Warrnambool – A City for Community

We knew if we came to Warrnambool there’d be a whole lot of new people we’d need to meet to get involved in the community. So the intention was to always get involved in the community. When I first came to Warrnambool I lived right in the city. And it amazed me how many people just came around and knocked on the door. It got to one point where I had to turn the lights off occasionally just to have a bit of a break. Warrnambool was very, very engaging” They say it takes you a while to become a citizen of the town once you move here but I felt I was a citizen straight away and that was really important. And the friends we made back then, we still have those friends. I think we certainly feel like Warrnambool has embraced us. But I think it’s also how you approach it. I think if you’re open to new things or get off the couch where you live and since we’ve lived all over the world it’s one of the things we’d learned to do so we feel we really fit in here. Warrnambool’s just a lovely place. Nice people, the people you meet here are friendly, very warm. I’m very proud to live here, I love the fact being a migrant as well, although I’m English speaking, culturally pretty close I’ve been embraced and I think that’s important as well. We can walk down to the beach, we’ve got all the walks we can go along, the bike tracks, there’s the rail trail. Everything about Warrnambool leads to a very good family life as far as I’m concerned. You know if I had more spare time, I’d get into more things, there’s only 7 days a week. I’m not sure if the sign’s still there and the numbers would be different but they used to have a welcome to Warrnambool sign Welcome to Warrnambool – home of 25,000 friendly people. And I honestly used to say “I believe that.”

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