Welcome to Carleton University OnLine

Welcome to CUOL! Here is a brief
overview of how it all works and what you need to
know. CUOL courses are offered in two formats, classroom recorded and web-based. You can tell which is which from the listing on
the CUOL page. Web-based courses were not designed for the traditional
classroom. They are designed to be offered through CuLearn, Carleton’s
learning management system, and consist of a variety of online modules and
activities. Recorded courses are taped during an in-class section of the course
so you can see the instructor and the students as if you were sitting in the
classroom. If you are taking a recorded course, the first thing you need to
decide is how you are going to view the recorded lectures. Go to carleton.ca/cuol and click on “access your courses” to find out your options. We offer a service
called Video on Demand that allows you to view the lectures when and where you
like. Additionally we offer a live stream from the classroom, online webcasts for
each course at a set time after the course has been recorded, and a viewing
room on campus if you are in the area. Come by the on-campus viewing room
located in D 299 Loeb to watch lectures, ask questions or say hi. You might meet
some other students in the same course! If you decide you want to use the Video
On Demand option, you will have to add it to your registration in Carleton central
so you are registered in both the course and the Video on Demand service. Fnd out how on our registration page. There is a charge for this service. The next thing to determine is how you will write exams, if your course has
formal seated testing. You will see that students within 100 kilometers of
Carleton will write their exams at the scheduled time on campus. If that’s
you, you don’t need to make any special arrangements. Students who live more than 100 kilometers away from Ottawa have the
option of applying to write exams at a distance with an approved the local
proctor or testing centre. You may find testing centres in local educational
institutions. As an example, this is Carleton’s testing centre. Students find
an eligible local proctor or testing centre and submit their information in
the application on CUOL’s website by the deadline near the start of term. To
find out details about the course such as the textbook, due dates and more, log
in to CuLearn and look at the course website. That’s where you will
find communications from your instructor, discussion groups, and many more
essentials. The CuLearn pages are opened by the instructor close to the
start of term. You can also go to the departmental website to see if they post
course outlines and other information. Need some tips and other help? Check out our resources page. Whether you’re a local student or at a distance, Carleton
offers a lot of support services for you. Don’t forget about the Centre for Student Academic Support. They have lots of services to offer. Need more help? Contact us by phone or
email and we will be happy to respond

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