Weirdly Similar Moments Between Stranger Things & Sex Education | Netflix

(gentle music) – I dump your ass. (dramatic music) ♪ You’re as cold as ice ♪ (laughing)
(slapping) – Back to the caravan park, then. – [Boy] Hey maybe you don’t have to leave. I heard they’re lookin’ for a new cleaner. (tense music) – What the hell are you doing? – I’m dumping you. For her. – (laughs) Are you mental? She’s a slag. – Yeah, you’re right, but so am I. (gentle uplifting music) – I’m not a slag. – Me neither, it just sounded good. Just keep walking. ♪ Turn around ♪ ♪ Look at what you see ♪ ♪ In their face ♪ – It’s only Maeve Wiley, has anyone noticed whether it had teeth? (laughing) – I can’t lose you again. (dramatic music) – You won’t lose me. – Do you promise? – Promise. (dramatic music) – El, c’mon let’s go. – Just roll up your sleeve, you fool. (laughing) This one. I’m a virgin. – What? – I, I’m a virgin. (banging) (upbeat cheery music) – Henderson. (laughing) Henderson, he’s back, he’s back! – I’m back, you got the job! – I got the job! (tooting) (cheering) (gagging) (laughing) – You ready? (slow dramatic music) (laughing) (whistling) (cheering) ♪ And the storm clouds gathered around ♪ – I’m comin’ for you, Otis. (laughing) (dramatic music) (upbeat music) ♪ ‘Cause we are living
in a material world ♪ ♪ And I am a material girl ♪ ♪ You know that we are
living in a material world ♪ ♪ And I am a material girl ♪ – Thanks for the gain. – No worries. – And the chat. – Oh, and – Don’t worry, you were never here. – To (mumbles) – See you later, pet. (dramatic music) – Ah, maybe you guys should,
you know, stand back. – No. – Just step back. – No. – Step back! – No!
– Seriously. – No! If you die, I die. – Okay. (horn blowing) (clapping) – Man, that’s the thing about perverts. It’s hard-wired into ’em, you know, they just can’t help themselves. (ripping) (laughing) So, you just have to take away his toy. – No, please, not the camera. – No, no, wait, wait, wait,
Tommy, Tommy. (laughs) – It’s okay. Here you go, man. (cracking) (laughing) C’mon, let’s go, the
game’s about to start. (dramatic music) – Give me that curly whirly, or I will break your face. – Okay. (crackling) – Ah, yeah, see you
tomorrow, shit biscuit. – So, remember, once you get in there – Pretend like I don’t care. – You don’t care. – I don’t care. – There you go, you’re
learnin’, my friend. You’re learnin’. Hey. – What? – C’mon, you look great, okay? You look great, okay. Now, you’re gonna go in there, look like a million bucks. – Yeah! – And, you’re gonna slam down – Like a lion (growls) – Yeah, don’t do that, okay? – Okay. – Good luck. (dramatic music) (upbeat music) ♪ It’s gotta be a strange twist of fate ♪ ♪ Telling me that heaven can wait ♪ ♪ Telling me to get it right this time ♪ ♪ Life doesn’t mean a thing ♪ ♪ Without the love you bring ♪ (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – Wow, she looks – Pretty. (upbeat music) ♪ New sensation ♪ – Hi, Mom. ♪ In perfect moments ♪ – Oh, you look fabulous ♪ Well so impossible to refuse ♪ – [Boy] Thanks.

100 thoughts on “Weirdly Similar Moments Between Stranger Things & Sex Education | Netflix”

  1. Finn said he liked sex ed and he is in stranger things and netflix is kinda a stranger things and sex ed fanpage so is finn wolfhard the person who does these videos? Cause like- thats what i think

  2. love how in stranger things the bully breaks an expensive camera whereas in sex education he is cornering him for a curly wurly… gotta love British comedy

  3. also wasn’t joe/steve supposed to be a swimmer but then he was told last minute that he will no longer be a swimmer, and then kedar/jackson was the swimmer probably coincidental but a theory none the less

  4. Literally you could do this with a ton of different show this is just an excuse for them to to make more st videos lol

  5. Guy 1: Brooooo I just realized that Sex Education and Stranger Things are basically the SAME SHOW!

    Guy 2: Okay..? How?

    Guy 1: Well think about it. For starters, they both have scenes where someone gets flipped off.

    Guy 2: That’s not that uncommon of a-

    Guy 1: There’s a guy who’s mean.

    Guy 2: A lot of high schoolers are me-

    Guy 1: There’s parts where a kiss gets interrupted.

    Guy 2: That’s pretty common for TV shows and movies actually-

    Guy 1: There’s awkward moments.

    Guy 2: Okay that’s not even-

    Guy 1: Clothes are worn.

    Guy 2: I don’t see how any of this makes them the same. Like every show or movie has most of this stuff at some point.

    Guy 1: Okay okay but there’s one thing that you can’t deny.

    Guy 2: Okay?

    Guy 1: There are friends 🤯

  6. Should’ve used the clips of mike Dustin and Lucas getting bullied instead cause it’s not like Steve went up to Johnathan bullying him every day

  7. 0:12 was I the only one who hit the whoa while saying "I dump ur a55" too….Or?????😐

  8. These similarities are so lazy. Its just an excuse for them to make more stranger things videos. "Friendships"? Like seriously man, which show doesnt have that

  9. TBH you could compare either one to almost any film. The comparisons were so vague, e.g. Dustin puts up his middle finger so does that chick. Would've been better comparing it to IT the remake but they would never get coverage to do that.

  10. This is a Disgrace, to Stranger Things. Ask anyone they will say Stranger Things is Icon. Tell them about the Other Show. And they will say it's Another Bad Netflix Show. And in Every Clip Stranger Things is way Better. Then the Other Show.

  11. Is this because finn wolfhard said he liked this show. How desperate is Netflix. Thx Netflix but I still wonder

  12. I downloaded sex education season 1 today and couldn't control myself from finishing all 8 episode today itself.

  13. The difference with the school bully one is that Steve didn’t go down on Johnathan a few episodes into the show 😂😂

  14. Netflix : let keep posting stranger things till stranger things seasons 4 come out
    Stranger things : what a great idea

  15. Could have made a video on the similarities between Stranger Things and Dark, but no, let's draw similarities from this other show that only have broad basic typical tv series elements in common.

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