Voice Teacher Reaction to We Are The World 1985

hello there my name is Valerie white Williams and I'm a voice teacher and vocal coach for vocal splendor studios I teach online lessons all over the world using szu FaceTime and Skype if you are interested in getting some lessons please go to my website at vocal splendor calm but for today I'm doing another reaction video this time I'm definitely on an 80s kick watching stranger things huge fan I'm almost just show for the new season and it just is such fun hearing all that Amy's music so with me doing for her which is another band that was featured on that soundtrack I thought it was time to actually listen to the eighties theme we are the world which features all these singers from the 80s of course I've heard it before I grew up with that listening to that at the time I was in college in the 80s no I was in high school no no school but the thing about the 80s is that when you listen to all those singers that are on that stage you will be shocked at the different ages and the different genres this is what we call pop music I've gotten some shade from the tulle fans when I said that tool was pop but back in the 80s pop wasn't a separate genre pop is what was popular that's what pop music means and when you look at it from a music historical idea from the music history it's popular music jazz was popular all kinds of music was popular so if your band is popular guess what it's pop music but today pop music tends to mean okay I don't want to get dizzy here it's more about music that's utterly forgettable it's a pop hit for a moment and then it's gone and oftentimes the singers aren't even singers they're just lip sinkers and they look good in costumes so that's what pop music has come to be today where when you look at these songs and these singers you see people a lot of the people on stage that were having careers I would say are over 30 a lot are over 40 there's even people who are 60s which is something you never hear now you don't hear a lot of older singers everybody's the teenager the teenyboppers because that's where the marketing industry is in they market to the 12 year olds so the adult music scene is kind of dead thank goodness for the Internet right so let's listen to we are the world and again everybody's singing live no Auto tuning no dubbing it's the real deal so let's listen to we are the world here we go when we let's come together as Stevie Wonder Lionel Richie Kenny Rogers now just right away all these singers they are not in their 20s they were teenagers these people were pretty firmly over 30 having great careers selling records making great music they weren't dancing around and skimpy outfits for fun anyway I'm ranting but let's keep going stop right there Dionne Warwick huge amazing center again she's probably a grandmother there and she was still selling records and of course Willie Nelson is keep going and going and going kind of an interesting duet between the two of them kind of Beauty and the Beast as far as vocal style but it really works that's Al Jarreau Al Jarreau would have my absolute favorite singers I think he's hugely underrated just beautiful technique almost rubber mouth he was actually one of the first guys that started beatboxing and really ought to find a video on that but he he really began that and he's one of the few singers that had a number-one hit on the pop and R&B adult contemporary charts so let's keep going now I love this voice he was one of the most tense seniors a lot but again it worked for him so he was a huge star in the 80s crazy Bob Dylan [Applause] good [Applause] alright that was back in the day with a vamp and fade was how every record ever ended and just which is means they just kept looping and looping and looping and then just turn it down that's not happening anymore it's like every song was banned and faded now that is something that repeats over and over again and then they're riffing on it that was kind of fun I haven't heard that video in a long time and remember it was really remarkable when it first came together that all these singers came and created a charity event and I think if I'm correct Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson wrote it so that's why they were kind of featured primarily but it was really interesting to watch because if you look at all those faces and all those people these were not the pop singers of today they're totally different they all could sing even the rough Bruce that sound like that I mean you have a huge following and that was his style but there's huge variety in singers and ages which is really odd I think we're missing out on the mature artists because the material artist does not fit in pop music today it's all about selling records and dancing I guess I don't know and not BTS dance and those guys are awesome but because their dancing is flowing in with the vocals they're not dancing and lip-syncing and just not presenting actually some really strong content because it used to be that there would be songs that would become what we call standards that happened in the Jazz era but has happened in every musical era and what a standard is you can't write a standard a standard is a piece that people will cover and cover and cover and powder and cover you know you hear bands play you hear variations so a cover becomes a standard when it becomes a standard that people will do again and again and again there's this many standards happening these days we are having quality contemporary music that people want to cover and do forever and ever there are some great songs I'm not gonna say there's none but we don't have the quality in my opinion today in the voices in the songwriting in the industry has just changed and not in the best way the good news and we have the Internet yay and the Internet is a place where we can discover great artists from all over the world that's why I enjoy making all these reaction videos because I get to enjoy Sears that don't aren't around me and for other parts of the world and I really respect that all right and then Sears have a start to create their own content there are bands like twenty one pilots and McLemore and other bands I'm sure that just created a following and they built something without the record labels because well I'll save that for another day but let's just say that I enjoyed listening to these voices and seeing the mature artists that were represented there all right thanks for the like shares of subscribes I so appreciate it what other artists and songs should I react to I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments below all right take care and have a great day bye

7 thoughts on “Voice Teacher Reaction to We Are The World 1985”

  1. The singer you don’t recognize is the one and only James Ingram. One of my most favourite and popular singers in the 80s. Thank you so much for this video. I am 58 and have a Bachelor of Music from McGill University. Listening to this masterpiece of vocal talent right now was like watching for the first time bringing chills down my spine. It is amazing how an old song can be like new again when not having listened to it in such a long time. Thank you so much again for your musical critique. I have really been listening to Donna Summer of late and would love to hear you critique her superb voice with any one of her many, many songs. All the best, 💕.

  2. Wow, you were in college back in the 80’s? You look terrific! I remember singing this tune in school back in the 80’s. I would always imitate Springsteen when his part entered the song.
    My three favorite vocalists from this song would be Steve Perry, Daryl Hall, and Huey Lewis.
    Speaking of Huey Lewis, his group the News, doesn’t get enough credit for being a vocal band. Everyone in the group can sing and their harmonies are awesome. I would like to see you react to their live version of the tune “So Much In Love” in the link right here. That is one band that I haven’t seen live yet, but really want to.

  3. You didn't mention Kim Carnes who was singing with Huey and Cyndi Lauper… and PLEASE Pat Benatar – Hell is for children – live – best performance – HQ.mpg OR Pat Benatar US Festival Sept. 4, 1982.. Promises in the Dark, Hit me with your best Shot

  4. Please can you kindly react to the charity single 'Do they know its Christmas' as it was the precursor to the 'We are the World' and done in the aid of the same cause. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3fSknbR7Y4

  5. Don't worry, enough of us know that pop is popular music. It has two meanings. One is the genre, the fluff, the other is popular music.

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