42 thoughts on “Want Smarter, Healthier Kids? Try Physical Education! | Paul Zientarski | TEDxBend”

  1. When he says “strategically placed” what does this mean? PE first thing in the morning? In the middle of the day? I loved the presentation but wish he would elaborate more on when PE should be implemented for students. Maybe it is right before their math and reading classes?

  2. Some people hate PE because their teachers are horrible. Or they have really low self esteem and confidence but the thing that annoys me the most is how people will simply call you lazy if you don't like PE. You don't know their story why are you judging, Belive me when you call someone lazy it doesn't help calling someone with low confidence it makes it worst. Some teachers don't like the students who don't do well in their class and treat them unfairly I've seen it before my own eyes.

  3. All true, many teachers are limited in resources such as facilities and equipment. This guy taught in one of the greatest school districts in the country. They have a rockwall, a pool, a track, an outdoor ropes course, tuff, multiple fields, bikes, treadmills, weights. I would build a bangerang program too if I had those resources.

  4. I am going to try to embed this into my Physical Education classes! Going to try and persuade my school into allowing me to change my classes to the morning! Thank You!

  5. Educators understand this, politicians do not quite yet. But they are beginning to see the value of physical activity and the importance of.

  6. I guess he will be glad to know that I am one of the five percent of adults over the age of 25 to be in a sport, since I am 27.

  7. At 7:53–8:10
    "Exercise is like fertilizer for the brain… it's so good, it's like Miracle Gro".
    It is exercise that builds new brain cells, not new learning.

  8. As a current PE major I had the same ideas as Paul, now after watching the video I hop I can only teach at a school that will let me implement them.

  9. There is lot of kool-aid that is being consumed here….Fitness-based physical education? Is it  not cheaper for a school district to subcontract a certified personal trainer than hire a PE teacher with benefits and pension. Physical education is working to remove it's own profession! If you want a fitness based curriculum hire a fitness expert. That is lagging in the PE curriculum in higher ed today…The fact that you tie academic performance to physical education is EXTREMELY WEAK! Where are all the lawyers, doctors, and engineers that are derived from NCAA football and basketball? Are they not as physically active as NCAA cross country runners or swimmers? Check the GPA's folks then check the relationship to socio-economic status. Your studies need stronger controls and better design if you want to move forward with that agenda. If you want to be viewed upon and unique, special, and necessary you need to contribute a quality that is unique, special, and necessary.  You need to teach skills not abilities….that we can subsidize and support. To pay someone 35K a year to teach kids to find their pulse and skateboard is ludicrous. Let's teach kids in urban Detroit to kayak…now there's an accessible and affordable idea…Sound ridiculous? I hope everyone get's the point. Otherwise you are on the path to extinction.

  10. I love Mr. Z and I was in this class when I was a freshman in HS. He is the best. Such an inspiration.

  11. Great presentation! I'm glad there were sign language interpreters present. I'm an interpreter myself.

  12. Great job Paul. Excellent presentation to a different type of audience. We need to do more to inform the public of the potential impact of quality health and physical education.

  13. Great talk and research!  I hope the future of Phys Ed looks more like the program you described here.

  14. Well done #Paul Zientarski.  A powerful message for educators and parents.  Daily quality PE for all students.

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