We Have Skills!

now remember the more you practice the better you get and the better you get the more you learn and school will be more fun we have skills as a classroom solution bringing social skills lessons to students sorry I didn't see you there teachers and researchers agree social skills learning is essential for academic success you know when the classroom is clicking along and they know what the expectations are and they have a real clear picture of this is what you should do if you need help raise your hand this is what you should do if you're feeling upset so kids can work on controlling their anger than it really makes my job easier as a teacher we surveyed over a thousand teachers to identify the core skills students need for social and academic success with the help of top researchers at the University of Oregon and Oregon Research Institute and funding from the Department of Education ires educational media has developed we have skills an effective lesson plan with eight videos seven songs posters and printables including tools for family engagement with the help of animal friends students learn to practice these skills and improve their behavior skills include listening following directions and working out strong feelings what are skills Florie you got it skills are things we learn to do through practice Andrew like riding a bike yes riding a bike is a skill and playing basketball yes and the more you practice practice practice the better you get to teach your classroom social skill mastery in 30 minutes a week go to IRA said calm slash skills

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