VoiceThread in Education

A VoiceThread is a media player that has a highly interactive discussion space build right within in it. Teachers or students upload pictures, videos presentations or documents into this online collection that looks and feels like a slideshow but it’s what comes next that is most important. After the media is added, teachers and students will record comments about it, presenting their work, asking questions and answering them, critiquing each others’ ideas, and engaging in an ongoing conversation. The skills that students will develop using VoiceThread are exactly the skills now widely accepted as critical to successful learning, working and frankly, just plain living in the 21st century. One of the least known and most interesting facts about VoiceThread is its diversity of uses. From recording kindergarteners narrative storytelling all the way through post-graduate studies in business and medical schools, it’s the very same tool used in 100s of different ways to great effect. So, after taking a look at this video, head on over to VoiceThread.com/research to see all of the third party research that’s been conducted on VoiceThread’s impact on teaching and learning.

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  1. This video in Youtube should be captioned as it isn't accessible for Deaf staff and students who would want to watch it. Please caption it soon.

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