Voice Teacher Reacts to 6 HARDEST Vocals Singers CAN’T/DON’T Sing ANYMORE

Hi, I’m Sam Johnson and I’m a voice teacher I’m going to be reacting to and analyzing six hardest vocal singers can’t and don’t sing anymore live Nice Did that really well on the top That wasn’t easy for her right there it looked like she was trying pretty hard for it sounded great Yeah, I would agree with that that was some better technique Actually, you could hear from when she started again and again and again She went to “i” Like the word it versus again and again and again That helped her find a narrower more pointed vowel at the beginning and then when she went up to the high note She was already thin because of that nice vowel choice She was a little hoarse, more hoarse in this one than in the first one, but I think she sang this one better I think she could have gone to this G and have been fine Yeah She just sounds a little hoarse. It’s interesting cuz her technique is better. And I know that she’s working with really good teachers I feel like these might be kind of cherry picked Um i’m sure she can still sing that Yea, she was just having an off day everyone has them like really shes I agree. She just sounds tired with this, but I think that she’s singing well Okay, this is the second time I’ve heard this clip it sounds a little bit flat on the top She’s pulling up a lot of weight I think that if she just didn’t try as hard to get to those high notes They would have an easier time to get to those high notes. I mean she was able to do it but She sounds fine, but that wasn’t like exceptional that went up to a B. She did it fine. She changed it completely she lowered it by By a sixth that stuff that she was doing at the end She didn’t do I think that she could I’m confused by that. I don’t know what point they’re trying to promote So the high note was connected and then I mean I guess it was a transition it’s a brisk transition she flipped she let go of the amount of resistance that she had and let more air through because of that the volume went down and it Turned into a breathy err sound so she flipped into falsetto at that point but because of how controlled it was it was a choice sometimes flipping refers to when we Uncontrollably have to disconnect as you’re going up to higher notes. She obviously doesn’t have to do that and she’s using it for effect Nice let’s talk about why she was able to make that note so long. She didn’t start it breathy. She started ah, Which is kind of squeaky, it’s it’s a very forward sound it’s a very connected sound and Because of that she’s using very little air it’s a solid continuous stream of air, but it’s not very much Not much is getting out So she’ll be able to hold that for a super long time if she was siphoning air off in different ways then she wouldn’t be able to hold it out as long as she did and then at the end she still had enough in the Tank that she was able to flip over and do a little run with the lighter kind of flipped head voice falsetto we sound Maybe see them get enough of the tank. She started it well She doesn’t trust herself with it, she started going up to it and it wasn’t thinning out it was kind of pulling chest voice up and Because she started noticing that she started changing things about her technique rather than going further in towards that higher Connected whiny place that she was using before She decided to just fall back because she didn’t trust her technique the feelings that she was getting were like, nope This isn’t right. And so she Completely dodged it. She didn’t have to that was this one was mental. This one was completely mental See she went up there and she was killing it like that Sounds like she was just like oh no, I’m sick of not singing well Like I’m used to I’m gonna go do this thing because sometimes people practice these really hard things So much more than they practice the easy things the things that are low notes and whatever cuz low notes are supposed to be easy But she just proved high notes are actually a place where really good singers go to find What it feels like to sing well It’s generally easier to get some of these super high notes like she just did then some of the notes that are right below your bridge because those are the ones that want to give and if that doesn’t give And you’re in front of a really big crowd you’re gonna not trust it and you’re gonna start protecting your technique Which is the opposite of what you should do, but then right here, she’s like, oh no, I’m just gonna go for it And it’s killer I bet that as she continues it continues to be killer because that’s a mind shift And it was who would have thought And now she’s back Oh girl The same thing is kind of happening with Demi as it was with Leona Lewis where the stuff right beneath the high notes is where it gets a little bit tense and Scratchy and Weird and then as she goes to the high stuff like yeah, oh my gosh. She went to a g5 That’s the easy one for her And then when she comes back down That can influence how the rest of her singing is and hopefully make the other stuff a little bit easier That wasn’t flat she added some Distortion that wasn’t flat I’m listening to that again to make sure Now it’s still ring it was just distorted so there were more notes That was fine Yeah, G5’s not hard dude I like how at the end of that run. She kind of gets a little bit. Whiny she gets. Oh woah It’s almost like she’s turning her mouth into a horn and that kind of helps you transition back into chest voice or find a nice Balanced chest voice rather than something that’s pulled or too light Ugh this uploader Yeah, she [small laugh] She’s always kind of confused me because she’s this brilliant She’s brilliant with her agility And usually if you’re able to do that kind of stuff, it shows that you’re doing everything else super super well But for most of the recordings that I’ve heard of her when she goes up to those really high belting notes She’s just pulling straight chest voice and with her sort of skill in other parts of the voice it surprises me that she doesn’t choose an Easier option which is would be to narrow the vowel slightly Allow the feeling to move up into your head and just hold on to the same amount of resistance that she had down low What she did instead was she found the vowel that worked for low notes and then as it went higher in order to keep that feeling she has to open her mouth more and more and bear down more and more on her vocal folds and it just gets to a point where it’s not sustainable both acoustically It’s not sustainable and at the level of air and muscle it’s not sustainable and that’s why you hear that little [Grunting Noises] That’s coming in that distortion that she’s not choosing because there are so many times that she does healthy Distortion I’ve never understood it with her why she’s made that choice because I feel like the other way would be so much easier and it would be so much more consistent like sometimes I bet when she goes up there she doesn’t know if she’s gonna be flat or not because it depends on on things out of her control like What her level of inflammation is that day and how? Stretchy she is and her hydration level and just things that are like I guess in her control But not as reliable as just making a small change in your vocal technique Yeah, and she should who cares I Am going to defend her for lip-syncing that because who cares when you are at that performance, it’s fine She doesn’t need to do everything completely live We are at a time of music where it’s completely acceptable to use samples and to do other things that are not live Elements and bring them in and make it part of the live performance This is so much better a choice for her right now if she’s going out night after night because the way that she was singing It before the ten years before is not sustainable I don’t know if she has changed her technique for how she sings that high stuff but I think that we should just give Christina a break and let her lip-sync for once like This is completely fine. It sounds great. It’s a better performance. What’s wrong with that? Thank you for watching Please like and subscribe share with your friends If you think that they’d learn anything from this leave a comment below of anything that you learned or completely hated about this video I just love to know what you guys are thinking. Thank you

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  1. You are so spot on – the words you use to describe technique are ALL ah-ha moments for me! New follower right here. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  2. Wow, thank you, Sam! I learned a lot from your video! I’m singing too, but unfortunately I’m not trained. Your video was so helpful and motivating. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. What’s wrong is that lip syncing is fooling the audience into believing she’s doing it live. It’s low, it’s cheating, it’s just wrong.
    You want to sample it? Fine. Then DONT lip sync. Make it clear that your audience paid for a live performance but is hearing a recording

  4. No I disagree. If I pay to see you sing I don’t want you to lip sync. If you can’t sing it then you shouldn’t sing it. Take it down a key sure, fuck me meatloaf does that all the time, but he never lip-syncs. He sounds terrible but I didn’t pay £30-60 to hear a computer or a recording. Do it live or don’t do it.

  5. Just found your channel but you Nd Tara Simon are my favorite vocal coaches to watch because you guys really explain what the singer is doing, right or wrong

  6. honestly, people's vocal chords change throughout their entire lives. Both Kelly and Miley have changed the keys of their songs to protect their voices. I wish he would actually talk about how it's important to protect your voice when you're putting on shows back to back. Plus, belting out those high notes are fucking hard.

  7. I feel like you could also make an excellent life coach after watching about ten of your videos. Your philosophies on singing can be adapted to so many life situations. "I feel like if she didnt try so hard she could just easily get there", " this might be OK for a short period of time but it isn't sustainable over a long period ( paraphrasing from Christina Aguilera carpool video )" and so many more!

  8. Kelly Clarkson and Leona Lewis are pretty good, the other 3 a dime a dozen, nothing special without videos just a footnote somewhere…

  9. I really enjoyed watching your video. I like how you explain what's going on without bashing the singers 👍

  10. I love that you're so positive and that you use terminology that is understandable by all. Instant subscribe and watched the whole vid.

  11. Perfectly acceptable to allow her to lip sync? Blow it out your ass! People pay literally thousands of dollars to see live performances (if you want to hear a prerecorded performance stay at home with a set of headphones and let the bullshit performer go broke miming!)

  12. I felt this 😂 like those g5 are easy I have been a first soprano my whole life but those notes right before my break are really iffy

  13. Dude xtina doing that is purely stylistic I think man she obviously has the ability to not pull chest voice if she didn't want too

  14. Am I the only one who feels that dodging is preferable to attempting a note and breaking? I really do think this should be more acceptable than it is… Thank you for being so reasonable. 🙂

  15. They all sound shrieky and annoying to me. Where did all the good singers go? All this trilling and scales are awful. Just sing the song honestly and beautifully.

  16. I like the way you break everything down so that someone like me (who knows nothing about singing) can actually get an idea of the technical stuff you are talking about, But I love the low key shade you throw at the "up-loader".

  17. just a curiosity : is it possible that Kelly is having issues to sing now coz she is chubbier than the beginning? i noticed that elvis had issues at the end of his career so i wondered if the weight could influence this (lenght, power)

  18. I love this critique. He isn't slamming and being overly negative, just helping us to understand while being quite complimentary to the singers. Thank you!

  19. Hey I love this video, could you do another the same but on male singer like elvis, jonny ramone, iggy pop, chuck schuldiner, Brandon boyd etc.

  20. Well I mean he isn’t wrong when he says that a G5 isn’t that hard…. knowing Kelly’s voice type, she’s probably just tired.

    Like certain notes are easy for certain voice types (like, the F#5 Miley sorta struggles to hit, a singer like Tori Kelly can hit easily- Mezzo Soprano vs Soprano)

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  23. Can you react to Eivør Pálsdóttir? She's a Faroese singer and does some really interesting things with her voice. 🙂

  24. You are very educated and I like how you explain what happens and why. Thank you! Great video!! Have a blessed day 🙏🏼❤️

  25. I have no idea what any of the voice stuff means, but he's really charming and fun to watch. I feel like I'll learn by watching more.

  26. Downvoted for advocating lipsyncing, especially when reason for lipsyncing is due to a poor/unsustainable technique.

  27. This is cool. Also, let's talk about proper monitoring levels? Most singers will know that during live performances having an accurate monitor mix is crucial to a great vocal performance and feeds into the confidence factor you've mentioned. This can also result in vocal strain fighting to get the voice into the monitor.

  28. Dude I hate when I mentally doubt that I can hit a note so I dodge it completely. This is all good stuff, thank you for your critique

  29. I honestly don’t know what most of what you’re saying means but I love it, it’s so interesting to listen to and I think I can work most of it out ☺️👏🏻

  30. I hate when people gripe about performers like Christina lipping. It's not like she's just standing there. Like someone like Adele, when you go see her live, you're going to watch a master of the craft of singing, stand in one place and blow you away with her voice. When you go watch Christina or someone like her, you're getting a SHOW she's gonna change costumes, she's dancing, running around her backup dancers and putting on a whole performance. A person can only do so much so sacrifices need to be made in order to get the best visual and acoustic result and she burns the stage every time.

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