Want to teach English abroad? Do your research…

today I would like to talk about something that I think is extremely important to anyone who wants to to move to a foreign country to teach English or to do anything and that is research research I think that research about where you're going and what you're doing will make your experience a lot more enjoyable and you'll have much many less surprises than you would otherwise and I'll give you an example of what I mean first of all I think it's important to research your school I've talked to a lot of people who just sign up for the first school of opera's them a job without doing any research and then they get here and they're really surprised they had to have no idea what it's like they have no idea what's going on and they're surprised by things that are in their contract because they didn't even read it so if you research what you're going to be doing if you research your contract research your options as much as you can there's a lot there's a lot better chance that you won't be surprised research what kind of school you want to teach at there's a big difference between public schools and private schools if you don't know the difference when you sign their contract then you need to know you need to know you know what's the what the difference is between the schools you want to teach at you need to research your specific school that you want to work at to find out if it's reputable or not you need to research the sket the schedule that they want to give you you need to read your contract do as much research as you can I've talked to a lot of people who had bad experiences because they were surprised by something that they should have probably researched before they came here right they they didn't read their contract but they signed it anyways and then they were really surprised by something that was and it turned out to be a bad experience one if they would have just researched it in the first place they would have known and everything would have worked out so I think that it's important to know about your school read about your contract research your options as much as possible and then your experience will be much more enjoyable it what your experience will be much more enjoyable if you do your research for example many schools will allow you to speak with or write an email to either a current teacher or a teacher who has taught there in the past right if you ask you know your recruiter or if you ask that school if you can talk to a current or previous teacher and they say no way that's probably not a good sign right that's probably not a good sign I'll give you another example of something that you should probably research things like food right I'd met a guy on the subway who came to Korea and I said how do you like Korea he said all is pretty good and he said but you know I am allergic to seafood and I don't eat pork and so I said why you came to Korea and you don't eat you can't eat seafood and you don't eat pork Wow you know the in Korea they eat a lot of seafood and a lot of pork a lot of fish and a lot of pork so if you come to Korea you're gonna be eating a lot of a lot of spicy food a lot of kimchi things like that I mean you will be eating those things if you come to Korea right so if you can't stand that kind of stuff you might want to think about research research before I came here I ate Korean food with my Korean friends I tried kimchi I had a pretty good idea about the spicy food and what I was getting into so when I came here and they wanted to eat like spicy fish soup I was prepared for that right I knew what to expect and it helped me to not be so you know surprised by that I'll get another example would be like the weather I think that when I came to Korea that was the thing that surprised me the most because I came here and I didn't know that it gets so cold in Korea so when I came here I had one little kind of windbreaker jacket and so then at the beginning of the winter I decided to go out and go to this little outdoor market right so I get out thing with my little windbreaker on and it was cold right it was cold so I had to go out on that day and buy an extra jacket I had to there was no other option I was gonna freeze to death right it was terrible so if you do some research about the kind of weather your that there is in that country then you'll know what kind of clothes to bring you'll know you know you'll know what you need to do another example would be language need to research your language before I came to Korea I took just a short at my university I joined in the Korean Club because I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to go so I joined the Korean Club and I learned how to say just a few basic phrases right like hello goodbye you know where's the path and it was stuff like that when you ask your school or ask anybody you know do I need to speak Korean to teach English in Korea they're going to tell you no right they're gonna say you don't have to speak Korean in order to come here and that's true in order to teach English in Korea you don't have to know how to speak Korean however you still live here right so when you go to the store you have to ask stuff like where's the toilet paper or like when you go to a restaurant it's a lot easier if you can just order in Korean right if you just know if you know how to say a few basic things your life will be much easier if you don't if you live in Korea for example and you can't even go to the store and say where is the toilet paper it gets a little complicated because you can teach English all day long without speaking Korean however if you live here you live here and you have to function and you have to go out and get on the bus you have to go out and ask people for directions you have to go out and find things and it's going to be a lot easier if you can speak a little bit of Korean right trust me on that trust me on that there's a there's a million other things that you could research about where you want to go and the more research you do the less surprises you'll have and the better your experience will be if you have any questions for me feel free to send me a message I'll do my best to answer up thanks for watching have a wonderful day

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  1. 28000 views and only 126 likes? That's odd. These are very good insights, thank you. I really want to teach in Japan, now I have a better idea of what to look for.

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  3. is it true if you want to teach english or any language in japan you should have graduate university in your country?

  4. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddeee …ya crackn' me up….
    I'm diggin' on your white pull over and white t-shirt combo – it's far out ~
    peace out ; word up ~

  5. I cannot agree more. As a teacher recruiter myself, I find that research not only prepares you for less surprises, but also helps you during the interview.

  6. Do you mind if I send a copy of the contract a recruiter sent me just to know if you think it's ok or can they do more better?

  7. Stokesy! Looks like you did a few years in the end. Remember those first days when you and your wife got there? Glad it ended up well.

  8. Okay so to teach English as a foreign language I just gotta remember: pork…spicy food…cold…toilet paper. Cool thanks.

  9. good informative video! I think it can also be used for a drinking game, drink every time he sys "research"

  10. Yo this video is pretty good! I just wanted to know whether you have any information on Muslims living in Korea? Because we can't eat pork, but man do i Love sea food! Is it easy to obtain halaal food?

  11. your video IS great in that it states the obvious, which is not always so obvious, but um, you seem a little frustrated or angry…

  12. ah is korea this awesome everywhere i go korea korea korea i want to go to japan but damn you have to be rich D;

  13. You don't HAVE TO eat anything you don't want to in Korea… haha. I'm vegetarian. I won't be any of that. 😛

  14. That's a common phrase in America, too ~ It's almost as if the 'inquirer' is confirming his/her own question to you ~ It's stupid, it's a fad and to me, it displays a lack of self assurance ~

  15. I know that this maybe a dumb question but are the contracts bilingual, do they have an english translations for the information they provide you?

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