WEATHER Activity for Kids | Building LITERACY SKILLS

hi everyone welcome back to my channel in today's video we're gonna talk about this short lesson on weather that I put together for my son he is in preschool but this lesson could probably work for older kids as well I want to show you the book that we started off with so since we were barely starting to learn about weather and different weather conditions I didn't want to start off with something too difficult to read so I started off with this weather book that's bilingual it's in Spanish in English and I'm gonna show you the pictures they're really nice and what I love about this book is that it doesn't have too much going on as far as a text it has the word in English and Spanish and it has a nice photograph to go along with each word so I'm just going to go over each page here we have cloudy sunny we have ice wind storm' lightning' and the last page is just a question for your child that you can go ahead and ask when you're done you want to make sure you read it a few times and get familiar with the vocabulary words before you go ahead and introduce activities so we read this about three times and then not in one day though I think I would read it each night three days in a row and then I went ahead and introduced this activity to him which does include the eight weather conditions that we read about in the book now the reason why I didn't want to do too much is because my son is only in preschool he doesn't know how to read yet and his fine motor skills are still not all there yet so I didn't want to overwhelm him with too much so this is why we did the book first for a couple days and then we went moved on to this now for this lesson what he did was he would just look for the word in the book this might not work for every child but you can try it and kind of just to help them familiar with the vocabulary so for example this one here cloudy is nublado in Spanish so I would have him look for the word in the pic in the book once he figures out that nublado is cloudy then I would have him cut out the word and look for the picture on the worksheet and paste it on there so this has all of the eight vocabulary words and along with the pictures so this activity is in Spanish as you can tell but it is also available in English I will go ahead and link below the website where you can find this activity and I will also link below the website where you can find this book and then these books are just additional reading books that I found at our local library we look for different kinds of weather books each time we go this time we found these four books and as you can tell the the photographs are really nice and bright it does have a little more text than this the small book that we started off with but that's ok because you don't have to read every single word what I do if I see that there's too much going on I kind of just summarize it for my son and we spend more time talking about the pictures because if you spend more time reading the text it's more likely that your child will probably lose interest so you don't want to do that if there is still very young you probably want to spend more time talking about pictures and another thing that you can focus on are the the words in bold obviously this is what the main topic of this page so you want to focus on those words and let me just show you the pictures in and the other books we found so you can have an idea what kind of books we are we are looking at here for a four-year-old we we actually started this activity when he was still three he just turned four but I mean whether something that we that we talk about quite often so see the pictures are nice and bright and I'm sure that you will be able to find similar books to this at your local library if you don't have these exact books but any book with nice pictures that are bright and that take up most of the page is going will work you don't want to overwhelm your child with too much text so yeah so this is the lesson these are just kind of like supplemental materials that we use but the main part of the lesson was these things here so that sums up our lesson if you have any questions about this lesson feel free to leave me a comment down below don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel so that you don't miss any videos in the future thank you for watching bye

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