Water Cooling My 400c – Bubba Build Vlog The Music Video

What’s up my friend today’s videos shall be forever known as Bubba bill vlog the music video this video is solely dedicated to the custom water-cooled PC building experience and in the next one. Read out some tips to clean water cooler. I will go over all the mishaps that happen during the build process and what I learned about PC building But until then sit back and enjoy the show oh, yeah And don’t forget to share this with a friend and drop a like down below if you liked the video PEACE!

13 thoughts on “Water Cooling My 400c – Bubba Build Vlog The Music Video”

  1. The next video will actually be a build vlog. I ran into just about every issue a pc builder could run into with this build and that's why that stuff is getting its own video. Stay tuned for the next one. PEACE!

  2. Arctic Silver 5? What is this…2007? Next time you do maintenance on Bubbas loop…Please swap that out for some Kryonaut, Hydronaut, or Gelid GC Extreme…upgrade your paste, like you did your bubba!

  3. Can you please let us know what size radiators did you fit in? Does the 360mm triple (400mm actual total length) radiator fit the front? Is it only the 240mm (280mm actual total lenghth) on top? What is the thickens of those?

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