WCM-Q Alumnus Dr. Mohamed Elshazly

The biggest benefit of studying at Cornell
is providing the best medical education that’s out there, right here in the Middle East. After eight years of training and working
hard in the U.S., now I am back here and have the opportunity
to give back to the place that helped me achieve everything that I wanted to achieve. My name is Mohamed Elshazly. I am a cardiologist and an Assistant Professor
of Medicine at Weill Cornell Qatar. I am actually an alumnus of Cornell: a graduate
of Class of 2010. Since coming back to Weill Cornell Medicine
in Qatar, my primary responsibility has been teaching our amazing students. The thing I love most about my job is watching
the tremendous growth of students going from students who don’t know anything to full
grown physicians. In addition to that, I am a consultant cardiologist
at Hamad, where I get to see patients in clinic at the Heart Hospital. Qatar has a very diverse population with a
lot of cardiovascular disease. So it’s a tremendous opportunity for people
like me to take their skills back and spend time trying to understand diseases in Qatar. I’ll say Qatar has given a lot to graduate
people like me and finally giving back I think is very important.

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