47 thoughts on “Walt Disney's Education for Death”

  1. Ya when they said Germany was gonna destroy all weak nations it was goona destroy its self cause the allied powers rekt germany

  2. I would love to see a modern day take on this but with one of today's extremist groups like antifa. This is the formula used even today to breed monsters… Complete indoctrination and brainwashing to demonize the opposition. To shame and humiliate the sympathizers and potential sympathizers to break them down for complete loyalty and dedication for their cause… No room for reason….

    Sounds familiar eh?

  3. Walt Disney made this short to show everyone what they were up against. That these children were brainwashed by Nazi indoctrination, they did not have God in their lives, and they were being molded into evil monsters set out to destroy anyone and anything that stood against them.

  4. Me see Germany princess

    long moment of silent
    Hitler removed helmet

    Ah.. – a longer moment of silent-

  5. The last part seems horrifying once you remember Battle For Berlin, which happened 2 years after this movie was released.
    Many of those who would fight there would be Hitler's Youth (basically Hans would be adolescent by that time) alongside with Volkssturm civilian soldiers and remnants of German military when the Soviet marched into the city.

  6. This cartoon was probably my favorite of the Nazis cartoons because it didn't dehumanize Germans during this time, it shows them as the humans as they were.

  7. Maleficent either let herself go or she had a glow up of the century, depending on when Sleeping Beauty came out in respects of this.. and sleeping beauty??? THIQ… (third time editing this) AND PRINCE PHILLIP BIGGEST OOF

  8. This cartoon is often referred as a sort of work that humanizes german people unlike other works. There I strongly disagree with a point. Humanizing is not to show “how naive they were in the beginning and made brutal Nazis in the end”. There is nothing humanly in this portrayal and nothing revealing something on human nature. Oppositely, it doesn’t fit human nature. Humans do not function in the same way as robots do. They aren’t simply made to be something. “Not to put on the burden of responsibility on people” or “to segregate evil from them” is not the act of humanizing. People in their lives bear the burden of suffering, and there comes most of evil when you fail it. There is nothing more humanly than the presence of evil. It would be humanizing if it had been shown how evil is so banal and imminent beneath our seemingly-naive nature.
    So ask yourself, can you embrace the presence of hitler and Nazis?
    Are you able to feel close to hitler and Nazis for a second? For the sake of comprehension, try to understand him and show empathy! And then you will be horrified by your feelings and capacity to become Hitler, by true nature of human indeed. Only after this, you can reproach Hitler and Nazis because on the firm bases you chose to be someone who you could potentially be.

  9. Good historical cartoon, but I wish they put subtitles during the parts when the characters speak German.

  10. Personally, this was very powerful and emotional to me. The short film goes into detail about how it truly was in Germany during the second world war, as well as showing us an introduction to what Nazism truly is. From the very beginning, the children were taught the ways of Nazism (ie. antisemitism, racial hierarchy, and purging out those whom are deemed 'dangerous'), and since they are literally being told this by their superiors time and time again, this is 100% fact in their minds; this is their world to them.

    The adults were harder to convert to this new ideology, as they were already brought up with different ideologies from the regime, and so children were encouraged to report their parents for 'non-German' behaviour. The regime would have access to your birth certificates, as well as your parents', and your grandparents', and so on, to ensure you are an 'ethnic German', and if they spotted any 'inferior' genes, that gave them the excuse to drain away your rights, take away your businesses, confiscate your belongings, and slaughter your family members. Even as an 'ethnic' German, men were expected to serve in the German military, and women were forced to reproduce. Any child born with a disability would be taken away immediately, in spite of what the parents think.

    In an overly politically correct and sensitive time we live in, a short film like this powerful and truthful would not be aloud to be made, as it would offend someone.. I am glad this was made, and I wish people would give it more light and consideration, instead of crouching in their safe spaces.

  11. This is how we live now in the so called " democratic free world". Our minds are imprisoned and indoctrinated to believe the lies we're fed by our media outlets and politicians.

  12. Fact: Walt Disney was a 33rd degree freemason also known as a Satanist. He was a sick man who used his skill for evil gain. Look it up if you want for yourself.

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