Welcome to Columbia Business School

– [Announcer] Welcome to
Columbia Business School, the very center of business. Welcome to the next level of you. The Columbia MBA is more than
just advancing your career, this is about honing your
unique leadership style, bringing your visions to reality, and delivering them to the world. You will be the leader you want to be. You will be able to walk into
a room, any room, and solve. Welcome to New York,
the global business hub, where startups get their
start, business thrives, and game-changing strategy
gets put into play. You will have direct access
to today’s influencers, the entrepreneurs of Silicon Alley, the wizards of Wall Street,
the trendsetters of Fashion Avenue, the agents of change. Welcome to a network, a
family, of over 42,000 alumni. Let the collaboration begin. This is not a sit and learn environment. This is grab the reigns and lead. You belong here. (upbeat music)

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