Volkswagen launches Literacy Centres in Eastern Cape

in celebration of Nelson Mandela month and highlighting the plight of basic education in the country three new literacy centers have been launched at quiet new Buchla in Newton hey gia Port Elizabeth the centers are part of Volkswagen South Africa's legacy initiative to ensure that all learners across the Metro are functionally literate by the time they pass grade three Rwanda Nui filed this report preserving the legacy of Nelson Mandela these centers will serve as cornerstones reflecting his passion for education they will benefit more than 3000 learners in the foundation phase we are interacting not only with the kids but also with teachers and with parents and I think that makes all the difference because we interact on many levels you get actually the joy back into reading and get the kids to interact properly so I think if that is roll out and rolled out and as the government today indicated they they see this as a very important initiative and I want to roll it out further I think that'll make all the difference especially in our environment here the opening of these centers has created jobs for the unemployed youth who have been trained as literacy partners thirty-one literacy partners have been recruited by shine literacy to teach learners how to read and write in English especially focussing on a big challenge written they're promoting reading and I think it is a very important initiative fo for us now today we are launching the that the literacy centers three children does such as here in the in the schools something which is exciting for for for for for for the education sector as a whole the young beneficiaries are grateful I am very happy that we have these centers I can now learn to read and write I'm very happy for because folks work until separatists come with and supported us a lot and we also come to have a pride education because of course right now we can read write and do everything because of Fox traffic according to a recent survey more than 60% of South African children cannot understand what they are reading by the end of grade 3 Luanda no Mui s ABC News Yuta neg all right that's where we leave our news for now we'll bring it

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