Voice Teacher Reacts to Cristian Castro – Solo

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, a reaction to famous Mexican singer Cristian Castro. Many of
you have requested him and so I’m excited today to react for the first
time hearing him and I’m going to listen to his song “Solo” translated to English
“Alone”. Got full orchestra with him. Went from a beautiful intro to now
now a rock feel to it. I really enjoy his voice already. Just sort of up in his mid-chest voice sounds.
Starting to tell the story here of the lyrics. A bit of a rough translation here
in English is, “How hard it is for me to forget that you were everything in my
life. How can I be able to forgive if I carry these wounds in me. How I wish I
would escape from every single night without you my love. How can I be able to
eliminate this huge pain from in me.” Nice! This is a great chorus to this. I really
enjoy it as he moved up into the even his upper chest voice sound. The voice
connected just a little better as far as the vowel was concerned or a little
differently. I won’t say better but it resonated a bit more – a fuller sound
there. And he is really getting into this chorus. Just putting a lot of emotion out
there after he sort of told the story to us in the verses. The lyrics go on to say,
“I cannot avoid it anymore. It is bleeding inside of me more and more. How
to deny that I once loved you even forgetting time. You were my salvation, my
ludicrous, and my obsession and the only thing that remains is this pain that I
have inside. Lonely, I feel lonely. Your memory is still in my heart. It’s all
over. There is nothing left between us. Alone without your love,” and then the
chorus I believe he’s in is, “Alone. Alone forever. I’ll tell you out of the night
sky how alone I am without your love. The sun does not rise any more. There is
nothing left between us. By myself, I am dying.” Wow! Very cool! In that section, he went up into his upper
chest voice almost a rock scream feel there. Not quite as edgy as that but
very passionately done. That’s impressive. Nice instrumental break here. Well done
by these performers. I love the vowel placement there. This is so well done. I love just the, the
cry, or the call he has. He’s really pouring out so much emotion especially
within the chorus of this song. I love his voice. Awesome! It takes a lot of breath control to be
able to do this and to not do it too much. You can kind of over sing at times
when you’re trying something like this. Nope, not him. He’s doing it so well. Just
what you want to hear. Truly pouring out his soul right here.
The last verse of this song that he sang was, “You are still living in my voice. I
still remember you so beautifully inside me. I see you in every corner and I feel
your presence in me, “and then goes on to repeat the chorus. He’s doing so well at
this. I love this song. Wow!! Wow!
What a performance. He just really… You know that song had so many different
dynamic contrast and that’s what you want in a great song. Some soft singing,
some middle volume singing, and then just pouring it out there at the end.
Nice wide vowels up into his rock edginess there. So well done. Thank you
all for letting me know about him. I hope you enjoyed this reaction. If you did,
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