We Go Back to School and Join a Beginner’s Strings Class

♪ F♯ ♪ Eddy: Shar- ♪ E, E, E ♪ F♯! ♪ F♯, F♯, F♯ ♪ Hey guys, so today we got a special episode. We’re gonna go back to beginner’s strings to see what it’s like. I think we both started there as musicians. So I think this will be something interesting to see. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. We’re students again. I’m nervous. I have bad psychological anchors with so- Great start to the video. We’re lost. We’re late! Gonna be late for class! My case just broke. Teacher: Good to see you and quick we gotta go! We’re late! Thank you, gonna have two lines. Facing this way. Two lines. Thank you. Good job! Thank you. Now, does everybody have a hat? Yeah! – No.
– Brett forgot to bring his hat. Teacher: Wait, where is your hat? Eddy: Brett took it. He gave it to the dog. And then the dog ate it. Shh, shh, shh shh shh! This is what’s it like back in beginner’s strings. Gotta walk from your… form grade class… to strings. You’re special enough. You have an instrument. We both forgot our hats. So, we got in trouble. I don’t think that’s a good start. *inaudible* Get ready for tuning really quickly. And pack without chatting. Yeah? Tune, please. Brett: I think mine’s in tune. There you go! Eddy: Sorry! Ms. Munoz: Okay, thank you people that have been slow. Getting ready! Lucas, come on! Come on. Thank you! Kid: I have stickers. Brett: I don’t know. Munoz: Shush, thank you. Sponge please! Shhh… Teacher: Has anyone not been tuned?
Brett: What’s rest position? – Hi, Brett.
– This. – Rest position. It’s the rest pos-
– This? Kid: Yes. Kid: But you can’t (hold it) like that. Brett: Like this? Brett: Okay.
Eddy: What? Munoz: Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Class: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Thank you, ma’am. Thank you. Thank you. Good morning, Ms. Munoz! And good morning? Class: Ms. *inaudible*
Brett: $%^&@ Munoz: Good morning? Munoz: Okay, let’s try that again. Munoz: *inaudible* Ready, go. Class: Good morning, Ms. *inaudible* Thank you! Yes, so you’re getting… You’re getting Hot Cross Buns today in easy version. TwoSet: Ohhh, yes!
Teacher: No real notes, just the note names, so you can take it home and you shouldn’t eat those. First thing we’re going to do, we’re going to remember how to hold the instruments. And I want to see all cellos ready to play. Let’s have a look, cellos. You’re gonna play me this first song on the D string. That is very easy. Ready, play. ♪ D, D, D ♪ Head. Evan! Looking here. Do we play this one? Evan: Mm…
Munoz: No, so you’re gonna stop plucking the finger. And what do you do? You go like that with your head instead. Here we go. One more time. Ready? I want to see those heads happening. 1, 2, ready, play! ♪ D, D, D ♪ ♪ D, D ♪ ♪ D, D, D ♪ Okay, quite together! One time, violas! This is looking good! Okay, here we go, violas. On the D string. 1, 2, play together. D. Excellent work, violas! Violins! Now, don’t stop no matter what, okay? Let’s go to the end of the song. Do we know where the D string is? Violins: Yes. Do we know where the D string is? Jack, over here! 1, 2, ready, play. Head. Head. The whole class, the whole song. But this time we’re gonna do it on A string. So then you’ll find A string. Do you know which one is A? Yes? Eddy: A. Munoz: Did you find A? Brett: So this is A string? Yes. Teacher: Facing the front, facing the front. 1, 2, ready, play. Thank you! So we are going to sing the song first. ♪ D ♪ Everybody sing. Ready, go. ♪ D… ♪ Let’s do it again, ready? Ready, go. ♪ D… ♪ Violas, ready, go. ♪ D… ♪ Excellent! Violins. ♪ D… ♪ Excuse me. ♪ D… ♪ ♪ D… ♪ ♪ D… ♪ ♪ DiIiUHhuh ♪ *chuckles* Good luck, control that voice a bit more. ♪ D… ♪ ♪ D… ♪ ♪ D… ♪ ♪ D, D, D ♪ Now A. ♪ A, A, A ♪ ♪ D, D, A, A, D, D, D ♪ Thank you! ♪ D, D, D ♪ And… ♪ A, A, A ♪ ♪ D, D, A, A, D, D, D ♪ Lucas, we got to fini- Eddy: Thank you. Thank you! May I pick somebody for a little solo? Let’s have… Let’s have Brett. Eddy: Uh oh. Okay, let’s put this finger… Ah… Ah… Ah… Going to make this finger shape. Shh! Good job! And our next song is going to be… Mary Had a Little Lamb. Awww… Boooo… Eddy: Yes. Brett, rest position! Rest position! ♪ F♯, E, D, E, F♯, F♯, F♯ ♪ ♪ E, E, E ♪ ♪ F♯, F♯, F♯ ♪ Head. ♪ F♯, E, D, E, F♯, F♯, F♯, F♯ ♪ Class: ♪ E, E, F♯, E, D… ♪
Eddy: ♪ E, E, F♯, F♯- ♪ Brett: F♯.
Munoz: Thank you! Munoz: F♯, prepare!
Class: ♪ F♯ ♪ ♪ E ♪ Prepare! ♪ D ♪ Finger! ♪ E ♪ More fingers! ♪ F♯, F♯, F♯ ♪ Excellent! Who gonna get all of that? Who’s done all of that and did it well? Eh… let’s have… Jack! Okay, Jack is gonna play from memory, too. So he already knows it. Go. Excellent! Good job! Good job! You just played E twice, darling. You played this one twice, but it was great! It was great! And one more volunteer! Class: Me, me, me, me!! Eh… Eddy. Good job! Okay. Thank you! And let’s going to invite… um… Eddy and Brett to come and play you something. Just so you can see what they actually are. Quiet. Oh, let’s play Navarra. Little bit. Teacher: Despacito. Brett: Despacito?
Teacher: They love that one. *Class cheers* Right, let’s get a show of hands, who likes the first song more? Who likes the second song more? Brett: Hahaha!! Eddy: Oh wow…
Munoz: Who thinks the first song is harder? Who thinks no, the second song is gonna be harder? Brett: Oh… okay.
Munoz: Nobody thinks so.

100 thoughts on “We Go Back to School and Join a Beginner’s Strings Class”

  1. The music is lofi hip-hop raining in Osaka/ raining in ____ raining in (insert a city name) in case you're wondering.

  2. THE KIDS WERE SO CUTE!!!!!! I WANT TO STEAL THEM………. I didn’t say I wanna steal them I said I wanted to ssssss, 😐

  3. I love how at the end, the two girls that were helping them the whole time’s faces were just like, “Did you know they could that?!”

    I also love that the class didn’t judge them for “not knowing” how to play the songs they were plucking. Their all so cute! ☺️

  4. That was awesome!!!! Honestly can we just acknowledge the fact that there now is some kid, or two or three, in this class who’s going to grow up remembering this and absolutely crush it on the violin because of the inspiration the got. Seriously this is how life long passion begins, from random acts of kindness like this. We see it as content, those kids sees it as OMG I want to play like that. Good on you guys.

  5. Omg you guys were making me so anxious. How you tempered normal weak behavior without being complete jerks is remarkable.

  6. Would of been fun is Hilary Hahn waltz on in and smashes out Paganini (without two set knowing before hand)

  7. Just the way the teacher manipulated your fingers, wow! I mean, I would feel a tiny little bit uncomfortable, hahahaha. But I love how even though the kids like 'Despacito', they appreciate that the first son was harder.

  8. Excuse me this is incredibly wholesome 😂 look at these two inspire a bunch of future musicians ;u; I hope those kids are doing well and keep practicing

  9. I was waiting for Brett and Eddy to actually play something for the entire video. MY WISH WAS FULFILLED YEASSSS XD

  10. Everybody in the comments: * jokes around about what there doing *
    Me (a strings bass player): wHeRe ArE tHe BaSsEs No ClAsS iS cOmPlEtE wItH oUt A bAsS

  11. You guys must do some reasearch on South indian classical carnatic violin concert and post an video about your thoughts.. do search Balabaskar and kunnakudi vaidyanadhan etc for more details

  12. they were so cute pretending like kids who don't know how to play the violin!!! btw, seldome do we see them play the violin so seriously, just too attractive isn't it😍

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