They are small and they stay small all their life long. But, Always do that from a flat hand. Now you can see my hand right? Don’t wave your hands around. because the ponies can get scared. If there are any ponies already in the corners of their stable, leave them be. because they just want to be alone The equipment that we use when we ride the horses or exercise the horses. So, the most common one that you probably have an idea about is the saddle. which goes on the horse’s back and the bridle which is what goes on the horse’s head. And enables us to really communicate with the horse You can also say, “we steer the horses like that.” It’s actually both together. Our body wave from the horse’s back. Because we’re in Qatar, we’re in a desert, we have to import a lot of the hay. A lot of that hay. If you imagine between 16 – 20 hours that’s a big pile of grass they would actually eat. Horses like the one you saw in the indoor arena that my colleague was riding, they can eat 12-15 kg everyday. Have fun with the rest of the tour. (excuse the audio of the Go Pro) We’re done with the, the first part of the, fieldtrip. which is, (excuse the audio ✌️) Hi guys, we’ve finished We finished our tour

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