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  1. I didn’t have a good experience in Waldorf and was not prepared for high school for stuff like homework and actually learning stuff .

  2. I went to one of these schools and I turned out an anxious wreck of a human being so that tells you all you need to know about these bullshit schools lmao

  3. I did a 2.5 month exchange to a Waldorf school in Germany and I liked it but I think it's important to use computers/other technology in school, even from a young age.

  4. I'm on a Waldorf school in Germany for still 1 month, before i was on a Mary Ward School and it was a completly different education. I like to work with hands and not only write that's so Boring. I like the Waldorf school more than the other school because its more chillig so where are the Waldorf Kids?😄

  5. I go to a Waldorf school in Auckland, and I'm loving reading through the comments here where people understand it! I've been at this school since I was 3 and I absolutely love it to pieces but it's so annoying having to do a ten minute explanation every time anyone asks what the heck it's all about😂

  6. i am on a Steiner school and i'm suprised that your expination is so correct, now it's my second year there, i'm in 11th class and i think it's one of the best schools.

  7. I m from India. Here people are running so called "waldroff schools ". Fake , only money makers. They are spoiling waldrof system here. All talk no work, putting pressure on parents, huge fees .

  8. One point is missed out that during those 4weeks of project students prepare their own files and at the end they have their own books made based on their own knowledge and experience. There are no predefined text books for any project or subject. It's mostly through Teachers careful listening and memory. First 8yrs of schooling are crucially important while Self is more given weightage. Then comes the world and I.

  9. If I want to study art ¿is Waldorf a good school for that? ¿Or is better go to a highschool focused in art?

    The problem is that the Waldorf school that my parents want me to go is outside of the village where I live (that means that the friends I make will live in another places), is expensive and because the kids begin primary school in Waldorf at 8 years, they want me to repeate a year so I dont be with kids of 15. In the public school there are more kids per clase but is inside of the village and is more easy to access.

    Sorry if there is an error, I'm from Latinoamérica.

  10. My boy is higly intelligent, has autism and is in a special waldorf school. He hates it. He's bored the most time.

  11. I am a proud Waldorf parent and I truly believe that this is the best school system ever crested by mankind

  12. I love this video. You have perfectly explained how it works (i’m current stundent at Waldrof School) I guess most people don’t know about the following but it’s very annoying; in Germany people who go to different schools are constantly making jokes about Waldorf school. They ask things like “Can you spell your name dancing?” (Eurythmie) or “do you grow trees?” It’s incredibly how ignorant people can be, making fun of it when they have never experienced it themselves. I mean sure, it’s kinda easier for students at Waldorf school but I truly believe we get better prepared for life and learn not only academical stuff but also a lot about humanity and being social! Great video, thank you!

  13. These are the bright sides of Waldorf, and the ones worth perpetuating in the future (although I'd argue that some of their aversion to new technology is overblown and based on shoddy esotericism instead of rational arguments or pedagogic considerations).
    We should also mention that there is such a thing as Anthroposophy fundamentalism, with teachers insisting that evolution is a lie, the heart is not a muscle, and the moon landings must have been fake because Steiner wrote that the moon isn't solid.
    Not all schools or even many teachers are like that, but they do exist.

  14. An die Deutschen hier (falls hier welche sind). Bin ich die einzige, die vor diesem Video Eurythmie-Werbung bekommt?😂

  15. I might be going to a waldorf school after summer break. Not completely sure though

    (Edit: I'm pretty sure I'm going there :D)

  16. Graduating this year, Tbh i’m sad to leave. I think any school that someone can remember fondly has something to be said for it. I love waldorf, i think it’s very important and should receive more attention

  17. I'm in Brazil and I know Waldorf's School. It's só fantastic! In love! Steiner was ahead of our time

  18. What this video doesn't tell you: Rudolf Steiner was a racist. Apart from this appalling detail there's plenty of utter nonsense in his works, e.g. his believe in Atlantis as an actual historical fact…

  19. The waldolf school i go on is bully free.If you bully someone I'm pretty sure you get expelled

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