31 thoughts on “Watch This Before You Start Learning Sanskrit!”

  1. I want to learn Sanskrit, can you please tell me how can I learn. I am hindu and i need to study vedas in Sanskrit, so thats why i want to learn Sanskrit. Please do tell me how to learn Sanskrit

  2. Very nice! My long time icchha of learning Sanskrit is coming true because of your efforts! Saabhaar namaskar!

  3. I wish i could learn the Grammer in this way in my childhood. In childhood i couldn't figure out why i am lerning the grammers, and where all this came from, how they are related. You gave the answer. Thanks a lot, wish i could meet you in person. Jay guru 🙏

  4. Namaskaram
    Please recommend some books for learning Sanskrit from the basics to advance
    Thank you
    Love the videos

  5. Ancient scholars were genius who created such vast knowledge which is forgotten today. All thier hard works and efforts are going to soil now.

    No politics please, remember culprit always blame others for what he have done.

  6. Awesome.. thank u . Finally I got to know abt Sanskrit tables which were a nightmare for me. Trust me we need teachers like u in school. Its very unfortunate that sanskrit is taught in a wrost way which makes it a tough language to learn and understand.

  7. Namaskaaram Anna 🙏.
    Your video helps me grasp better Sanskrit…Dhanyavaadh Anna😊 🙏❤🙏

  8. Hi SC! Thank you for the video. It would be incredible helpful to new learners like me if you could recommend texts or online tools to learn Sanksrit the correct way. Namaskaram 🙏🏼

  9. भाई मैं तो यह टेबल बहुत कंठस्थ करता था बचपन में सीबीएसई बोर्ड की कक्षा में छठ वी से नवमी तक संस्कृत रहती थी।now I understand fully how to learn grammer संस्कृत के महान व्याकरण करता panini ने कहा था कि Sanskrit vyakaran को जो समझ लिया उसने ईश्वर को समझ लिया।

  10. My sanskrit teacher screwed me to learn this simple grammar. Many thanks for teaching this. I will help my daughter to learn this.

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