Voice Teacher Reacts to Nino Bravo – Puerta de Amor

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, by requests from so many of you, Spanish singer Nino Bravo. This is
going to be “Puerta de Amor” or “Gate of Love” or sometimes called “Love’s Door” and
I’m excited to listen. I love the horns in the intro. Wow! Wow!
He is so impressive. I was enjoying right off the bat there sort of his baritone
quality. He was letting the vowel migrate back just a bit. Then to the front of his
mouth for certain parts of the lyrics in the verse. But then he opened up into the
chorus I believe it was and jumped up into a nice upper chest voice tenor quality there. Wow. Very impressive. Let’s take a look at the approximate
translation of the lyrics in English. “There is a dark empty house where I
managed to hide and that way to cry the sadness of a cruel and infamous
yesterday. I was there thinking for some hours but I got nowhere. Suddenly I was
lying in bed and crying, finally I fell asleep and in my dreams I
saw myself standing in a new Street looking for the gate of love and I
suffered no more. When I saw that door could open, today I feel love inside me.”
It goes on to say, “Happy and without doubts I woke up thinking of that street
in a town called Liberty. I arrived to find myself I jumped out of bed I went
down to the bar you were there next to me. Pardon, I said and smiled. You looked
at me and I was happy,” and then goes on to repeat a bit of the chorus. This is so
cool. I really enjoy when he goes up into his
upper chest voice quality there. Almost into a mixed situation between his chest
voice and head voice it has a rock edginess to it. And the way he places his
vowels also gives me a very rock feel of this era which I believe is the early
70s. This is such a cool song. He is a great performer – really giving it to
the audience through his face, through his voice and his body language. I am
enjoying this. Wow, that was so cool you guys.
You could hear he was repeating some lyrics there at the end, “Next to the gate
of love I found you and I succeeded in kissing you. My dreams are now reality my
love,” and that repeats just a bit. I enjoyed that performance so much.
I do understand now was so many of you were putting his name and this
particular song in the comments. Wow! Such a great voice. I know he was
tragically gone at such an early age, killed in an automobile accident I
believe. And that is such a shame because he was so talented.
Wow. I definitely want to hear more by him. So if you all know of other songs
that you would like for me to react to please leave them down below in the
comments. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed this reaction. If
you did, please click like, hit subscribe and otherwise, I hope you all just have a
great day.

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  2. máster of voice , Nino bravo had a discography 52 songs , donnaeleuteria has a YouTube channel with a lot videos of high quality , one the, great voices in the music history , awesome songs

  3. You want to be surprised andy do lupita D alessio she is a Mexican singer all the songs are great but the name of the song is called LEONA DORMIDA en vivo.

  4. Creo que él admiraba a Tom Jones, Tiene varias canciones muy buenas, y su interpretación es espectacular. Es triste que haya muerto tan joven, con toda una vida por delante, y además creo que el mundo se perdió de todo lo que pudo dar siendo un cantante con todas las letras, un verdadero artista. Saludos.

  5. OMG you just robbed my heart. My dad made me love this amazing singer. So sad that he died so young. My fav is Noelia.

  6. Next Time please reactto this song– Tan Weiwei – The Night Of UlaanBaatar
    this song is real go, please!!
    fo a chinese young boy

  7. Soy el único como único que no entiende porque la gente no pide a Raphael? Uno de los pocos artistas con disco de uranio y sin duda una de las mejores voces en español

  8. There are two songs performed by this famous spanish singer. These songs are 'Un beso y una flor' (A kiss and a flower) and 'Libre' (Free). These two songs are wonderful.

  9. Hola Andy!!
    Me encanta ver sus reacciones, sobretodo a las canciones en español, por razones obvias. Yo crecí escuchando a Camilo Sexto, Niño Bravo, Juan Gabriel, entre otros . Me gustaría que escuches a Rafael con "Yo soy aquel".
    El es un cantante maravilloso su voz es única e impresionante.
    Su canal me encanta saludos desde Costa Rica.

  10. Hi from Spain!! you should react to nino bravo singing america america and Noelia these are the links
    Nino Bravo – América América -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MOvO9Ptn_8
    Nino Bravo – Noelia -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyk6MDciDd0

  11. Andy te recomiendo del mismo artista Nino la canción "Noelia"
    O "cartas amarillas" I love you Andy xd

  12. Pleaseeee🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 singer camilo sesto songs vivir asi es morir de amor and melina and perdoname and jamas and callados 👍

  13. Please 🙏🙏🙏song signos soda stereo performance in concert and de musica ligera and persiana americana 👍👍👍

  14. Please 🙏🙏🙏singer alejandro sanz songs la fuerza del corazón and mi soledad y yo and el aprendiz 👍👍👍and y solo se me ocurre amarte 💯👍

  15. The best spanish singer of all time. Please listen "Noelia", "Te quiero te quiero", " un beso y una flor", América" or "Elizabeth" 🔥🔥

  16. Better songs by Nino Bravo are América, Libre, Noelia, Un Beso y Una Flor and Te Quiero Te Quiero. Please listen to more, he’ll blow you away. Such a tragedy he died so young

  17. PLEASE react to Hoy como ayer- Conjunto Primavera, Tony Meléndez is one of the best voices in the Norteño music in Mexico https://youtu.be/lPr4aC87AD8

  18. Hi Andy!!!!
    You are dicovering the voices of the spanish Levante. 🤣😂🤣😂😂 Let me tell you, those are "Palabras Mayores". I don't known if the meaning of this frase can be understand in English. Sorry, I can't not say it in English.
    Nino was born in Ayelo/Aielo de Malferit a little town of the province of Valencia – Spain and past away too early, he was 28. There is a museum in his town where exhibit his works and some properties of him.
    Nino Bravo +, Camilo Sesto +, Francisco, Juan Camacho +, Juan Bau and Vicente are the best examples of the voices form Comunidad Valenciana, the best form Spain. Greets.

  19. And in keeping with the tradition of Spanish singers… ROCIO JURADO, PLZ. Song: Cómo Una Ola (Like A Wave… your love came into my life.)

  20. Guau nice your reaction of Niño Bravo. One the best spanish singers. Follow Libre! (Free) best hit of Nino Bravo. Thanks so much

    Edit: or Noelia

  21. At last one of the best singers thanks master for take the time to hear to this leyend, great choise you have a great channel!! His best song in the personal is "Libre"

  22. The greatest, the best, the perfection, he was called the voice of God, if you listen very well his voice seems like tom jones voice. Please hear "aquel atardecer" or "mi tierra"

  23. I love your reacts and I love Nino Bravo, thanks for react to latin and spanish singers, please react to his song 'Libre', my favorite song of Nino Bravo, and please react to chilean singers:
    Cecilia – 'Baño de mar a media noche'
    Palmenia Pizarro – 'Cariño Malo' live festival de Olmué 1999.
    Mon Laferte – 'Tormento' live in Viña del Mar.
    A big hug with love for you from Chile.

  24. I enjoy seeing all your reaction videos. Definitely brings a new approach on how I see singers use so many great techniques! I was wondering if you would ever consider doing a reaction video to the band Journey, particularly with singer Steve Perry? Would enjoy seeing your reaction to one of their songs!

  25. Great reaction, thank you very much! Not many people have reacted to Nino Bravo and now I can say that you made the best YouTube video reaction of this amazing singer. Now I would like to suggest a female spanish singer who is astonishing: Mónica Naranjo. Europa or Sobreviviré would be great choices.

  26. What impresses me the most is that during this time period those artists sung live their voices was identical to the studio

  27. Hi Andy, I love all your reactions. I am from Argentina and I recommend a singer named VALERIA LYNCH. a theme for example Lord Lover. Greetings and may God bless you.

  28. My friend I really enjoy your reactions, I watched carefully your grimaces And gestures, you are a very clear Human Being, pleasebi beg you to react to the song.."Libre"… A real story, of a german-I think he was the first- to be shot, when trying to trespassing, the wall that divided East and West Germany…terrible indeed…Peter Fechter..

  29. …. Of course this young man, Peter Fechter, suffered several shots, he was bleeding an hour, he was not help at all, dying then

  30. Could you please react to my favorite Nino Bravo song, "Un Beso y una Flor"? Thank you! I enjoy your reactions very much!

  31. Please react to Andrea Bocceli and Martha Sánchez – Vivo por ella (spanish version) https://youtu.be/m5UcZ9thgPI
    Lucero and Mijares – El privilegio de amar https://youtu.be/ArhqZiMzgNM

  32. Please react to Luis Miguel – La media vuelta https://youtu.be/QfGc8PLZgaY
    Yuri and Carlos Rivera – Ya no vives en mi https://youtu.be/YkUjQCaVstA
    Yuri – Detrás de mi ventana https://youtu.be/Y-iz8oCPC3A

  33. Andy, please react to the best spanish singer of all time. Raphael, Ave Maria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swweGQ4Tuh4

  34. He died WAY too young. Just to know that flame was snuffed out at such a young age. All the other classics
    That could have been made!

  35. I really enjoy your reactions, you are a genuine person, humble, kind and polite that always find out something positive and beautiful in each video Thanks!

  36. Hy, if you like spanish singers, perhaps you want to react Camaron de la Isla with Paco de Lucia "Como el agua", thank you.

  37. Good day sir. Can you please react to Philip Arabit? He is the Kenny Rogers of the Philippines. Here is the link sir:

  38. Hola Andy me encanta tus reacciones 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷❤️ reacciona a páginas amarillas y América América de nino bravo.saludos de PERÚ 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

  39. On the 70's, we have the privilege of enjoying the musical battle between three great male voices and artists: Raphael, Nino Bravo and Camilo Sesto.

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