tip of the peninsula, which is the Cape of Good Hope. It gives an incredible view of what our city looks like and you’ll be able to see the other mountains to the west and to the east of Table Mountain. The third thing that you absolutely have to do is to visit the surrounding areas of Cape Town and to visit the wine farms and the wine lands where you will have incredible opportunities to taste world-class wines. These wines are incredibly cheap and very palatable and have won numerous international awards. So, those are my top three things to do when you’re in Cape Town. I look forward to seeing you there.

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