are you seriously not funny well what are you doing – yo back up nah but it's not funny what happened guess who called me yes pushing it to my song with that stop see what happens why would you make it a prank why don't you answer my question I'm gonna quit the camera the camera the camera what the camera okay okay okay master oh really you're joking put the camera cut the camera no I'm not cutting the camera oh boy you serious right now yeah well no way but I magic all right loading my video channel well you call him now boy you're not thinking me right number Oh there was Joe those creepy is just me yeah go back go back who's that is that what brought me up from you guys I think are you sure it's not well no way you're no way yo are you pushing actually your job to mess with the game man to see what happens well actually yeah actually you know message that stuff Bob I told you my keys it's not a joke yeah yeah yeah tell us what oh my god I'm tired food the game MasterCard Luke is oh he's gonna bro I mean dudes let him go let him try and she'll see what happens home right now warmer now let me talk to him I'll come back I'll come back tears are funny I don't believe this I believe this dude hey while you're at it bro tell them to deliver us a pizza – yo guys pay attention it's actually serious yeah why are you laughing y'all got pizza it's not funny yeah it's not funny tonight I'm not even picking up no well remember you played the game master I don't know all right well they don't deliver after 10:00 so call the game up no that's why I was saying call the game right you guys don't believe me call the game master right now bow yeah well he might steal a chain oh and you guys are just laughing oh yeah I told you guys it's real yo where is he yeah where is he though his location right now where are you oh my god that's freaky yeah that's pretty crazy huh you just texted me guys oh really yeah he said meet me at the parking garage you guys want to come I don't know if we should do this guy's not acting you guys are pranking us bro no I don't know why you guys are scared like he's gonna delete our Channel how do we know this is not a joke this time cuz who would it be like we're all here right that's the thing that's when we know it's not a prank guys we gotta go let's go oh he's gonna see our Channel oh boy much pretty nervous for this one it's number five at the parking garages I'm gonna talk to see what he wants all right this I still won't leave until I see it do you know the game master it's not a joke now funny it's not funny no it's not funny he's gonna see what channel I don't know why you're laughing uh yeah is go are you sure okay I don't see anyone let's go go stop it's not funny yo it might be the other parking garage Mike man it's like ten days out Channel I don't know this one literally this one no no no foods about to get here man we're gonna head back yeah dude just tell them to come up to our rules do you know your stop stop yo who my guys ready it's the game master oh hey he's real looks like I told you guys on FaceTime it was here don't get close wait so he needs to shave his face man I don't know that's that just look a game master to me just to see a guy on Easter let's get closer are you serious take them down right now definitely take them down right now go back up back up guys not go you're not scared you are so scared I don't know so we just talk okay we talk to you are we glad to talk to you like what no no I don't know let's just go back home one such a waste of time why do you want us to meet you here what do you know what does he want like no it's not a pain yeah you got started Frank does like obvious that's not funny ha ha Oh No hello um who are you what do you want yeah Lucas let's just go home let's go home I'll leave us alone okay I mean I honestly like he's not bothering us we're not bothering him let's just go home don't answer this phone call yo you following us are you serious we should probably get out of here yeah he's still coming should we get in he's not gonna do anything probably drinking and Lucas get in with the cool guys well I'll put the corner he's gonna know what staying at bro I don't know where's this guy can we talk to you like one let's go just take off man well we have to talk to him to know what like why he's here all right let's just see if he wants to come on give me some space give me some space just start walking whoa cuz we have to get the bottle so let's just ask him who he is to take off talking to us I got a cold man I came to talk right now oh oh hey ho that's creepy well I won in the gym for oh you serious yeah well you think we should just interview him like what do you think we should do what he wants what does he want you want money like what you want maybe we can trap over here what do you want what do you want well that's five of us when we take off for the mask what do you want hey y'all my phone like my phone if you give you money like can you leave if we give you money would you mask yourself boy said yeah go to the bank are you serious yeah so much how much do you want ten thousand five thousand twenty five bucks oh all right let's see I'll give him one hundred and let's see what he does I need two little friends well tried two hundred well he wants more how much more 305 400 no 400 obviously he wants money he's responding to it's really try 500 we gotta go to the bank it's not enough money mm oh we gotta give more money kid do that this is like you'll be back we got the money this is all we could take out I know guys we have to honestly or is it her yes good what is going on you guys got money why don't you guys just talk to miss you too maybe there's too many people okay so you promised if we give you all this money you'll leave us alone and you won't be correct and you did say if we give you almost upon us take off your mask right okay here you go here's all the money most of our savings took of you man I guess it's time guys what is going on in do not want us to record we're done oh we can omit no put the camera down all right take off the mask we're not filming yeah no way well how do we know if it's the routine

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