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hi my name is Hayley Singh and welcome to my show we're coaching with harrassing the fastest way to build wealth Benjamin Franklin said an investment in education pays the best interest welcome to our show today we are talking about education in the context of wealth creation and later on today we have another special guest who is going to share with us her views and tips on how education and wealth are connected and hope we can develop a passion for education so then we can monetize our education so and this way this is the best way to increase our world and create actually a passive income in fact my whole online academy was inspired by hair training so I can't wait to share introduce my guest later on today I've got a lot to cover today so that's why every now and then I need to come back to my notes so just because I want to make sure that you will not miss anything today and get the best of your time watching this episode education is not about formal schooling you know the problem may be with education is that some people find it boring which is the truth is that most of our curriculums are written from a century ago and no one there some people they found it so boring irrelevant to what they like to do but unfortunately that's how it is we can't change the system overnight but how we can now find out the way that we learn so maybe we can find and add stuff to it so to increase our knowledge because at the end of day it is the knowledge that helped us to get to where we want and not only this with a fair argument to say that in life we always need to learn certain subjects as a prerequisite to learn something else for example if you want to become a medical doctor obviously you need to know the human biology that you were studied at high school so there is no escape from that so this is a common-sense approach but unfortunately the way the education system work is because we are bombarded with so many informations in different areas so that's why it's hardly any time for people or specially kids to find out exactly what is their passion but unfortunately we all are expected that read and study all these subjects and then pick one and try to get excel in life and you know follow down that path I was recently at my kids high school helping them to for the eighth her subject to me that was quite actually very heavy-duty for them that at this young age they need to know what they want to do it for their life so but if we prepare them better obviously we're gonna have a better students or better learning people that who are really love to study that another thing is when it comes to education we found out that people they why do they drop off why do they change their subject even in uni it's just because once they go to uni they study something they realized no this is not what I wanted to study I remember because my kids they love these CSI programs and they enjoy that so they said ah we're not I wanna you know become a lawyer and detective so that's fun what's okay fine that's what you like to do it's okay and then they took a legal subject at the school and they found it so boring they said no thank you very much I'm not going to do that you see giving them a chance to study so that's that main part that then we find out if we really like to pursue that area another thing is the education we're talking about today is more about self education something as an adult we choose to study not talking about the university degrees I'm not talking about all those formal education I'm sure we all have something that said if I wasn't doing what I'm doing now what I would have been studied which area would have added to my life so that's part of education I'm talking about today so that's for if we get again familiar with the education and try to find the fun way to do things we always wanted to do this is where the magic happens this is where you see the money comes in and flows don't get me wrong I still value my formal education and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to finish my higher education but honestly those education didn't help him for life when I finished my university degree I remember I was more confused I didn't know what I'm gonna do in future because there were so many options to do not in a good way more in confusing way and at the same time I didn't had any plan for my life so all we were hoping to find out is okay which bank or which company is gonna give us an offer so to go and work for them so that's the problem because the education system is just make us to become a small part of a system to become an employee instead of somebody who can think for yourselves to find out how to create something and that's the part that I found that all those years that I spent doing you know formal education even though they were great but didn't prepare me at all but the time that I realized that now I have to educate myself there are things that I needed to do as a highly-educated you know with university degree person I didn't had any man confidence so where can we find a confidence subject in university or at school so these are the things that is missing they're real skills for life so that the part of them we are talking about – they're here so and this is how my education my self education helped me to convert or change my finance business into a world coaching because that's what I love to do so but without educating myself in different areas such as public speaking such as course creation and obviously you know how to overcome the fear of being in front of camera like now so these are this continuous time and effort to overcome all this problem finally gave me the confidence to segue my business to a wealth coaching so this is how the education can increase our world you all have heard it learn more to earn more and this is completely true I am a true example for that because even though that wasn't my purpose in the beginning to earn more is just because I wanted to find something that I love to do because after sitting with clients for many years and then just doing the same boring things forever I thought is this really my life am I going to do this until I'm retired probably I'll go crazy before that so I had to do something but that's what true that education I found the Segway I found my calling and this is how I made it a better choice for myself and and of course the money came in evitable II the money will come the more you learn the more you earn because when we know more our ability to solve a problem goes higher and therefore people just see that value and what is money money is just exchange of value you solve someone's problem and in return you will get money so only by doing that by having education educating myself and of course passing done to my clients they saw the value in my service and this is how my income increased so that's why these correlation is there we can't deny it at the same time you may argue with me to say that look how I read a lot and you know we see so many information every day but the problems days when we see a quote from Kaplan of philosophers or freeing up all these new business people we think that okay now I'm done I've done the in education but I'm sorry this is not enough that's the problem we are bombarded with so many information but how much do we really know about that person or what's the meaning behind it you may even once a week sit and you know listen to simon Sinek videos but do you really spend time to reflect in what he says they all are all gold nuggets whatever he says but do you have time to reflect and apply what you learn because if you don't apply if you don't reflect on what you learn I'm sorry what's the value in that imagine you've got a library full of great books and every subject you like if you haven't read it or you haven't applied anything that you read from it what's the use of that library unfortunately I'm sorry it's just a pretty room in your house that's all it is the education is only valuable when we apply it that's why if you have heard the word or the saying to say knowledge is power I actually to me is the myth knowledge is not power applied knowledge is power so that's why this is the part the action part we are missing we just sit there and listen or maybe read the summary of a book and we think wow I've done enough are educated myself but education without taking action there is no result there when we educate ourselves remember the historical about information about a business is just somebody who start a business and of course boy something and sell is hardly about innovation but this but through applying skills knowledge learning the business said him just involved to entrepreneur but now as an entrepreneur if you don't know what is the meaning according to Webster's dictionary entrepreneur is someone who manages and start an enterprise with a considerable risk which we all know about it but at the same time we have a war which is called a burner age' planner was funny this word was first used by an Irish political philosopher in 70 such centuries so imagine 300 years ago this war came up but to be honest with you I heard this word only five years ago and that was through a training that I've got through my gift later on you'll hear about her and to me then I've heard this war that was an aha moment because I thought wow I love business I love finance this is my area I know a lot about it I enjoy it and I used to always sit there and educate my clients and then I couldn't wanted to make sure they make informed decision but when I had a jet runner this was for me say that okay how can I mix these two together so that's what I moved from that way traditional businesswoman and entrepreneur to an age of Rinna and this is how my business came to world coaching and that's the area that I love and this to me now even when I think about am I ready to do this forever until retirement or even after that for sure yes totally I don't know when is going to be my last day on earth well but the good thing about YouTube is everything is going to be up there probably you will see me old and wrinkly which I'm gonna love it and I look forward to it but I'm so happy at least I can say right now with 100% confidence then I'm happy to do this forever and that's something that I really want everybody to experience because once you get to this feeling it's so liberating that you know what you're doing and you love what you're doing because to me four or five years ago it was a dark moment for me that I didn't know what to do I was showing up I was going to work but I didn't enjoy what I was doing and only through this edge of ownership I changed that I mixed it and to me there was just a new world altogether and the best part is now I'm gonna introduce you my guest she is the edge runner she is the reason behind all of these education things that I'm talking about her name is Sarah coordinate Sarah came to Western Australia in 2012 from UK and in her own words she is the live example of rags to riches when she came to Australia she didn't had any friends no money no phone laptop or even bed to sleep but soon after that just by applying her knowledge and her passion towards this education so she built a business which actually they she's been offered to widen her business for three million dollars but she turned it back so without further ado I'll love to invite Sarah to this video from a beautiful Broome up there in Western Australia to be with us and share with us healthy hi Farrah and welcome to our show today how are you hello thank you it's great to be here I'm really glad to be calling in from beautiful Broome right up in the northwest of Australia where it's always lovely and sunny or that we've just had some earthquakes up here which is being a little bit shaky but hopefully things stay nice and still for us why we have rocked the room with information rather for them whether it's right now no it's great this is an honor to have you today Sarah and I'm so glad you finally came back to business world I was so much waiting for this moment now I'm so happy yes I've been away for a while and I some of you may may recall that I've been around in the circuit of helping experts turn their knowledge and hobbies into profitable online courses but I've just taken two years out wonderful opportunity came along for me to take on a position of executive director and head of campus of the University and that has been an incredible journey but I'm sure we'll talk a little bit more about that shortly where we hylia sure nice great I wanna hear you tell me something so I had the word edge' planner only about five years ago and that was through your book and your trainings which I know this word has been there for many many years and when I've heard it to me that was a lightbulb moment because I felt oh my gosh I love education and I am a businesswoman how can I mix these two together and through you I found it and I was really liking you to clear things for me that was wonderful so that's why today we are talking about education and world I just wanna know your views and that how can educate a fix our worlds how can educate the belt yes at education without it the world simply would not evolve if we weren't sharing our knowledge Knights thirties there weren't great historians or philosophers that put their knowledge and their expertise into the pages of books if people didn't go out to the world and help pass on the things that they had learned about life about survival about making money about anything we would still be stuck in the Dark Ages we wouldn't have evolved the way that we have we wouldn't have internet we wouldn't have electricity we wouldn't have so many of the things that we get to enjoy today and we certainly wouldn't have gone through the rapid transformation and revolutions that the world has experienced but when we talk to your entrepreneurs or people that are thinking about going out into the world of business or starting something for themselves that goes beyond more than their everyday lives they sometimes worry that they have to have something life-changing or huge in order to have anything of value to give to the world but actually what I really like to remind people is that every single one of us has a set of skills we have some kind of knowledge we have been through some kind of life experience that if we share those with other people who either haven't learnt those yet or haven't been through that experience yet or haven't survived that experience yet or who just want to pick up something new and interesting we we can really change their lives we can help them we can have a knock-on effect that we really underestimate sometimes we think about what we can achieve and what impact we can have in the world so I really encourage people all the time with you're going to do it for profits of the word business which I highly encourage or whether you simply want to do it as a a way of making a difference on earth to share what you know to share what you love and whether it's to inspire people or to quite literally teach people new things you can change the lives of other people much is than you might think oh it's great thank you very much Sarah not talking about your amazing algebra nor a card Academy I love it because I was part of it and this is how I got the inspiration to start my online Academy please tell us more about it so when you start looking into how much you know what could you teach somebody else what could you share with the world what knowledge and skills could you put out there in a way that can earn you money one of the definitions I give my own definition of what is an edgy preneur it's somebody who educates their market in a profitable manner first thing people think is I haven't got anything of value to teach the world well I took people through a number of exercises to find out how you actually do have a lot of things to share with the world and what very quickly happens is people find that they have loads of stuff to teach the world and actually the problem then becomes what do they create an online course on first or what do they create a workshop on first or which of all those skills and pieces of knowledge do they write a book on first or create workshops or deliver presentations about and and so what once I have sort of helped people learn the process of creating one little course which you can then turn into books and keynote presentations and so on is ie then encouraged them to keep downloading all of that knowledge and copy the process once you've created an online course once it's copy and paste the process over and over again you can very quickly create yourself an entire Academy an entire online school full of different courses that include all of the different skills and knowledge and advice that you have inside you that you could share with the world so because I teach people how to share their expertise and share their knowledge I teach people how to create online courses how to them promote and sell their online courses I then found that people wanted to turn their courses into books so I created another course on how to publish your own books and in there and they went on and on and on people wanted to learn how to do the next thing and so I created the edgy preneur Academy because I found that my target audience are edgy openers so we created an Academy for them very basically now have all of my online courses and all of my books that are there for people to take and that's why I encourage other experts to do too you know what kind of Academy or online school could you create with your industry skills with your knowledge to with your life experiences but chances are is that there's quite a lot of options there for you yeah very true and like thank you for that and I know that at the moment you have a special offer there I think yeah and this is actually a sort of a I've over the years I've there has been lots of different ways that you can make money from your online courses and from your knowledge and expertise it's a lot of ways that you can create wealth from all that information that's stuck in your head and the advice I've given over the years has changed in terms of all how much money can you make from your online courses you know how much can you sell online courses for what sort of income can you expect whether it's a full-time business or when you're doing it as a side hustle if you have if you're employed that the answer to those questions has changed because the world of consumerism changes the competition changes so look a few some five plus years ago people online courses were still sort of fairly new in the public space and you could charge sort of four figures plus per online course whereas over the sort of last five years we've kind of gone through quite a revolution in terms of the number of just general public who are creating online courses and that's because there's so much software out there now available that's incredibly affordable a lot of them have free options to host your online courses it makes it really easy even if you don't understand technology to upload your little courses to these free platforms or cheap or affordable platforms and get your courses out to the world so because those those platforms have exploded in the last few years as have the online course offerings and therefore competition out there but they shouldn't put you off because where I used to say to people Chrysler Hall your course is really really high what I now suggest currently is a really good model for you to make a very sustainable income from selling your knowledge as online courses is to create a subscription model so if you have a student paying you the same amount of money per month to access your online courses to access your content and your information you have all of a sudden instead of just random and predictable amounts of income coming in all of a sudden you have a predictable amount of money coming in to a degree of course because your students can unsubscribe but what I'm encouraging edge' preneur to do or people with knowledge that they have to share the well to do is to start creating this vault this Academy of content where you simply charge a small monthly fee for people to access that so right now for instance got well over 40 online courses in my online academy once upon a time used to sell for over $1000 each so if they were still being sold for their original prices you know that's about $40,000 worth of Education inside that Academy but I charge 47 dollars for people to access all of that $40,000 worth of content now some people think that's mad they say well you know how's your has your content devalued in any way you know it hasn't it still has the same value it still provides people the exact same outcome but for forty seven dollars a month it's all of a sudden much more competitive people look at the content and the value that's being offered and they think what that's a really good deal I'm getting extremely good value for money now when you start calculating how many little sums of money create big sums of money this is where people become convinced if you have 100 people paying you 47 dollars a month all of a sudden you have four thousand seven hundred dollars a month coming in to your bank account for doing very little you create the course at the beginning but once you've uploaded it to these platforms where the online school allows people to find you it allows people to pay for your course without you being involved in the transaction your email automation software checks in with them and monitors their progression on your behalf and sends them emails appropriate to hire how far and where they've progressed in the course for you your accounting software automatically sends them their invoices automatically deduct the payment from them every month automatically sends them their receipts it's an extremely hands-off process and quite literally is the definition of a passive income which allows you to then either spend your time running a business providing services or having a job being employed and simply earning that extra money month by month by doing very little indeed so having an academy having that subscription model is something that I highly encourage people to think about as their bigger picture after they've created their first online course that's great thank you very much especially these days it's more than ever we need to look at passive income rather than the traditional way of earning income that's wonderful thank you and now when I ask you a few personal question if I may and when you always like this I mean you knew what to do and you know or is just now gradually you got to where you are so the short answer is no I've not always known what I've wanted to do at all and I think a lot of business owners or what people who are aspiring to maybe work for themselves would be self-employed often think that they have to wait for some miracle miraculous day where they suddenly turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly it's like as if they're they think that one day they'll wake up and just know what they need to do and it doesn't work like that and I I believe that just like any good business just like any good product or service there is a period of ongoing evolution and iteration that we go through and the only way we can find our true calling in life the only way we can really find what our thing is what our true passion is what our niche is is if we just start somewhere and I really remember when I first started learning how to do public speaking and there was this real pressure on you know what's my keynote presentation gonna be what's my thing gonna be and it's that it's funny because I had been working as a professional educator for at least seven eight nine years at that point and it didn't occur to me that I already was doing my thing but I just didn't see it so I was thinking you know what what can I be what's going to inspire people what could be my special amazing message for the world and I just couldn't see it and so for years what I did is I just started sharing stuff with the world like anything I just started writing blogs on anything that I felt inspired to write about if I read a book that moved me or inspired me or made me learn something in some way I wrote a blog article about it and I shared it or I did a live stream video about it or I particularly went out and delivered a lot of free presentations at workshops delivered a lot of free presentations at conferences and what this did is it gave me an active live platform from which to play with Who I am it gave me a live real taste to self explore who I was and what mattered to me and opened up clues as to what my natural talents were and eventually what happens is I kind of feel like you go down a little bit of a pathway delivering say X free talk and in the audience and people will ask you a bunch of questions and your friend that you just really loved answering those you've had so much to share you couldn't have prepared for those questions you couldn't have known anyone whatever have asked you them so physically being there was the only way to find the answer and so you start detouring and going down smaller smaller little corridors until eventually you find that niche completely naturally and completely as a by-product of just being out there in the and that's exactly how it's happened for me and I don't think any of us really even though to the world it might look like I found my thing I don't think any of us can really predict where we're gonna be what we're gonna be doing or who we're going to be next year or in three years or in five years time we're always evolving so it doesn't matter if you don't know what you want to be doing what you want your thing to be what you want to create an online course on what you want to write a book about first of all you can you certainly have enough knowledge to be able to share with the world and secondly the only way you're going to find out what that thing is is to just start doing it great advice great advice we all heard it of that there is no such a thing as an overnight success it's all as doing something start doing anything and eventually you know little bits of light will just start appearing for you perfect that's great and now another question is that obviously you mentioned in the beginning that you took a decision to stay away from business world for over a year what lessons you learned through that time and would you do it again yes definitely it has been an incredible experience I would never in my life even two and a half years ago if someone said to me in six months time you were going to be the youngest executive director of a university in Australia's history and you're gonna be employed I would have laughed my head off because I just wouldn't have believed it I have been self-employed for well over thirteen years I've had employed positions and I'll share how in a moment throughout that time but I my business was an extremely successful and I had lots of business coming in and to the rest of the world it just looked like everything was perfect and it was so a lot of people were extremely surprised when I suddenly came around to the world and said I'm really sorry but there's no enrollments open for my online school anymore everything's getting temporarily switched off because I'm taking on an employee position people couldn't believe it and I think there is a little bit of how do i word it in the in the entrepreneurial in business world I think lot of people who poopoo employment they say you know you've got to be all-in to win you have to drop everything if you're not all-in on your business then you're not committed enough and actually having spent the last two years in an executive position as an employee I actually poopoo back that pooh-poohing because being having an employed position can bring a huge number of benefits to you in so many ways so for me I started my business when I was employed I was actually a training manager back in the UK and what that enabled me to do was you know I learned my field I learnt my industry I let my my field of expertise in my position as a training manager I established myself some rapport and credibility in the industry gave me some status it gave me the opportunity to create networks build relationships that I may not have had access to if I'd just been a newbie in the startup and the self-employed sector and it also importantly gave me that regular income that allowed me to be able to regularly invest in my business and build it up to a place where I wanted it to be and in fact for me that enabled me in my foot in my first business in the UK to employ my first ever employee which was my university lecturer at the time from my job to pay my first employee um i've since restarted my company my education company in 3 different countries and each time we've done that i have first gained a position of employment in my field so for instance when I first moved to Australia back in early 2012 I actually obtained employment as the W a the Western Australia manager for the national industry skills Council so for me what that did is allowed me to learn beats basically put my training wheels on whilst getting paid they allowed me to learn the Australian education system it allowed me the opportunity to again establish networks and contacts and build relationships and credibility but wouldn't have got someone who'd just rocked up in the country by myself it got me indoors that I wouldn't have been able to get through on my own and it also again provided me with an income that allowed me to reinvest in my business and get things started and within 18 months of arriving I had a multi-million dollar business and 23 employees and I believe I did that because I was in a safe place and a secure place to build some foundations before I left now having sort of taken a long time running my own business and then going into an employed position as a university director what I found was that I had the opportunity to apply all of my expertise to a new environment so I got a beautiful taste of being a learner again and we're in a place where I had been in mastery for many years not really feel like I was learning anything new I think entrepreneurs thrive when they kind of in the danger zone in that space of discomfort and for me going into a brand new environment and applying sort of what I have applied in the entrepreneurial world to a very traditional sort of employed environment was a wonderful way for me to challenge myself learn lots of new skills be surrounded by tons of different professionals and experts from their own areas of expertise and I find that a very very positive thing to do to come but now I'd come back to my business I feel like I have even more to contribute back to my market place even more to give back to my audience so my advice to people is particularly those who are in in the early stages of building your business or who are thinking about at some point going into a business my advice would be don't go all in you don't have to quit your job to build a business my advice would very much be to remember that building a business takes a very long time it takes a lot of input before you get significant output and that to reduce your risk critique ticking we are in a not an unstable financial climate but you know one that we can never truly predict what's going to happen tomorrow I would encourage people to stay on the side of safety and build your business more as a side hustle and as I've mentioned there's so much software out there now that is cheap or free that can automate everything for you it really is incredibly possible for you to build a very very lucrative side hustle that can be your hobby in your passion as well as having that that employment or part-time employment that gives you and your family especially that security that you need to keep making your business even more successful just great thank you very much for your insights Sarah I really appreciate your time we have all your details you're gonna put it in the clip so for our viewers to know how to get in touch with you and learn more from you really appreciate your time you have a wonderful trip to UK and hope to see you soon thanks Sarah it's my pleasure thank you now you had it all there is no shortcut to success and it's all about taking actions we all need to learn and educate ourselves so we can have a better life and increase our income and of course this is how we can create a better world for ourselves the wealth of knowledge and the world in terms of financial world so now these are my tips on how education and wealth are related and how you can monetize the passion for learning and education to make a good lifestyle for yourself remember our financial goals setting course it is a suit for free so I really urge you to get into that one and set a goal for yourself it could be a goal to learn a new subject or a goal to teach a subject that you're so passionate about and in terms of how you can find out what is your passion because there are so many subjects out there that you may think a lot traveling I like your wine tasting I like reading so which one should I go first this is how you can find out and just remember just to stay with me in case you are not sure which one is the best or how to go around that is imagine you've got $10,000 scholarship through your world that you are allowed to spend it on any course you want to spend and while you are getting paid so there is no problem in terms of time and you know money so then imagine the first thing comes to your mind what course would it be are you planning to learn more about self-development or you want to learn about business you know section whatever it comes to your mind that's the area you are interested and remember things that we are interested that's actually the one that we will be graded to even teach to others so these are so hand-in-hand you can't separate one two from another and remember if you really love what you do or study this is how you can become successful in that area that's the recipe of success and now to summarize how you can Amin or around this fear of learning and I'm too old now and I don't know what to do or where to start from just remember we live in an era with because of the great technologies around us and basically every information we are after is literally our fingertips you just put it in Google and just comes up with so many free great information this is how you can learn and educate yourself and remember cost of education is irrelevant just imagine the cost of ignorance because we don't know what we don't know until we find out what we don't know and how it is affecting our life the next one is education is not just preparation for life try to think that education is part of your life so that's why there is no end to it that was life is got a tendency to teach us lessons in a not a very good way so why not for you to make a purposeful life by trying to incorporate a limb and add education to your brain and your life and apply it for yourself and remember everyone at any age can learn and succeed so but people learn in different way and also different time or different speed so just compare yourself to yourself I remember when I used to go to all these seminars and hear it from others that just overnight they just found that aha moment and then they studied this and the next day they made million dollars honestly I was a bit naive I thought well okay so I can do this too and I tried it and didn't happen obviously but at first I thought well there's must be something wrong with me but later on only through educating myself I found out mind speed of learning be different to another person I'm not saying that others are not what they're saying is not true no I respect everybody who were they claimed this is how they learned or how they become overnight success but for me at least the way it work was continues educating myself and a study that was the reason that when it came to that opportunity then I grasped it like that otherwise before that is just by reading it and even I tried to apply it that didn't happen and I'm talking about the courses and studying even in the share trading which is a bit more technical stuff and even there other stuff which is more self-development and seems more easier to understand it so that's why I don't compare yourself to anyone else just measure your progress every day with the person in the mirror and the next one make learning fun just remember there is no exams you don't have to pass any exams you just need to learn and feel good about it perhaps that's the problem of education system because people are so worried about exam that that takes away the fun part from learning and also change the environment remember as a school kids we used to be in a school and then feel that frightened intimidated and you know bringing those memories back now as an adult learner we have an option to learn and study online which is great you can't have your laptop with you sitting at the beach sitting in any corner of your room that you love or anywhere you like to study so just make it fun change your environment the main thing is you are in control of how much you learn and how to learn so these are my tips for today if you like this episode please press the like button please comment we love to hear your feedback and comments and really appreciate your support just remember it's great to be part of a community who support others to succeed until next time have a great life have a happy healthy wealthy life thank you and see you then bye for now

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