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The Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse The Weather Mobile Craft Here we go! Hey guys! First thing we need to do is to color everything on the page. Color our sun. Looks pretty good. And our raindrop is blue. And our windy cloud. He’s kinda cute. And some blue eyelids on the cloud. Some green eyes. And that looks pretty good. Now, let’s cut it all out. Be careful! There’s the cloud. And the sun. Our snowflake. Raindrop. And windy cloud. How’s the weather today where you live? Great! Now, let’s get some string. Any kind of string is fine. And we’re going to need to cut five pieces. One, two, three, four, five. Great! Now, get some tape. And we’re going to tape it all together. Tape a loop on top. And the windy cloud. The raindrop. Sun. And the snowflake. And we’re all done. Looks good! Now you can hang it on the wall, or the door or anywhere you want! Hey, let’s sing a song about the weather.

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  2. Be careful Marty using the tape like that cause the edge of the tape is very sharp and it can hurt you

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