Voice Teacher Reacts to Rocío Dúrcal – Amor Eterno

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, by huge requests from so many of you, I’m going to be reacting to
“Amoer Eterno” again but this time by Rocio Durcal. I was able to react to a
duet of her with Juan Gabriel and so I’m eager to hear her version of this very
touching and emotional song. The beautiful accompaniment as well. Looking beautiful and her green dress. Beautiful Orchestra. They appreciate this song so much. Wow. I love her voice. I’ve only heard it
in the one duet with Juan Gabriel who was the writer of this song and I am so
thrilled to be back reacting to Rocio. I know this song, though, is however very
emotional for so many people and so I want to make sure that we include that
reverence here in the reaction as well. But I enjoy her voice so much. Her vowels
migrated back just a bit giving us a darker sound, almost a bit of raspiness
in her voice and I enjoy it so much. Let’s look at an approximate translation
of the lyrics in English for just a moment. “Eternal love. You’re the sadness in my eyes that cry in silence for your love. I see
myself in the mirror and I see, in my image, the time that I have suffered
since your passing. I force my thoughts to forget you because I’m always
thinking about yesterday. I prefer to be asleep than awake to forget all the pain
of knowing that you are not here.” Such heart-wrenching lyrics of this truly
touching song. Her voice is beautiful. Wow. I loved that part right there where
she did a bit of a scoop up into one of the notes there in such a beautiful way.
She is pouring out her soul in this song already and I know that she was the one
that made this song famous you all have explained that to me even though I had
reacted to the Juan Gabriel version when he performed it at one of his concerts
and I enjoy them both equally already. She just has such a gorgeous tone
quality to her voice though and I love this song. The lyrics go on to say, “I wish
I that you are alive, that your little eyes never closed, that I was looking at
them. Eternal love and unforgettable. Sooner or later I will be with you to
keep loving us. I have suffered so much in your absence since that day. I am not
happy even though my conscience is clear. I know I could have done more for you.
Dark loneliness is the one that I’m living. That same loneliness of your
Sepulcher. You are the love in which I have the saddest memories of Acapulco. The emotions. Love those runs there. Oh, she is pouring out so many emotions
you all. I know you all have explained to me that she lost her son I believe to
drowning in Acapulco. So, the words are just so personal to her and I just can’t
imagine the emotions she feels on such a personal and deep heartbroken level when
she performs this song. And the lyrics go on to repeat a bit of the chorus, “I wish
that you were alive, that your little eyes never closed, that I was looking at
them. Eternal love and unforgettable. Sooner or later I will be with you to
keep loving us. Eternal love. Eternal, eternal love.” Such beautiful lyrics for
such a beautiful and gorgeous but heart-wrenching song. I love when she opens up into that wider
taller vowel and now pulling back in the dynamics. Floated up nicely into a head voice
quality there for a moment. Look at her. She’s so in the moment. Bless her heart. It’s very hard for a singer to perform
songs that touch them so deeply and I know that may seem odd for so many of
you that don’t sing. It almost sounds like it would make you perform better
but it is sometimes hard to keep the emotions in check. I’m so impressed with
her vocally, though. Like I said this is only the second time I’ve heard her sing.
So, she’s just so impressive on every level. Breath control, vowel placement, the
way she uses her dynamics, softer singing, louder singing, but in the appropriate
areas. Being able to do all of those within one phrase. A true master of
singing and is performing this song so well. I know she was star quality talent
and that is so apparent through the couple of reactions I’ve done. I can’t
wait to see so many more from her. Wow that was a long note there. So beautifully done. Wow. I’m sure most of the audience was in
tears from this. I know many of you commented on my other reaction to this
song by Juan Gabriel that it just makes you cry instantly when you hear
this song. And some of you weren’t even able to get through the entire reaction
because of the emotions you all feel. I know this is sung at a lot of
memorials. It was used a lot for the memorials in the El Paso Texas mass
shooting recently and so I hope you all enjoyed this reaction to Rocio
singing this song. It was truly beautiful. I am touched and humbled for seeing it
today. I’m so glad I was able to see this performance and I hope you all just have
a great day.

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  1. See my reaction to Juan Gabriel's performance of this song: https://youtu.be/w3Ez4E0-upE

    My reaction to Rocio Durcal & Juan Gabriel – Fue Un Placer Conocerte: https://youtu.be/QeMUg1K-5zY

  2. her son an 2 daughters are alive, I don't know exactly who Juan Gabriel wrote the song for his mother or passed lover back in the early 80's

  3. Your facial expression completely changes when she begins to sign. You feel the passion from her words excellent I love watching your videos.

  4. seria agradable que reaccionaras a una momento maravilloso en un concierto de Camilo Sesto en su canción Perdóname poco después de la muerte de un ser muy querido…. míralo es hermoso

  5. How much ELEGANCE and respect to talk about such a sensitive song for a country.!! I love you, Andy Davis.
    The song was written by Juan Gabriel dedicated to his mother who died in Acapulco

  6. Thank you very much, Roció Dúrcal was a great singer with a unique style. This song will always make you cry.👍🏻👏👏👏😊🇵🇪

  7. I grew up listening to her songs..wile my mom would play them, wile cleaning the house.. amazing. She had beautiful voice. Rest her in peace.

  8. I loved this reaction video ❤ tears are rolling off my face 😭 It is so special that you have shared both Juan Gabriel & Rocio's renditions. This song is unique in it's ability to just shatter one's heart but I always listen to this song through the end.

    Another commenter suggested a reaction video for Shaila Durcal's performance & I totally second that!

  9. This is why I am a loyal follower. You keep reacting to great artists on your channel. I am here to stay. Thank you once again.

  10. I love the respect that you put in all reviews, and no Rocio did not loss a son , all her children are a life, she died some years ago.


  12. Hello! would you like to react to one of 4th Impact's newest covers? It is Selena Gomez's song LOSE YOU TO LOVE ME.
    Thank you for considering to do so.

  13. I can not listen to this song without shedding a little tear. Especially Rocio Durcal's version. She is a true legend.

  14. Do Sheryl Crow. No range,barely on key. I like her songs ..great. But I did notice she's no Whitney Houston long ago- ha. Seems like a few Alternative rock girls are like that..nasally,with Alanis Morrisette almost a caricature of the nasal valley girl. Like her songs too. I thought back in '95 she was putting us on with that voice..you know, just for one song or so. Not everything-lol.

  15. Rocio is a great interpreter. But the story about losing her child to drowning isnt true. That’s a story commonly told to add more drama to her performances of this song. Still a great performance nonetheless

  16. PLEASE react to Hoy como ayer- Conjunto Primavera, Tony Meléndez is one of the best voices in the Norteño music in Mexico https://youtu.be/lPr4aC87AD8

  17. This is the only song that makes me cry. It really f'd me up when my grandpa died. I remember we had to fly to Mexico and on a horse ride with my dad he was playing this song and crying. The only time I have ever seen him cry. I'm 31 now and it still has the same effect on me

  18. Please review her daughter singing the similar song when she sings it for her mother when she passed. It is a tear jerker.

  19. There is just no question that at least when it comes to Mexico the singers from today r just cheap imitations of a singer, nothing from the last 10 years can really compares, there is just no passion, it's sad. It's all just soulless noice.

  20. Hey Mr. Andy,

    Many don't know this but; but Juan Gabriel wrote this song in honor of Mrs. Durcal's son who died in Acapulco, Mexico.

    Bless you…

  21. Rocio Durcal of the best voices and reunited with the talent of the composer Juan Gabriel, left great songs. Thanks Porfesor

  22. Estoy juntando 500 discos de Thalia
    1500 de Paulina Rubio
    2500 de Ninel conde
    3000 de Maribel guardia
    Para cambiarlos por uno de Rocio Dúrcal
    Y soy mexicano pero esta señora si cantaba y bien

  23. God I love this song!!! Without fail I have to cry every time I hear it. Both sing it wonderfully, but I love her rendition. It is so sweet… no words!!❤️

    Gracias por la reacción, reacciona por favor a LA GATA BAJO LA LLUVIA, O COSTUMBRES, TEMAS IMPRESIONANTES EN SU VOZ…

  25. She doesnt sound like shes together with the orchestra in this video. Ugh the video of her being trained by Juan Gabriel on how to properly sing this song is the MOST!!!

  26. Hi, professor Davis, really the thing about the drowing son is an urban myth. Juan Gabriel wrote the song for his mother who died in Acapulco in 1974. Rocío sings it like anybody could using a touch of flamenco style as Spanish she was and she transformed this song into an anthem for the people who has lost a loved one.

    By the way, take a look at a young Rocío Durcal as singer and actress in "Rocío Dúrcal cantando "una niña buena" de la película CANCIÓN DE JUVENTUD" here in Youtube.

  27. Andy, muy lindas y emotivas tus reacciones como siempre, ¡me encantan, sigue así! ♥️ Lo de que Rocío Dúrcal perdió un hijo en Acapulco es una leyenda urbana, un mito.

  28. #1 thank you for the reaction. #2 this song has reminded me of my sister that passed away. Its a very special song

  29. This song🥺🥺😢😢 Her interpretation is majestic. I wish it could transmit to you the deep, deep sentiment and sorrow that each of the spanish words have. It takes me back to standing in front of my parents caskets saying my final goodbye💔 Much love to you Andy, my friend♥️

  30. Te luciste gordo, excelente reacción tan instructiva haz expuesto. Td sugiero reacciones a Natalia Jiménez y Lila Downs cantando la "cigarra"

  31. You should react to “Amor Eterno” sung by Jenni Rivera, and Rocio Durcal’s daughter. The daughter sings almost like her. Also, Jenni added her style to it.

  32. Juan Gabriel also wrote a song named Luna for an amazing singer Ana Gabriel when her father passed away. It’s my favorite!! 😍

  33. Please react to Rocío Durcal-Como tu mujer. Another great song that really shows off her vocals. A song that was written by Marco Antonio Solis.

  34. Andy, I recommend to your this vid https://youtu.be/LjHKf01G8SU shows the recording session between Juan Gabriel & Rocío Durcal in the song " Me refugie en tu Juventud" (38:30–1:18:00). I know the vid is too long but it worth it. And thanks a lot for react to Maestra Durcal. Greetings from Mexico City.

  35. I enjoy your reaction videos so much! The attention to details you point out really put a different perspective on the songs I've grew up with for me personally. You are so right it is difficult to keep emotions in check when you preform. Bless your heart amigo and i look forward to your next reaction video ✨

  36. I Lol Roccio Ducal (: She too me is one the very best female singer's ever (: My personal favorite of great female Latin singer's (: And Yes she is a master of song And with good reason she studied and learn from the very best of her time Juan Gabriel, Camilo Sesto, Jose Jose and Vicente Fernandez just too name a few (: All were masters of song in there own right (: And too she was epic legendary and absolutely amazing (:

  37. You should take a look to Costumbres again by Rocío Durcal it's very hard song yet beautiful interpretated by her

  38. Can you react to "la gata bajo la lluvia" & "cucurrucucú paloma" by Rocío Durcal and "castillos" & "el me mintió" by Amanda Miguel. You would love it.

  39. Rocío Dúrcal no perdió a ningún hijo en Acapulco.
    Tuvo dos hijas, una de ellas Shaila, también cantante y Carmen.
    Desgraciadamente, al igual que Guan Gabriel ya no está con nosotros.
    Gracias por analizar cantantes tan maravillosos y sobretodo hispanos.
    Besitos desde el país de nacimiento de Rocío..ESPAÑA.

  40. Damn it really is hard not to cry. Understanding it in Spanish and just feeling that strong interpretation as if it were your own, it's just absolutely amazing! It feels like home. So beautiful.

  41. OMG I love this song… Try to listen the same song performed by Rocio's daughter Shaila https://youtu.be/tKKtNhkyRUM

  42. Cuando dijiste que el público estaba llorando al final de la presentación, yo también lloraba, es tan hermosa y triste está canción porque todos hemos perdido a alguien, y por eso no llega al alma. Ame está reacción

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