"WE GOT A JOB!" Abby and Britt, The Conjoined Teachers, Get Hired

29 thoughts on “"WE GOT A JOB!" Abby and Britt, The Conjoined Teachers, Get Hired”

  1. This is truly amazing but does one brain control it all or do both at the same time? Not trying to be offensive

  2. Maybe insane to say this, but what if they actually have the same soul or whatever, but different brains… Like the physical nervous system is different, but there is like one being pulling the strings so to speak… They literally speak the same things at the same time and stuff, it is weird.

    Idk, science really can't explain how the brain works lol, much less in these bizarre cases.

  3. I like how they say the same thing at the same times. It's so cute. How are they gonna get married and if one has a baby, what about the other?sorry I'm new here

  4. Imagine trying to cheat on a test when your teacher has 4 eyes and can look in two directions at the same time

  5. Best part, less chance of cheating students! Lol I'm so happy for them! I remember when I was a kid and their story fascinated me. <3

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