Voice Teacher Reacts to Ana Gabriel – Luna

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode by big request from you all Ana Gabriel
singing “Luna” translated to “Moon” in English. So I’m excited to see this. So
many of you have mentioned this song and requested it. So let’s jump right in. You know I love these traditional mariachi
bands Wow, nice! This is great already you guys. I really
like that she’s opening up with some softer sounds at the beginning of the
phrases in the lower part of her range and as it ascends through the melody
line there she opens up into a big nice wide vowel chest voice and the volume
increases at that point. I love these initial stanzas already. Let’s jump into
the translation just a bit. Of course this is rough English translation, “Moon
you that see him tell him how much I love him
moon you that see him tell him how much I miss him and then it goes on tonight I
know that he is contemplating you like me through you I would give him a kiss
you know that loneliness advised him please to come with me convince him I
beg you.” She has a call in her voice. the way she places her vowels is up into
her nasal passage just a bit and that combined was the wide mouth quality of
these vowels provides a crying sound or a call if you will that really provides
such emotion. She’s singing from the heart right here you can tell and the
lyrics go on to say, “moon music seek him tell him how much I suffer moon and tell
him to come back because it’s too much you didn’t know where he is caressing
with my love tell them to whom I love more you that knows where he is going
illuminate him with your lights perhaps because his path is not good, perhaps it
is not good.” She’s in the moment. softer singing here Such emotion. She’s doing so well with
the dynamic contrast in this. Singing softer at the beginnings and the phrases
and then, as I said earlier, as she ascends up opens up into a much louder
calling sound. I’m enjoying it so much. Wow Such nice support here. Good job! She has such nice control of her breath
support really utilizing it to portray her emotions in this songs from the louds
to the soft sounds. She did so well. This was really a heartfelt rendition of this
song but I am curious to see more current versions of her singing this
song as well. So, we’ll react to one of those in the future. But thanks to so
many of you for letting me know about Ana and her wonderful voice. I can’t
wait to hear so much more from her. I hope you enjoyed this reaction. If you
did, please look like in his subscribe. I appreciate the support from so many of
you. Thank you so much! Have a great day.

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  2. Hi Andy, I’m a huge fan, pleaseee react to cantare cantarás (spanish version of save the world) all the old latin singers sing this song please react to it

  3. Juan gabriel wrote this song for her father when he passed away! Wonderful song that's why she sings it with so much love .

  4. Juan Gabriel's song
    👏👏👏👏👏 Ana Gabriel is awesome
    You are very emotional, and good master voice
    I love you
    Greetings 🤗🤗

  5. I'm always on each of your amazing episodes great descriptions of the music and performers I really enjoy ur page and I look forward to see and hear more

  6. I love your reactions, thank you. you should listen to this by her, if its not a reaction, you should just listen to it. its a medley of 3 of her songs 😉

    Ana Gabriel – Mi Talismán/No Entiendo/Hechizo

  7. Juanga composed and gave this song to Ana when she was getting over her father´s passing away. As Juanga passed away as well Ana paid homage by singing him this beautiful song.

  8. Hi Andy! This song is a jewel for us Hispanics and I enjoy seeing you enjoying this kind of songs that mean so much for us

  9. Me encanta ver tus análisis y lo respetuoso que eres con todos los intérpretes y canciones 🙏. Also, I’m here because I practice my English listening you ☺️☺️.

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  11. Hi Andy! I just discovered your channel. I respect you so much for reacting to music of different cultures. If I could make a request."Marioneta" Vicente Fernandez, but you have to do the one where he is younger and live (3rd video to pop up when you search it on YT) He is wearing brown/tan traditional suit. It's different to what you have reacted to, it's a little more humble and sad. Beautiful song and he uses different techniques to sing.

  12. You are the only person who not only reacts, but takes time to do homework and look for translations that allow you to have a better understanding. Felicidades!!!! Éxito!!!

  13. Mexican music is wonderful. I recommend Juan Gabriel's "La Farsante," where you see all his voice power.

    Thank you for bringing us these wonderful videos.

  14. Ohhh Andy I just love you!!!! I look forward to watching your videos. I unwind from a hectic day from work and watch you listening to my favorite Mexican artists. I love your personality your just the biggest sweetheart.

  15. Amo sus reacciones maestro 🙌. Podría reaccionar alguna vez al dúo Pimpinela 🙏con la canción: "A esa". Gracias! Saludos from Argentina.

  16. You are a very respectful, thoughtful, sensitive, and professional guy. Just the adequate person to react to El pastor by Aida Cuevas


  17. It would be very welcoming if you would do a video of your favorite song reaction to this date. And, the five W’s; what, why you chose, etc..

  18. hay muchas canciones de esta gran interprete y compositora ana gabriel como la cancion de simplemente amigos, aqui estoy, quien como tu

  19. No puedo evitarlo. . Siempre que escucho esta canción mis lágrimas ruedan por mis mejillas y Esque parte de la letra que es hermosa, el sentimiento y la voz de Ana Gabriel la hacen única. Gracias por tu reacción y quie bueno que te gustó. 💖

  20. Andy! This song was written by Juan Gabriel, when HER father passed away JuanGabriel gave this song to her, this song touches my soul and heart every time she sings it. Ana Gabriel is coming to concert in Miami April2020 and I’m going!! As I said before Juan Gabriel has an eye for TALENTED artists and he couldn’t picked a better one to give his song to. Great Vid Andy!!

  21. Andy, por favor, reacciona a Jorge Negrete cantando “Cocula” o “Yo soy mexicano”. Él ha sido uno de los mejores cantantes mexicanos y sé que lo vas a apreciar.

  22. I watch your videos every single time you post one. Your reactions are pure and honest. Best musical reaction channel hands down.

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