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  1. omg jessica being relatable about being mroe vulnerable being yourself than in a character… i'm a drag king and i definitely have a problem with being in character too much to hide from reality and not let people see how vulnerable i really am.

  2. The belt comment about the clothes being too big no matter what, made me think it could be "a million dollars but" question.

  3. Ez choice for me for that snowstorm or desert question.

    I hate anything to do with heat, so I'd take the snowstorm with the top down in a heartbeat. Winter's my favorite season, Summer's my least favorite; deserts are basically Summer but x20 worse

  4. As someone who's 22 and busy working in a low-paying job to make ends meet, the thought of having a relationship feels alien to me. Like, why would I want a relationship when all it's going to do is adding a burden on top my existing ones?

  5. #1 snow storm #2 big clothes #3 same food#4 ๐Ÿ#5 giggles #6 alien experiments #7 snap every time I eat

  6. Barbara, Christopher Loyd probably didn't appreciate that you said your BROTHER is a big fan of him, which kind of implies that you are not a fan and just want a picture for you brother. I know I've heard some celebrities mention this as a pet peeve of theirs.

  7. Iโ€™d probably go with eating the same thing everyday and pick ramen as my meal. And not top ramen. Like authentic Japanese ramen. I feel like thereโ€™s so many ways to make ramen I could never get bored

  8. It's been a while since I listened to this podcast and during that time I went through a heartbreak myself and have been trying to deal with that but just this episode has helped me so much! Thanks so much Barb and friends!

  9. my experience with heartbreak happened almost 4 years ago now… it doesnt affect me emotionally anymore, like i dont stay up at night wondering what shes doing or anything. but psychologically its definitely left some lasting effects as far as making new relationships. because i agree with what barb says about how you realize that they werent the one, and that the next person youre with makes you realize how much the last person lacked. but unfortunately for me now there's this nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me theres always something theyre not telling me, or that there are things about them that bother me that im just not noticing because they are now the person im with.
    i dont know if i articulated this very well, it was more of a stream-of-consciousness type thing but i hope it made sense

  10. I love seeing the real side of Gav and all the other Achievement Hunters lives, you really dont see it much.

  11. who else gets a little burst of joy seeing yang in the intro??? the rwby fan in me just goes "eeeee" whenever i see her lol

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