Vital Education for Poor Kids: No, $100 Million For Sports Stadium: Yes.

it’s desde pissed at you know i i i do
dr king’s most of the story anyways and during the course of uh… uh… back in september when i filled in for
hayes on are we had uh… uh… the uh… we did
quite a bit on the chicago teacher strike that was happening i think at
that time that i remember correctly is back in september uh… indicate the implications also for for poverty and education um… part of the the the teacher’s strike was
an attempt to forced a hand of the uh… chicago the uh… uh… since chicago school
committee in the mayor uh… essentially from not uh… for
staying entities it didn’t stop them from closing fifty schools in chicago that of course serve a poor kids and uh… desire it has a great piece up
but uh… wednesday afternoon the chicago board of education voted to
close fifty reportedly underutilized schools forty-nine elementary schools and one
public high school in the largest round of school closures ever to occur in a
single american city the uh… chicago teachers union was protesting for three days leading up to uh… wednesdays and
decision opponents of the closures say that they
would put children at risk by uprooting them from their learning environments in
in some cases may require that they cross gang lines in order to get to their new
schools supposedly this is done because of a
budget constraints that chicago is undergoing desiring points out that the city will be handing over of more
than one hundred million dollars uh… some reports up to a hundred and seventy
three million dollars to depaul university to build a new basketball arena she’s part of a mammoth redevelopment
project on south lake shore drive and if i’m not mistaken and i get a double check on this uh…
because this is just from amaya memory when we were talking about this issue in
september penny press her heavily involved in that mammoth uh… convention center desire in uh… the uh… guy writes
about sports and politics for the nation points out that this is a nondescript basketball
team that has gone forty-seven one hundred eleven over the past five
years it’s also miles away from the paul’s
campuses he says at the reason why points it out is because it gives you a sense of just
how much the uh… chicago communities crying out for the city to spend literally her tends over hundred million dollars to build a stadium for this i think in in some respects is also
indicative of the weather not people action to show up school closures are taking place in tyre
lian communities of color while the city’s elite feed with crazed abandoned at an increasingly sapped trough good morning must be pointed out that
this deal even by the standards of shady stadium deals which uh… is iran is
written quite a bit about has people crat scratching their heads
building arena for third tier college basketball program as the heart of a new
convention center siren s poke to end the old demoss off
their co-author of the bible and stadium boondoggles field of schemes and he said i’ve seen come earth uh…
things that a mayor all friend to spend a hundred and seventy three million
dollars in tax money on a building for a private college that have already has his pick of
several arenas to play in but not much dahmer there is at the sam some speculation in chicago that this money to build ostensibly the stadium there is really a
trojan horse to get gambling a gambling casino into this convention
center uh… hyatt haven’t read much on that that is
uh… is iron presented as one of the hot rumors but um… it really is
stunning and it’s indicative of what we’re seeing you know remember this guy was the chief
of staff the obama ministration the first chief of staff he headed the transition team uh… this is what we’re seeing in the
you know in at least a large wall of the
democratic party so-called liberals

75 thoughts on “Vital Education for Poor Kids: No, $100 Million For Sports Stadium: Yes.”

  1. Chicago geography lesson DePaul is on the North Side, Lincoln Park, south of Wrigley Field. They currently play men's basketball at the All State arena (formerly Rosemont Horizon) in Rosemont, right next to O'Hare, northwest of Chicago, not in the Chicago city limits. New stadium would be in the South Loop at McCormick Place, right next to Solider Field. They make the claim that they are bringing DePaul basketball back to Chicago but, It will actually be harder for students to get to the games.

  2. Not really, I've experienced homeschooling, public school, and even private Catholic school. My best choice? Homeschooling, my best environment? public school, but only due to the resources. The system is broken, so much time is wasted there.

  3. Homeschooling does not necessarily segregate and isolate. That is a stereotype, like all left-wingers are brain-dead idiots.

  4. Percentage of the U.S. budget the military gets each year – 20%

    Percentage of the U.S. budget education gets each year – 2%

  5. It bloody well does – public schooling helps foster a sense of community, it gives the children of ignorant parents or cash strapped one's a chance for a better life when they wouldn't get any Home Schooling otherwise. I went to one of the top 10 Universities in the world from a public school.

  6. So don't talk shit because some Southern US Evangelical funded by Rich sociopaths wants your kid to lose their right to education. Fucking hell.

  7. The greatest irony here is that without proper education these dumbfuck republicans and other politicians who support corporations over people will be whining about their favorite teams not knowing how to play these sports because they weren't taught how to do so properly. Then there's the matter of sports-related college scholarships, those will go down the drain too.

  8. It doesn't change the fact those who are homeschooled miss out on some important things, and on another point there's a higher chance of abuse of the curriculum as well. And the stereotype wouldn't exist if we didn't have fundie christians, survivalist types, maniac anarcho-capitalist libertarians, and others like them making the home school programs look bad.

  9. Public schools in the US are notorious dream crushers and pump out underachievers mostly due to teachers having to tolerate students that have no interest in learning but just show up at school because they have to.

  10. Oh it's just the Republicans who favor corporations? Last time I checked, the Obama administration stopped investigating Goldman Sachs for its role in the 2008 financial crisis.

  11. If you say kids have a right to education, then their parents should have the freedom to choose the type of education their children get, right?

  12. Could it be the money, money ,money? Well folks the greed is too far gone. We thought we could contain this deadly disease, but it has spread too far, and too fast. We regret that we will lose a few casualties, but I am sure once we get the 100 million we will relocate most of the children that we think deserve an education. Some will probably drop out, but don't you worry, we have a few new prisons awaiting in the wings shares to help facilitate the new merger of entertainment in the future.

  13. The school I send my child to will have: survival training, anarcho-capitalism classes and maybe an introduction to fundamental Christianity. Christ you 'progs' sure are close minded. MYOFB maybe.

  14. No, they shouldn't. Especially when the only other option is sooooooo anti-scientific it would make Ben Franklin cry.

  15. Just because a handful of homeschoolers educate their children with religion doesn't make homeschooling "anti-scientific". I know plenty of people who homeschool and they teach their kids far more than the public school system teaches. As you know public schools aren't the best in the United States, since we're in the 20's in education ranking. This is due mainly from lack of funding and the curriculum which is ridiculously easy.

  16. We all know WHY the educational system fails. It's the way GOP wants it to…
    They want dumb, uneducated workers they can stuff with RW ideological BS, religion, thinking that education is bad, and that the Founding Fathers hated education equally. Education, a GOOD education is a human right. And I do not think most parents are qualified to teach science if they are religious & have never opened a science book, or a history book before.

  17. To be fair, the sports arena will probably produce a pretty good return on investment as well.

  18. They already have a sports arena in Chicago, what extra revenue will be generated from building another one? Is'nt educating poor kids, by providing new text books repair for decrepit buildings etc, also necessary?

  19. Stupid and ignorant isn't just on the Republican side, it's on the Democrat side too. You can say that a lot of smart individuals lean more left than right, but it doesn't make Democrats "smarter" than Republicans. The public school system fails because teachers fail to teach kids as if they are individuals. Teaching a bunch of students as if they're all the same hinders creativity and intellectual growth.

  20. Members in the military risk their lives and are worth more in the private sector so retaining them is a challenge. Plus, a lot of money is there to promote peace so the military budget is justified.

  21. So you trust the government to teach your kids where they can brainwash them to be good little comrades? Not saying it is happening now but you complain the GOP wants uneducated workers (which isn't true) but the other side of the argument is that the left wants people to not know how to think but instead know that 2+2=5 and big brother good. That is a possibility and in some ways it is happening now.

  22. The new arena will generate revenue. We can invest billions of dollars in education but it still won't help unless you change the way we teach our kids and more importantly, fix the economy so both parents are not working crap jobs and have time to raise their kids. Go at it Chicago!

  23. Oh the irony in your remark, you know the amount the personnel recieve out of that 20%? A lousy 4%. The rest is used for taking over the world.

  24. Or help train other armies so we develop a personal connection between other nations. With that more conflicts are settled off the battle field.

  25. Yeah, if & only if nations we target are willing to accept American Global Dominance and help enforce it.

  26. It's the talking point that the right use to shield the military contractors.
    You cant attack the military budget, SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, all the while diverting as MUCH money towards groups that have lobbied them as possible, even if it endangers soldiers or actively promotes starting new wars.

  27. Is Alan Grayson ignorant? Elisabeth Warren? Al Franken?
    Being LIBERAL means being more open to knowledge, and less prejudice. Being conservative means having more prejudices and base their ideology just on fear of both other cultures as well as knowledge.

  28. Äccording to your bible thumping teabaggers, the world is 6000 years old, and there is no man made global warming. In fact, most climate change deniers refuse to accept that the North Pole is melting. Climate change deniers don't see any problem with spilling oil in your neighborhood, and the shrug and refuse to listen when icebergs are vanishing.
    Only CONserviatives can come to the 2+2=5 or 3=1 (Christian dogma of god being his son AND the ghost who screwed a 13 year old virgin)…

  29. And to add insult to innjury, Thomas Jefferson was all for universal education. GOP wants only education for people who can afford it. And home schoolers?
    Well, isn't that special? Christian fundies can brainwash their own kids into believing in Creationism, and deny science and FACTS. If you trust your "friendly" corporation more than the government YOU ELECT, and would rather pay to private business owners you cannot fire than your government, then you have a huge problem with DEMOCRACY…

  30. Jefferson wanted state rights. He wanted the states to control education and that is the way it should be. A problem if the government ran education is that the government can set up a system where parents are overworked and then they can use education to develop good little comrades. If ran at the state level we can control it easier from rights granted by the federal government which is what the idea of state rights is about.

  31. The problem I have with democracy is that the majority tells the minority what to do even if the majority is wrong. Also, that is what happened with slaves. That is why we don't have a democracy at the federal level.

  32. The world is 4.6 billion years old and has been going through climate change long before man was on it. There is more to climate change then what you know. Study science for 10 years like I have and you will see.

  33. There are a lot of republicans who are very intelligent. Notice how with a liberal as president and speaker of the house the economy has gotten worse? And noticed how with that same liberal president our economy is stagnate? Really liberals use fear are well. They cry that republicans want to take away healthcare, education, women's rights, want little kids to get killed, etc. all of which isn't true. Obama has done a great job in blaming republicans in a lot of things.

  34. I hope our Congressmen and Senators aren't ignorant, if they are, they probably shouldn't be in congress. Liberal goes back to the word Liberty, and Liberty means Freedom. Liberalism has changed over the past 200 years from classical liberalism to now modern progressivism. Being conservative means that you want to "conserve" original ways of thinking or societal ways. I can definitely prove to you that a lot of young adults who vote democrat cant even tell you how many senators there are.

  35. The fact that RWers want to spill oil in your neighburood, drilling in the Arctic and spill oil everywhere have no negative effect on the environment?
    You don't mind taking a swim right where the oil reach the shores since you think that man have not a negative effect on said environment? If you think for a second that the melting of the poles with record speed have nothing to do with environmentla pigs who want to destroy nature in the name of fossil fuel and profit, you are naive at best.

  36. Funny! Never thought some card carrying Republican had a problem with democracy when you had your own fuhrer on the throne, imposing BIG GOVERNMENT, unconstitutional, Orwellian "Patrit Act". I guess youonly have a problem with MAJORITY rule when you're not in power, and would prefer a minority rule as long as you are in power.

  37. Cont. 1
    Several states have in practice minority rule. Michigan, Illinois and Florida to metion a few. Last election in Michigan, there was far more voting for Democrats that GOP. Yet GOP won. So there is your minority rule in practice just the way you want it….

  38. Cont.2
    A democracy is majority rule. Though as a republic (in practice democracy. The Roman republic even when it was an empire had elections. So did the inventors of European democracy, the Athenians. What Platon warned about was that the rights of the minority would be suppressed. Hell! That has been your modus operandi ever since you started using slaves because you wanted to make a profit from the forced labor of other human beings.

  39. You are a Republican. You are always wrong. You're on the wrong side of history. You're on the side of Wall Street and the criminal tax evadors. You were on the wrong side of history regarding civil rights.
    You were on the wrong side of history regarding the social safetynet that saved your grand parent and great grand parents from poverty (unles they have a house at Comptons)…

  40. Education isn't a human right, it is self responsibility. The only person that is responsible for education is themselves. I chose to go to college myself, study hard in the sciences, gain a skill and become productive. Putting money into people that don't care about education is a waste.

  41. Oh, the irony! Maybe you should pay back the money that OTHER people have paid so you can get an education and be a PRODUCTIVE member of society. Since you think that education is only for the rich elite who can afford it.

  42. p1.
    Let me ask you,. Do you prefer to have dumb workers and dumb voters who will stil vote against their own interest (GOP) because you think it's theft that also other people have gotten the same aeducation and tthe tax payer dime?

  43. p2.

    I can hear you roar of joy when Emauenl Rahm wanted to close down 54 public schools because he'd rather prioritize sports stadiusm for other people's tax money instead. Is it the responisbility of a single mom with three jobs in order to be brokes responsibility to send her kids to private schoosl she cannot afford because you thin k that those kids do not deserve the same priveliges you take for granted?

  44. p3.
    Education is an INVESTMENT. You think it's theft when other than yourself get the same as you. So I guess giving you an education was a waste of money since you hate what Jefferson endorsed. Why do you hate education and educated Americans? Less membership potential to the Koch funded Tea Party? Other than that, you sound like a Stalinist in your hatred towards your FELLOW Americans.

  45. p4.
    You are in other words a discrace to your country, and one of the reasons why USA has been dumbed down and became the laughing stock of the world since you had the dumbest "elected" president in history whose education also seemed to be a waste of tax payer money.
    I look at USA and ppl like you, I think of the movie Idiocracy…

  46. I think we do need a good education system. I am working on becoming an educator myself. I just know that education does start with the individual. We should spend tax money to give children the opportunity but sooner or later they will only learn if they want too. I think you need to educate yourself. You have such a huge hate for the GOP but yet you support Obama who is an extreme radical and hindering this country from any growth.

  47. I went to high school in Kansas more than 20 years ago. The standards were far lower than in Europe. And if anyone has been obstructionists against growth, is exactly GOP. Regarding hatred, RWers & GOP has spewed out hatred & vitriole against everything liberal the past 30 years. A good education system is a part of the COMMONS. That means that the better education people get, the better it is for the society at large.

  48. But to say that education is not a human right is to say that education is not for the common good

  49. Education isn't a right that the federal government can grant. There is a very good reason for that too that I support and it deals with controlling the government.

  50. What is a great education? Liberals are so for education but the scare part about that is that liberal policies hurt the economy and set up a system where both parents need to work in order raise a family. Now you have parents who have a hard time raising families so schools are essentially doing it meaning the government. So now the government can teach your kids what they want. Liberals seem to want to control education and they seem to do so in a way that prevents kids from being…..

  51. ……creative and outside the box thinkers. Creative and open minded people are great for society and dangerous to a controlling government. We are becoming a society to where we don't teach creativity anymore and we just "facts" and we teach to the test. The GOP is for education as well, they just want personal responsibility and creativity involved and so we send the next Thomas Edison in the world. They don't want to spend money on tests.

  52. With the GOP put it this way. They are the party of the rich. In order to be rich and have a rich country to invest in you need two things, a great education system and strong science. That is why under Bush spending in science research went up. That is also why they support a great education system. They just know that spending money to set up a program that hinders creativity isn't going to help. The GOP wants a rich country so the rich can invest and get richer.

  53. In MY opinion. Yes everybody needs a education until about the age of twelve. But when they hit twelve, they know and understand a lot about the world already. So I say that we don't need high school education because if we have had primary education. We know enough don't we? I'm not just saying this because I think it school is boring, I'm saying this as I think it is true! If you already know most things about school, why learn more than what life throws at you in the first place. And I say we just need a primary education but when you get to high school you just stop and learn all the daily subjects like tech. We all need food tech to show us how to cook, so there's no point. People say you need math for everything, yes, you do. But not so much that you know things you don't even NEED to know, if you don't need to know it why learn it!
    Now I have realised that there's probably no point in commenting this because noting will change. But I'm just expressing my opinions on education in upper school, and lower school, just think about that. I'm not saying we don't need education because we do, I'm saying we don't need as much education as we are given. Because it is true, we don't!

  54. You are fuc*ing joking. I just spent 2 hours writing a big long thing about education and it's gone. I am fuc*ing going to die soon!

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