We Finally Understand Why We Never See Beyonce’s Kids

Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir Carter are destined
to run the world. Well, at least the entertainment world if
they want to. But for now, they’re still just kids who stay
relatively out of the spotlight. Here are some of the reasons you never see
Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s kids. Breaking the internet There’s no disputing the fact that Beyonce’s
kids break the internet. The minute she opened her jacket to show off
her baby bump at the 2011 MTV VMA’s, she became a Guinness World Record holder “for most Tweets
per second.” The world record agency also confirmed that
the Beyhive lost it again when Beyoncé posted her pregnancy photo announcing the twins to
Instagram in February 2017. At the time, the now infamous shot became
Instagram’s most liked photo of all time, clocking over six million likes in one day. And let’s not forget the first time that Beyoncé
showed the world her twins for the first time a month after their birth. According to The Telegraph, that post racked
up “more than 1.2 million likes in 40 minutes,” and once again nearly broke the internet. Maybe Queen Bey is simply trying to make sure
that mere mortals will have uninterrupted internet service by not posting about her
children all the time! Curated image Beyoncé controls her image so tightly that
she keeps tabs on everything. When someone gets their hands on a picture
that threatens Bey’s perfect image, her Beyhive is ready to step in. And when it comes to the Carter kids, the
Beyhive will not back down. BuzzFeed reported that the celebrity news
site Hollywood Unlocked leaked a photo of Blue Ivy and the twins on their Instagram
feed in April 2019. The owner of the news site quickly received
a call from Beyoncé’s rep demanding that the image be removed — and the image quickly
disappeared from the internet. The lesson here is that you better not cross
the line when it comes to the Carter children’s image. Exclusive education As of July 2019, the twins aren’t in school
yet, but Blue Ivy has been busy learning how to take over the world at a super posh school. A source dished to Us Weekly that Beyoncé’s
gal pal Gwyneth Paltrow recommended the exclusive West Hollywood Center For Early Education,
where tuition is reportedly $19,000. The source said, “Gwyneth was telling Jay and Bey about the
quality of life for her kids in L.A. and really swayed Beyoncé and Jay to make the move.” Soon, the music moguls said goodbye to New
York and hello to Los Angeles to be close to Blue’s new school. Following in her mom’s well-heeled footsteps,
Blue also performs at dance recitals at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, according to VIBE. Why leave home? Why would you leave the house when your home
is basically a small city? In 2016, the Carters splashed $88 million
on a Bel Air mansion to be close to Blue Ivy’s school. But, according to Page Six, it was a bargain
compared the $120 million bid the couple originally put down. So, just what does $88 million buy you in
Los Angeles’s real estate market? The Los Angeles Times stated that the Carter’s
sprawling 30,000 square foot compound consists of six buildings, with an extra 10,000 square
feet of outdoor space that includes four pools, a basketball court, a 15-car garage, and plenty
of green spaces for the children. With a new house, new additions to the family,
and a home that has everything they need, why would the Carters ever need to leave? Busy with art Unlike most kids, Blue Ivy is busy building
her fine art collection. Jaws dropped around the world when Vanity
Fair published the story about Blue Ivy bidding $19,000 on an acrylic painting. At just six years old, she attended the Wearable
Art Gala with her parents for a family outing in Los Angeles. During the live auction, Blue “raised her
paddle” twice to bid on the portrait. First she placed a $17,000 bid and followed
that with a $19,000 bid. “Blue Ivy is 6 years old, Beyonce and Jay’s,
and she tried to outbid me on a painting at an auction and I wouldn’t let her do it.” In the end, Tyler Perry walked away with the
piece, outbidding Blue by $1,000 for a grand total of $20,000. But, the grade-schooler didn’t stop there. In a more reserved bid, she won a $10,000
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96 thoughts on “We Finally Understand Why We Never See Beyonce’s Kids”

  1. Because they are too ugly to be shown. I am sorry, I know it's cruel but it is true. Being the goddess that she is and no matter how many kids she has, they just look like their father 😢

  2. Misguided and unnecessary accolades. She is human and just a person…she is no more special than you or me….ridiculous.

  3. That's because the haters made fun of Blue Ivy. So, she doesn't want y'all haters make the same thing to them LOL

  4. Nobody cares I see children every day every child is Special but the world 🌏 go crazy over her children which is crazy every time a Celebrity have a baby or is about 2 you people act like you never seen a Pregnant woman before women have babies every day and every baby is special stop worshipping Beyonce

  5. Some of the comments under this video really shows how messed up some of y’all are …. calling babies ugly smh y’all should take a little time for some self-reflection🙄

  6. Im sure with the kind of money they have, Blue Ivy can buy whatever she wants❣️🌹
    Im surprised that Beyonce started touring rite after BOTH pregnancies?!?!
    THATS what makes her a #1 BOSS LADY❤️❤️❤️🌹💕

  7. It’s bc they got rocked so hard for looking like Jay. They might look more like her as they grow. All kids are cute.

  8. So.. what your saying is Beyoncé, “maybe” didn’t want us “mere mortals” to have “uninterrupted internet” by posting pictures of her children , & THAT’S why we don’t see More pictures of them?? Really?🤦‍♀️ You gotta work on y’alls title & now your “maybes & perhaps”…. Seriously? oof

  9. much respect to Beyonce for not using her children as props to get more likes. like some thirsty celebs do

  10. Nobody of quality cares. They all live in a bubble, meanwhile I’m too preoccupied with raising my own out here in these streets. Next case.

  11. Beyoncé is a “mere mortal,” too. I like and admire her a lot, but Jesus, can we stop treating celebrities like they are some kind of gods? They still take a shit like the rest of us.

  12. It’s really good that’s she’s doing that, she wants them to have a normal life without millions of eyes watching them

  13. People stop talking about others kids and just take care of your own remember There is no greater Kids Than Your Own

    Love Sis Tan❤

  15. Because it's completely normal to let your 6yo bid $19000 for a painting. I'm sure she will grow up knowing the value of money and not be spoiled at all…

  16. A profusion of Internet responses are the result of nobody' working anymore, they're on their devices voting on celebrities' outfits.

  17. Because yall are nosey, messy, shady, evil, have no lives and NOTHING about Jay or Bey should be your business in the first place

  18. ….😑😑…..😒😒😒..ok I'll say it who in the absolute fuck lets a six-year-old bid thousands of dollars? I understand you're rich but there's a line you draw with your children..

  19. Finnaly understand? Whats not to understand? She is a mum who wants to be private. I feel like she is one of the celebrities who really want to be known for her work instead of her private life. So I think she has the right to not show parts of her life to public.

  20. Can we please come up with a new expression besides "break the internet". No such thing exists so please people.

  21. In the real world, it doesn't matter that your parents are Beyonce and Shawn Carter (Jay Z) sometimes you gotta have your own

  22. CHILE ….. Must be nice 😂. I'll be honest: I LOVE seeing wealthy Black ppl; I love most of our wealthy Black celebs. I ain't made at 'em. Go Carters!

  23. Although people talked badly about Blue(which they shouldnt have), they still have not taken her out of the public eye..but yet the twins still remain private…interesting..

  24. So she has a tatoo on her finger to express she likes smoking gorilla glue strain 4 weed. How can you think your clever when you tell your business in your songs.

  25. Probably so Internet bullies won't be making comments about how they're raising them and all the other shit I see these moms dealing with. I would lose a bunch of followers because that's one thing ppl WOULDN'T be able to do.

  26. But why is it important for the public to know where Beyonce's children are and why we don't see them? I don't understand the importance?

  27. This channel is absolutely awful!!!!!!! I hope everyone unsubscribes!!!!!!! She is a big LIAR and does NOT research celebrities properly!!!!!!!!!!! Stop this channel immediately!!!!!!!!!!

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