WCS Week in Review – September 3-6, 2019

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Hey everybody,
it’s a week in review. – Today we, we learned about nice words. And the nice words make us happy so much because it’s really nice to be happy because it makes us have friendly spaces. – We’re in teaching as a profession. And we’re putting bulletin boards up around the school with like, motivational quotes and stuff because we’re learning about how the environment effects your learning. – I’m glad that we have a new coach named Coach Friesen. And he is real, I’m really
glad that he’s here. And he is really nice. – We are getting ready for a big game with a pep rally and a parade. (chanting) – We did gymnastic rotations and my favorite one was where you jump on the mat and jump off the mat. And it’s really fun, it helps you balance when
you’re really high up. – Today in seventh-grade
ELA we are presenting our summer reading tree projects. – Today in fourth grade in Science, we’re working on building terrariums and we’re making all sorts of levels and we’re putting in rocks and soil. – Today at Crockett in fifth grade, we played a number game
that you have to use a strategy to save yourself
and get other people out. – Today we are having a glow party because we feel that (mumbles) happy with all our compliments. We voted on a glow day
reward, it is so fun. – Hi, I’m Olivia in Mill Creek and we are playing tug of
war in eighth-grade Science to show Newton’s laws of motion. Mr. T’s class won five to zero. – This is my choir class, the
one that I have here at Page. We do quite a bit of performance and quite a bit of
learning songs to perform but a lot of what we do
is build musicianship and try to learn how to read music and actually be able to look
at a piece of sheet music and figure out what’s on the page. – I am in kindergarten
and today we are learning how to check out books. – Today at Walnut Grove
we are giving our speeches so that we can get elected
for mayor of Fishtown In a few weeks we will go there. – We are in randoms acts of kindness. – [Student] And we’re
putting positive sticky notes on random people’s lockers. – At Trinity in first grade, we learned the addition song. – Adding, addition is
adding plus adding equals in a part plus a part because of who, and the movements are really fun. (clapping) (chanting) – We did chalk. We did the number lines and um, someone would write the line and then, the other person would write
with the numbers under it. And then it helped us
figure out the numbers. – This week at Spring Station, we played soccer in PE. – [Student] We learned new
rules of how to play soccer and we had a lot of fun. – I’m at Nolensville High
School and I’m in Biology and today we are using known indicators to test organic compounds. – Today at guidance, we had
student council elections. Seven people ran, only two people will get
to be student council. – Today we’re in the auditorium for our very first PBIS rewards rally. – Today in first grade,
Mr. Bond came and we, and we learned about the sun and the moon. – [Student] And gravity. – For when you’re playing buddy ball, there’s two sides of the court. One side has two sides of the bin, there’s eight safety hoops in total. You have to go to the
safety hoop, shoot a ball. To make the front one it is five points, back one is 10. – So what the enzyme does is
it breaks down the substrate, which is hydrogen peroxide,
into water and oxygen. And so we’re going to be measuring the rate at which the
enzyme is breaking down. – Today in computer we, we practice our login. – Our STEM lab challenge of the week was, we had kids do paper chains. They were given two pieces
of construction paper, a pair of scissors, and some masking tape, and these rock stars did wonderfully. – That’s it! – Today we read chicken,
chicken (mumbles). – We’re here in the
diagnostic medicine room and we are testing bacteria to find out whether they are pathogenic, which means disease-causing,
or non-pathogenic. – Today in Miss Robinson’s class we did a lab on density. We found the density, mass and weight of a bunch of objects using a balance. – This week in Science we were learning about adaptations. – [Student] We chose an animal and their adaptations into their habitat. – We needed the animal
adaptions to help us to survive. – This is a level three class so my architecture students are working on bathroom
layouts and kitchen designs. And the inventor students
are completing simple parts and moving on to some more
complex part drawings. – Hi, we’re at Lipscomb today. We are doing, we were
working on our math doodles making five little monkeys
jumping on the bed. – At Mill Creek Elementary, every student in art class painted a rock. The rock represents kindness. All the rocks will create a rock garden that students will walk by every day. – This is honors to English. We are currently doing a credit seminar where we all, like, sit around in a circle and we have questions that
we’re supposed to discuss. – We did a rollercoaster project at Thompson’s Station Middle School. (thudding) (muffled yelling) – [Teacher] That’s awesome. – We are fourth-graders
at Winstead Elementary and in Science this week we’re
learning about ecosystems and we’re building our own terrarium. – So today, fifth grade
is being interviewed by middle-schoolers for this town. – Right now in theater
we are doing pantomime and we’re doing it to a song. So we had to create a
story based on a song. – For PVIS, we were
coding with altar blocks. – [Group] Today at
Longview in fourth grade, we are learning about
the colonists and taxes from King George the third. – Today in art class we are learning about the artistic element, form. We are creating a 3D sensei. – Hi, we’re the media
crew at Fairview Middle. This week we’re working on a video about why teens’ lives. Tyler? – Members of National Art Honor Society made buttons from their art and we’re selling them to raise funds for art at Centennial. – Hi, I’m in second grade and we’re using these base 10 blocks to learn how to be counting by tens. – We’re making a paper
rollercoaster in Science. – [Student] And basically
it’s a really fun project because we’re literally
putting a bunch of like, fun ideas and (mumbles) things on it. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] It was a great week, thanks for watching.

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