Voice Teacher Reacts to Marco Antonio Solis – Si No Te Hubieras Ido

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In this
episode, my first-time reaction to Marco Antonio Solis, a famous Mexican singer
that so many of you have requested. This is his song “Si No Te Hubieras Ido”. So, I
am excited to jump right in and listen. This is nice. He’s just kind of singing
at a medium volume right now letting the lyrics speak for themselves, if you will,
and he almost sings in a spoken style. There’s a little bit of disconnect in
between some of the lyrics. They’re not necessarily a legato line just yet and I
enjoyed that. You know, sort of a singer/songwriter quality to this
already and that’s really cool. Let’s jump into the lyrics just a little bit.
This is a rough translation. “If you hadn’t left. I miss you more than ever
and know not what to do. I wake and remember you as morning breaks. Another
day without you awaits me the mirror lies not I look so different. I need you.”
Then it goes on to say, “people pass me by they come and go. The rhythm of life just
doesn’t seem right. It was so different when you were here. It really was
different when you were here.” So I’m excited to see where he takes this
vocally. Nice full orchestra here. Oh, nice. He’s really opened up nicely here. Amped
up the volume just a bit more in his upper chest voice. But he has a nice
tenor quality to his voice. Even when he was doing some softer singing, there was
just a bit of nice vowel placement with a tenor ring quality is what we would
call it in the voice world and now he’s opened up really nicely with some
passion and emotion for these lyrics. They continue on, “there is nothing more
difficult than living without you suffering in the weight of seeing you
come back. My cold body asks for you and I know not where you are. If you hadn’t
departed I would be so joyful.” So he’s given us some emotions in both the
lyrics and now vocally. You know both parts were nice. Like I said though, the
intro was just sort of setting this up – starting to tell the story and now he’s
starting to pour out his heart into this song. This section’s a lot more legato, too. Connected notes. I really enjoyed the melody line of this
song – it’s beautiful. Of course, I love a full orchestra. He’s
got full lot lot of musicians back there to support him. They’re playing
wonderfully and of course his audience is loving it. This must be one of his
bigger hits. They’re singing right along with the lyrics. Such a nice performance. I love when he opens up into this upper
chest voice. You know and the dynamic contrast he’s
given us between verse and chorus here and then as he’s repeated the verse and
chorus is so important when you’re doing a song like this that repeats a bit of
itself over and over and that it’s a longer song. We’re not even 3/4’s of the
way through this yet and it’s still very interesting to the listener. Of course,
they know this song very well and love it but even me for my first time hearing
him. It’s just different and interesting and I still go back to sort of that
singer/songwriter quality he’s giving us here. He’s just telling this story,
letting the lyrics and the emotion speak for itself but also very well sung. An
impressive voice. He’s a good performer, too. I like that little bit of breathiness
he let’s come into the ends of these some of these phrases especially the
lower phrases. Just gives it a nice quality and nuance there to the voice.
Beautiful. Like there. Feature the instrumentalists here just
a bit. I loved up the backup singers are
dancers as well and just giving it their all even when they’re not singing. Very emotional there. Very nice. Very nice and full of emotions there at
the end especially right after that dramatic
pause. I enjoyed that so much. This was my first time hearing him. I know many of
you are fans and I’m excited to hear more by him. Great lyrics and an
emotional performance that he just gave us from the heart with that awesome
voice. I hope you enjoyed this reaction. If you did, please click like and hit
subscribe, leave me a comment down below, and as always have a great day.

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  2. Hi, Andy! Please react to "Balas y chocolate" or "Dios nunca muere" by Lila Downs… One of my favorite mexican singers… She has interesting lyrics and I know you will have a pleasant surprise 😊✨

  3. Marco Antonio Solís… Uno de los mejores cantautores y más queridos de México. Muchos artistas cantan sus canciones, ya sea en cover o inéditas porque compone para muchos de ellos. ..
    Podrías reaccionar a la misma canción "si no te hubieras ido" pero en voz de Yuridia o a cualquier canción de ella por favor? .

    Por cierto Andy me encanta tu piel , parece piel de bebé, muy bonita..

  4. I love the way that you reaction all over the songs, so respectful!!! another great Marcos's song is 'La Venía Bendita' (with mariachi), 'Invéntame' , 'Tu Cárcel'

  5. Le sugiero a Lola Beltrán…paloma negra.
    Me gusto mucho su reacción a Pedro Infante .Gracias! ❤️

  6. Him and Juan Gabriel wrote 99% of their songs. Of course Marco is alive, but he’s such a great composer. Maybe not his best song to start off from, but he’s got a huge collection I’m sure you’ll come across many more. By the way I love your plants.

  7. React to Ed Maverick- karpe Diem (en vivo), a very young mexican artist, hot topic bcs a lot of people say that he sings awful and other people love him, I want to know what a voice master thinks…
    He is everywhere in latin america I guarantee u will get a lot of views

  8. I'm gringa!!! Grew up with my Mexican step-dad listenng to all the best Mexican artists from the age of 10. Marco Antonio Solis being one of my favorite, along side Vicente Fernandez, Antonio Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar, Ana Gabriel, Bronco, Juan Gabriel, Joan Sebestian, Selena, Los Bukis (Marco Antonio Solis) Querame one of top Bukis songs, Los Temenarios, Los Tigeres and so many many more, I could go on… Gotta say Vicente Fernandez, Antonio Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar, Marco Antonio Solis, Jaon Sebastian and Selena are my top favorite.. I could sing so many songs and not necessarily know what I was singing, I loved and still to this day love traditional Mexican music. I would say I became very fluent in Spanish through the love of the music. Me encanta todo la musica Mexicans de Corazon, para mi no ay musica como la musica Mexicana k se sienta profundo directo al Corazon y con tanto sentimiento…

  9. Il Divo is a multi-national classical crossover vocal group. The male quartet originated in the United Kingdom. Please please please do Il Divo Hasta mi Final, you will not regret it…

  10. I thank you so much, that you take into account our requests, I love the way you admire talent, please react to "como te extraño – Leo Dan https://youtu.be/SWdtF1ll8ac Joan Sebastian- más allá del sol https://youtu.be/hvTli5-7ly0, mi niña- angeles clásicos https://youtu.be/AF2k2Dz9IuA and some song of Antonio Aguilar.

  11. He had a group called Los Bukis , and every weekend all Mexican mothers jam to it as they clean and yell at you for not helping 😆😆😆…true story

  12. Que me alcanse la vida by sin bandera if you ever get a chance to check them out like always great videos I really appreciate that you actually take the time to understand the song with the lirycs of the song you react to 👍🏽👍🏽

  13. Cualquier canción de Marco Antonio Solís te gustará, uno de los mejores cantautores mexicanos. Saludos desde Guanajuato México 🇲🇽

  14. NiceAndy. Thanks
    please react to "Imposible Amor"- Frankie Ruíz.
    A NewYorker/Puertorrican salsa singer. Who passed away in the early 90's.
    I think it would be amazing watching reacting to some latín music, salsa in this case.

  15. This is my moms favorite singer. I hated his music as a young boy but I learned real quick if you could sing his songs to girls you got their hearts fluttering! Haha.

  16. Juan Gabriel one of the most popular and beautiful song "querida" I hope you enjoy it and make a reaction https://youtu.be/btsfNW4zlwI


  18. Hi Andy this is o e of my favorite artists! Thank you for this reaction! I went to his concert a few years ago and it was AMAZING!

  19. Andy react to “La Cigarra” by Natalia Jimenez & Lila Downs! https://youtu.be/tIiskhpdRAM. Their voices in this song is heaven to the ears , you can really appreciate how beautiful ranchera sounds in feminine voice!

  20. Thank you for this one! It is my favorite from Marco Antonio Solis. Would you please react to Dejame Llorar by Ricardo Montaner? Thank you!

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