Waco daycare denies child admission after learning her parents are in same-sex marriage

tonight a Central Texas couple says they were floored when their daughter was told she couldn't go to a local daycare the couple says it happened simply because they're gay channel 6 is Jasmine Caldwell is live in West with more reaction from these two moms say Jasmine well hey Chris and Leslie the couple lives out here in West but says this happened yesterday a part of you Christian Academy in Waco they say it's okay that they were denied but they just want the daycare to be more open so that other couples won't get humiliated between work and having four kids life can get pretty busy for Brittney and Stacey ready so I start back at school and mid August so we thought well we still have a couple weeks but hey this is perfect let's go check them out yeah the couple have been married for two years and is in need of child care for the youngest of the bunch so when a spot opened at Parkview Christian Academy they got excited but excitement turned to shock when they were called into the daycares director's office that's when I was like oh I may know where this is going you know I may know where this is going and he's like you know it's what she's not gonna be able to be accepted you know because y'all are mates or whatever you are the pastor of Park View Christian Academy could not be reached for comment but their enrollment procedure states if for any reason they feel the school is not in the best interest of the child the child will be dismissed and that's fine I don't that that's what they stand for that's what they stand for but make it no that's what you stand for and remember at the end of the day that everyone's human everyone's human Britney and Stacey believes the decision not to accept their daughter Callie is unfair they say it's important that their kids have a Christian education and the fact that they are gay should have nothing to do with that do you speak to our children about being a Christian and we speak to them about God and about what the Bible says even about what the Bible says about same-sex couples yeah today no what is that because it's their choice now Britney in Stacey say since word got out about this situation a handful of de coeur daycares have reached out saying that they will accept little Cali which makes the couple very happy reporting live in West Jazmin Caldwell Channel 6 News all right Thank You jasmine

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