Voice Lessons: Vocal Fry Scream

38 thoughts on “Voice Lessons: Vocal Fry Scream”

  1. Stuck on Step 3. I'm having real trouble trying to combine the fry and the whisper. How do you actually do that? I've watched a thousand tutorials and this is always where I get stuck.

  2. Is there anybody who can give me advice on step 4(projection) i mastered the first 3 steps i just want it 2 get a lot louder i dont know how to combine my natural voice with "fry" sound

  3. I sing a lot but when i do fry it burns a bit and the sound is there but it burns not my vocal cords but sometimes in the middle and where the soft pallet is can u explain why and what I'm doing wrong i don't do warm up I just pick a song and sing then try to scream I do drink soda and tea if that narrows down the why thx for help

  4. I just can't get a good vocal fry dude

    I've tried everything but I can't make that "quiet scream"

  5. it doesn't work for me it just hurts and just makes a really dumb voice cracky sound. what am i doing wrong?

  6. since i saw this video a while ago, now i can do powerful fry screams, feel pretty good. by far the best type of scream

  7. Man, I would have been awesome at heavy metal before puberty hit.
    I could scream to my heart's content without my voice giving out.

  8. I see Motionless In White on that list of bands that use this method of screaming, and that's ALL I care about. I just wanna be Chris Motionless, ya know? Actually, I really love Pierce The Veil as well, but again; I want to BE Chris, lmao

  9. Wow. This tutorial works best for me. I was looking for how to do this correctly. Thank you so much.

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